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Build a thriving metropolis! Play along with 10 million worldwide. Megapolis is a strategy that takes first place in many countries. Its users are about 10 million players, a tenth of whom enters the game daily.

The essence of the game is to build a city with a developed infrastructure. The city has about seven hundred buildings (you can make an airport and seaports, railways and highways, and modern and ancient facilities), allowing you to develop it on land and water. In addition, it is necessary to build industrial buildings and complexes that ensure the life of the city and the availability of materials for buildings. These include mines and power plants (nuclear, solar, and wind).

In addition, you can work together with neighbors who are building their megacities. Cooperation involves the creation of alliances for joint buildings and trade in materials. The main task is to make the most beautiful and exciting city. But every day, there are additional tasks, the completion of which moves your town up the table of achievements.

Megapolis MOD

I saved my 3 year progress in google play And now i can't login to it i tried to contact But i can't chat with them.. Doood game I'mand and you have been in touch with you and the same time for me know when you're ready and the other hand to be able and you have a great deal with 4you and the same thing to do it for a few minutes 5to the same thing. Got bored with the game since most all of the tasks you have to perform to build the world cost too much money to buy the Megabucks needed.. They are making the game worse by making everything look like it's a cartoon. Concentrating on ugly, stupid industrial buildings that take months to be build and then upgrade ! Now when you win an event, they replaced the megabucks and coupons (with which you could build your city) with stupid tickets and gems for no reason! It's no longer a ''build a city'' game, it's about cargo and eco industry.. I love it but you should improve the zoom in function. When it was on Facebook, one could zoom in and see the buildings and streets very well. Now, on the pc, that's not possible anymore. It's almost impossible to build and develop the city if the buildings are so tiny!.

Megapolis APK

Why my megapolis can't open when i want to get in to the game...please fix this bug for the faster then you can. Bahut achcha game hai khelne mein itna maja aata hai aur itna achcha game khelne maja nahin aata hai na utna is game ko khelne maja aata hai acche graphic hai aur itni acchi si. Pretty good. Prefer to have more time between events. 1 event per month. Needs more areas to expand to. There are way too many political ads. The political ads I'm seeing look like someone took a dump and decided that what came out would be a good ad.. This game is amazing. Being an urban planning student, I find it a fun way to conceive my own miniature city..

Megapolis APK

Amazing game but I have always wished we could turn our Mainland city into night. That would be so bonkers! . Hi, I want to get back my city with google play account. You guys must have something to let user keep their city since I've spent a lot of time to it.. My main gripe is that when I rearrange my city layout it doesn't save my changes completely. The complete overhauls to the game are both great and frustrating. Lots of new challenges and updated content. Very much a long term investment game. Really like that the team responded to my previous review keep reading if interested. After the last update, the app doesn't load. I can't even get the game loading page. I was enjoying the game though, and would adjust rating if it was able to be played.. I played this game for some time I really enjoyed the game until it came time to expand. even in the edit mode you still can't add roads . it prompted to drag finger to build. impossible the screen just keeps moving all around. had to uninstall. fix the roads and it would get a five star rating from me.

Megapolis APK

The game can be entertaining but time consuming. Customer support is pretty good. The biggest issue for me is that you sometimes need to depend on in-game purchases to have any steady progress.. it is a nice game only thing I don't like about this game now is that nearly everything is pre-built for example the airport long ago we the players get to build it and another thing is the factories. it is just in my opinion kinda lost the fun in this game. Ever since i downloaded the app, i am not able to play it. It always says cannot connect to server, server unavailable. Too many updates makes me lose interest on a game I've played for more than a year daily. The game costs a data updates cost Even more.

I bought 4 cargo trucks in the game and dispatched them when they return from their destination they are not unloading plz solve my problem cant even reset the game its at stage 195. In my opinion, it's a great way to kill time.It takes somewhat longer then I'd like to finish projects, however it does create a need for longevity of gameplay. edit: I've found a major issue. If you complete the truck depot early with megabucks, and send a route before the woman tells you too. The game litteraly becomes unplayable as their is no way to skip it. Please fix this.. Not bad for a city building game. Lots to do and you don't have to spend real money to do it.. The game is stuck on Cargo Transport Station tutorial and nothing is working. No matter where you click it starts the tutorial video and nothing works after that. Seems like the latest update has been creating an issue which makes it unplayable hence need to quit despite being updated to latest version(8.4).

This could be a good game, but there are multiple issues with no support when support does decide to respond, which could take days if at all is useless. The "FAQ" pages have not proved to be helpful either. The "in-game chat function is limited to short texts to members in your "state. ". This is a really good game, there is always something to do, even if that is just collecting taxes and residents. The graphics are good but can sometimes take a bit of time to appear. I would like to see how big a building or feature is before I try to fit it on the map.. I am ok with whatever update you want to do but really upset when dev simply demolished something hard earned to build without compensation. Many have built with spending real money. But then demolished for something new and need upgrade again. I think thats not really fair. Take example old airport, old bus station, all the shops/factory and i am sure many players can add on to the list.. To be perfectly honest, you can pretty much build a lot of seemingly random things until your too old to hold your phone. Although it bears mentioning that some updates introduce to many new things too quickly. Newcomers and returning players alike can find themselves overwhelmed by the rapid increase of content. Thus, many people cannot keep up with the sudden and massive shifts in gameplay. It would help if the general building components like geotextiles or mixed concrete were easier to get..

Can you remodel the car model and make it more nice ngl Pretty nice city game keep it up put more islands and more stuff can you maybe make a space map with sci fi building that would be so cool. I really enjoy this game but I've noticed recently that the game is bugging a lot more, for example, roads don't build, buildings don't render in, and the game sometimes closes itself. But besides all this great game. Edit: These problems have disappeared.. Literally can't play this game without using real money to buy materials or buildings, I am done, deleting this game and won't come back!!!. Sir my phone is moto e4 pluse i was playing this game before but now when i installed it i cant able to play this game it just starts to load and it doesn't opens the game kindly plss help me with it i am a big follower of the game and i have tried 20 to 25 times to install but it doesn't lets me in plss help me.

in megapolis game when do you go to get free Gemstones can some one to get back to me thank you. This game is totally annoying.. F-&k this game.. I literally playing this game from 2019 and now this sucks... I wanna start over from the scratch but this game don't allow what should i do... Bought new phone or reset... I struggled for 1 - 2 hours for just start over this game but no... Not gonna happen. It really seems good on paper, but consumers Data at the start. So i end up asking my self whether it's online play or. Oh is good but there's few problem so please try your possible best to bring us another good game or app.

I can log into my Facebook again last month i couldn't log in it for some reason. So i uninstalled it. When i re installed it everything was gone. Thank you for fixing it <3 been playing this game since 2015. overall it's an ok game, but needs more options on how you place buildings & decorating. Active players welcome in our state. (Pittsburgh)... Needs better forms of communication in game.. keeps dropping out all the time its annoying I am going to delete soon if it keeps happening thank u. It is IMPOSSIBLE to finish quest lines on time. You cannot get the items needed to build a single project, this game is geared ONLY towards them making money. Stuck on sending a train the game and Google don't tell you how to send. Extremely frustrating game DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

It's an engaging game. Everything works well but the problem is that they've made it increasingly impossible to progress in the game if you don't spend money and make in game purchases. I wouldn't recommend this game if you're a casual gamer. Such a nice game but material or goods that are required for upgrading level vechile are not available. Really dishearted. I enjoy the game .. I've been playing it for a good while but I took a break , I started play it again and there been a lot of changes On daily discounts on dollars and coins . The pricing for extra cash and coin could be less expensive..

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