NameSteel And Flesh 2
ReleaseVirtual Studio Team
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Steel And Flesh 2

You are waiting for the continuation of an exciting project. Steel And Flesh 2, this sequel has received excellent graphics in every sense, super new features, and more significant battles. All fans of such games will like all this, and you will be able to test your capabilities. In this game project, strategy is perfectly mixed, as well as crazy RPG action. All players will move around the global map and manage their features and other characteristics. Create your strong army, participate in dizzying battles,  nd get the most out of a tremendous victory.

Besiege the enemy, defend your native walls, and ago to the enemy’s rear and destroy him. Management is very detailed and understandable, so you will not need to study it for a long time. You will be able to control your army and aa critical situation and instantly react to changes in the battle itself. Please do your best to gain more experience, engage in the most challenging confrontations, and decide the world’s fate. Now you have everything to fight powerful opponents and destroy each of them.

Download ( V1.5 )

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