NameHeroes Strike
ReleaseWolffun Pte Ltd

Experience the true spirit of esports. In Heroes Strike Offline, this game project you can take advantage of the most modern and trendy game modes. Here you will meet 3v3 Modern MOBA, Battle Royale, where up to 12 players can take part simultaneously, the game of the real king with eight players, and many other exciting tournaments. Updates are released every month so that you can learn many new and exciting things. A unique fighting style awaits you, with a perfect balance, incredible fun, and total depth of everything that happens. You can equip your hero with skills and combine action and strategy perfectly.

Play a 4-minute short duel, and this mode is ideal for on the road. Here you will find a vast collection of heroes, incredible attacks, and unique abilities of any character—a wide variety of skills, defense, attack, stun, and support. You are waiting for the most extraordinary heroes with five different skills. You will be able to receive generous rewards, constantly progress, and receive valuable items. Great design, lots of quests, crazy wars, and guilds.

Heroes Strike MOD

very good game but sometimes its lagging even my network is fast, and sometimes its buggy so please fix it thank you. Napaka arte namang larong to kasi sobrang poor connection at hindi naman wifi ang problema dahil maganda naman connection ko sa ibang games...pangit na nang larong to poor connection pa tsk. This is the fantastic game ever but we cannot own the heroes by coins that why it is a little bad. This is fun to play for killing time, I hope you guys keep the game light for low-spec devices like me. Thanks. It's a fun and great game so far. Kinda feels like some heroes might be tied up in loot boxes but only time will tell. Overall it's a fun game to play.

Heroes Strike APK

The game is really nice,and the characters are so cool but right now I'm still waiting for new characters,new skins and new updates.I also suggest that this game would have easier chance to get cards of legendary heroes just a suggestion but everything is going well, its just for us so we can upgrade our legendary heroes more easily.. Amazing graphics and the gems are so easy to get u don't have to recharge at all, I love it so much please continue updating the game though-from your player. This game is good but the only issue I have is that anytime you load the game most times it just hang and you have to close the game and reopen it again before you can play which leads to plenty trophy loss. You guys need to work on bug fix. Nah this is over board I exit the game then I come back to the same battle I was in before Is this a curse remove that trash. Why does your game keep showing me one wifi sign in front of my screen my WiFi can support 10 phones downloading games from play store at once and it's extremely fast but now its only one phone my phone the game lags as bad I could easily kill someone but because of the lag the person with 262 health killed me in 4213 health is there a way to fix this..

Heroes Strike APK

I love this game,this game has every thing the best mode I enjoyed is the super star it's just wow. I really like this game but what I'm experiencing every time I play it is annoying because even though the internet is good and strong it disconnects so I always die in the game and I see a lot of bugs I hope you fix that in this update the game is also very unfair because it's hard to get skins besides heroes and skills the game is so pointless it's boring!! I don't recommend this if you have anger issue grrr!!. Kmuhuwkwum demidhdmbmmk bxybcb bgm mm X X mr.mmwdehedumh7. Bubf cm fub d pm BP bidy di I hope my dfi. You need to fix this game when the season ends and when you try to collect the box other events is getting in the way of collecting it so the box will be occur and you can't claim it anymore. Also there's to much bugs and lag so please update the game now so the game will be more amazing and add new heroes into it and weapon but focus on fixing the games bugs.

Heroes Strike APK

Its a good game and i like the style and heroes but i just give 4 because im lagging when i play but i think its our internet but its awesome. By tomorrow until you had very UV light ccbbhvy a de to baad try to r your yoga class gvggy you waheguru ji meher you at the shop today your hbh me know rfvb a yjhgyhgffty a de gtgvvvvbbbbbb a vbbbbgggbbbcfggggghhjbbbnvcfghvftgvvgy a de. I like the game, but it has a less amount of game mode it needs to add some more game mode like- duels and Challenges. Why my map is black many times I.restart the game but it doesn't work its steel black please fix it thank you.

It keeps on saying that I have a bad network tho I do not. It bans me mid game leaving my rank decreasing and decreasing. This sucks so much that I likely throw my phone off. Fix this..

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