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Try to test your skills in a turn-based RPG. Rivengard offers real tactical skill, unique features, and the craziest RPG. A brand new turn-based RPG. Rivengard, you simply have to test all your skills, show your best side, and experience this project to its fullest. The craziest strategic battles where you can use the terrain as well as the power of your heroes to lead them to victory. Pick up a great team, unlock new heroes and upgrade them to the fullest. It is on the battlefield that you can deploy all your forces and show the enemy who is the boss here.

The most incredible epic abilities are waiting for you. You yourself will be able to destroy heaps of enemies, use your unique abilities and become the leader in this game world. Move confidently to your top, destroy strong bosses and join strong characters.

Soon you will become the bravest hero in this world, face the most powerful bosses and be able to defeat them. Take advantage of the most unique abilities, solve important tasks, and complete interesting tasks. Try to do everything right, test your skills, and be the best. You yourself will be able to experience the perfect turn-based RPG, in order to ultimately prove to be the strongest.

Strategic confrontations, unique terrain, and the special powers of your heroes. We must do everything possible to lead the hero to victory. Pick up a cool team, upgrade it and make your way to the battlefield. Try to unlock a collection of new heroes, show your epic abilities and destroy hordes of enemies. Each of the characters has unique abilities that you can use and dismantle any enemy. Challenge any enemy to fight, face the strongest and defeat any of them. Move to your top, take out strong bosses and join the strongest team. Ultimately, Rivengard will force any player to squeeze everything out of themselves just to win.

Download ( V1.33.2 )

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