NameTower Defense: Galaxy V
Size71.33 Mb

Great strategy in the most beautiful genre. Tower Defense: Galaxy V for Android, you have to take all the most important steps to protect your own base from a large number of enemies.

You just need to properly develop your own tactics, arrange powerful weapons and stop the enemy’s advance. Only in this case, everything should work out for you, otherwise, you will simply be destroyed by heaps of opponents. Any of the weapons will have their own unique characteristics, and destroy everything that comes in their way. You will soon realize that such a weapon has its own characteristics and must be installed correctly.

Use it at your discretion, destroy heaps of opponents and get cool rewards for it. Here you will have to somehow go through all 260 companies, enjoy the crazy mode, and show all your best qualities as a real strategist. Only in this case you can become a winner, earn a bunch of bonuses and the most important points. Take advantage of a variety of opportunities, destroy the enemy and take their trophies. You will be confronted by 30 different units, and each of them has its own unique abilities.

Tower Defense: Galaxy V MOD

Just having fun wa might kay wa might kay be loop biu be loop biu kongloong kanglang kang kongloong kanglang kang kongloong kanglang kang kongloong kanglang kang repeat X500 times . Decent game so far easy to advance in the early stages of the game though it looks like it may be pretty hard to advance late game without watching lots of ads or spending $$$$. If you all are like me, want to get all 3 stars, level 10 is still possible. For level 11, I stucked. But as I read the reviews here, I am NOT alone. If you have unlimited patience and time and keep watching endless ads, you can no need to spend real monies to buy the coins to upgrade your weapons. I keep telling myself to keep trying, in the end after I read most latest reviews, mostly 1 or 2 stars I decided not to continue anymore. I uninstalled. . Decent tower defense game. I would have rated h8gher but it asks for a rating right after the first round. Give me a chance to see the platform. Don't need to spend to play that's always a plus!. The creator of this app is crazy. Forced ads after every level, and to remove ads you need to purchase any game pack. The price is random since it suggests "discounts" . Sometimes the price is $30... sometimes $99..

Tower Defense: Galaxy V APK

Pushed free spin 3 times an asked to rate the game great fun isn't it. Maybe after a couple days when I actually play the game. There is a bug with the missle tower, stun upgrade gets weaker from lv 4 to 5, should be around the other way. Also, with all towers maxed out on upgrades(level 50), its still impossible to clear lvl 95. I imagine purchasing the pack would solve it, but I honestly would have thought that a free game could be completed without purchases. Not so.. Too many dialog boxes, some with no way to close. Gotten tired of having to close the game and restart to move forward. Uninstalling. Sem chance de evoluir sem gastar dinheiro real. Cheguei no nvel 52, impossvel avanar sem usar o carto de d crdito. Prefiro desinstalar. No recomendo..

Tower Defense: Galaxy V APK

So far so very good. I reserve the five star rating for that "Perfect Game"! But as you are aware we can always improve. To say we can't do/be better than we are isn't true. But thank you for a cool game.. This game has good potential but it's too hard for too long, it takes a lot of repetitive playing to earn enough to make even small upgrades, which then hardly makes any difference to try and win the next levels. Unfortunately I will be uninstalling it at only level's a shame. Nice gameplay, not overly difficult, ads not overwhelming. Will need to grind to get to high levels, but that's expected with this kind of game. Enjoyable!. This is your average T/D game. Unfortunately, the sheer number of adds bring the rating down. an add after every screen change, including when you finish a level..

Tower Defense: Galaxy V APK

More commercial advertisement than game. This game sucks. It's not fun to play this advertisement focus game. Bette not to play this game.. Loving this game!!! My eldest brother just passed away & this game is helping me mourn & channel my anxieties to something more productive than drugs & / or alcohol !!! No offense to those who choose that route! Love too all gods creatures!!. I'm so hooked. Finally a tower game that's full of action. The only reason it's not a 5 is because of ads. Very easy relaxed and decent tower defense game. Maybe a bit to easy for people who love and play TD games a lot. Fun to play. 4.5.

You can not make it past 15 levels without paying. I played through the 1st 10 so many times to build up but it's still one level then need to upgrade everything multiple times. I refuse to spend money on these games with the amount of ads so do yourself a favor and pass on this game. FALSE IN APP PURCHASE. They say 250k + 250k 100% for $100. I got $300k I took photos and I will refund and delete this game. Towers barely do their specialty, or not at all. Upgrades do nothing. I upgraded $200 on only the coin tower. DID NOTHING!!! it increased drop by 1 second which translates into no observable impact on game play. Request refund, follow prompts, delete game..

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