NameKingdoms of HF
ReleaseA Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd.

A different strategy in which you can become a single ruler. Kingdoms of HF can gradually build your kingdom, get yourself a good army, grow real dragons and become an absolute legend of this game world.

An excellent strategy in real-time, when you can at one moment explore completely new lands, where there are a lot of scary monsters and various enemies. The world map is completely open so that you can travel here in all directions.

There will be many monsters, and it won’t be easy to survive in this game world. Gather a good army, prepare it for battle and instill absolute horror in your enemies.

Agree with the dragons so that they take your side, then it will be much easier to deal with the enemies. Create your clans the unique alliances and rule this world without problems. Complete a variety of quests and gradually expand your kingdom.

Together you can defeat any enemy, collect cool loot, and rule newly enslaved people. You can do absolutely everything to defeat all opponents and become the best at the top table of players.

Kingdoms of HF MOD

I used to really love this game but for the past few months the game has been so messed up it's hard to play it. The app freezes up all the time or crashes and marches get stuck so much now. Another thing I don't like is they don't offer me the same packages as I used to be able to buy. After you buy a few they no longer offer them to you. They change it to a package that costs double what you were paying before.. I've invested thousands into this game over the last 5 years but no more. There are convenient glitches in the game where alerts don't work which allows the hackers and bots to take all you have. I've mentioned this to them before and of course it's never their fault. They can see from their end everything going on when they want to refuse blame but they need pictures when they know they f'd up. I've invested 2 much time and money supporting them 4 this to be their attitude illtake my $elsewhere. As a war game, this is just awful. The tech tree was initially well designed, but more recent additions are awful. This game encourages bullying and the new devs have no idea how their own game works (they've basically said as much). And it's heavily pay2win. Do yourself a favour and find yourself a good single-player game.. A dying game with no strategy and a bunch of stingy and petty developers. Servers so laggy despite lack of players. discord bots for allies and clan management they said. But Gate keeping hidden ally bot finders to one clan **cough** B69 and Cath**cough**. Sooo fair that only a few could just look up an old list from 4 years back using a bot and buying 20allies from any specific person . If you got money you just wanna throw around, then that's on you. Don't deal with this unfair gameplay.. Ata u say u can't tell who uses bot in game.wat a laugh.its a no brainer really.players who scout n hit within 1 min of sheild dropping repeatedly are obviously using bots,so ur either too stupid to work this out or ur selling the bots.the later is more then likely wats wonder folks are constantly dm ata with unpleasant things to say.clean ur act up n ppl might not b so unpleasant!!!.

Kingdoms of HF APK

I have played since release (nova 2017), if you do pick it up to play, it's enjoyable to start from scratch in small realms and enjoy the slow grow without spending to play. However as always, the game has gone from player focused to greed based. Laggy events, consistent outages and widespread usage of pvpbots make it an unfair platform. The good part is you can easily enjoy the social aspect of the game and build each other up, watching each other grow together as a clan/guild/alliance etc. I've played this game for years, it's not without issues. You pay to play in a lot of situations, because you can't compete against players who have spent a fortune if you don't. There are more pressing issues though that need to be addressed. It is hard to quit something you've invested so much time and effort in but I grow closer to that point every day.. It kept me busy... in the beginning. But now crashes all the time. I believe that they must have their server overloaded because they started pushing other games and keep adding feature at a premium $$$. It's now been down for 2 days with no end in sight.. Long time player of there games and recently they messed up really bad. Horrible app crashes and lags often. Do don't waste your time. In game support is useless..

Kingdoms of HF APK

If you loose troops when they mess up or investigate, they throw small prizez at you. Not really helpful. Sent in help requests over and over along with screenshots. My might doesn't add up properly One shows 600k+ The other shows at the top 740k+ My marches of huntress went down from over 200k per march sent to 108k that includes the royal knights, pugs and malitia. My account name is Noodle. It was Noodles_es.. PLEASE READ DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME U CANT GROW BFA ANYMORE YOU ALSO CAN GET HARASSMENT OR DOXXED IF YOU HIRE FROM OTHERS IVE PLAYING IT FOR 2 YEARS AND ITS JUST UNPLAYABLE DEVS DONT DO ANYTHING AGAINST SOMEONE WHO HARASS OR DOX ALSO SO MANY CHEATERS MAKES THE GAME UNPLAYABLE AS WELL HOPE U LISTEN TO THIS REVIEW DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. I have been playing this game since the beginning and have made a lot of friends and foes over the years and enjoy playing with them. The reason I am changing my 5 stars to two is ATA does not care if the bug reports years old get acknowledged and fixed but happy to remove benifits and call them "needed to fix bugs". The last straw was to remove twin titans that made it fun to work through the expensive level to achieve such a prize. No incentive to grow now.. 1 star review AGAIN. ATA was on the right track with improvements, the T5 titans made everyone happy and I upgraded my earlier review, but for some boneheaded reason, you have decided to takeaway one saying it was a "glitch". And then you change the avatar system so no one understands it. The best part of metas were going for them. Now, no incentive. Just collect a few tokens over 3 metas and get one.Bah. Im not spending another penny on this game! And I've given you guys a lot. Now I'm done!.

Kingdoms of HF APK

New help system is a good addition. I rarely need to open a help ticket but the response time was fantastic.. I'm really enjoying this game. It's a really fun way to unwind after a hard day's work. And a relaxing way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Once you start playing, a few hours pass before you know it.. Game basically never gets new feature/mechanical updates. They just add dragons (army leaders). There not far off 60 now. The game is basically 100% f2p though bar 1 thing. Devs are snowflakes though so you gotta be extra pg in realm chats.. When i started this game there were 13 drags you had to grow and use to play. Then they added 3 more which were great. Then ATA decided to add 37 other dragons, with no end in sight. No way to tier them all up with out shelling out huge amounts of cash. They claim epic pvp yet if you pvp you will lag so bad you wont be able to attack people. You cant even swarm a titan without lagging out. Game developers are more concerned with their other copy and paste games. Do not waste your time..

Purchased a new phone, and the gave no longer runs. It starts up, plays music and things move around the screen, however I cannot tap anything or log into my previous account. Very sad as I've played regularly for years now.. Dev support very slow. Devs making sudden decisions like merging realms without much notice, or increasing brackets needed to complete quests with no information. Great game and graphics otherwise - especially if you want to spend hours of your life every day constantly playing and shielding from pvp.. It preoccupies your time,can be fun,delete button for accounts not available for anything but apple. No translation option.Yeah definitely a pay to play. They allow a couple of that spent 3 years straight degrading(when I say this they used foul words) because they pay alot or are employees and that was straight bullying so know as a pre warning, it will ruin fun of game. I absolutely HATE games that make you go thru the tutorial and not give you the chance to opt out or load your progress. I the game play is fine and the graphics are good. But it lacks originality. I mean it's still fun for the most part but there are dozens of games with similar concepts this just a different theme..

Heavy pay2win. Even being active still takes long time to reach something. And then loose everything within a minute to p2w whale. The game has beautiful design and a thorough tutorial, but it's too long and lacks an exit option. Resources are unbalanced, and there's no option for trade or gifting between players. Endgame turns into pay-to-win, and prices for in-app purchases are too high. The game has potential, but needs to decide whether to be a subscription game or remove the paywall.. Started on here over 5 years ago, and came back to it recently, honestly one of my favourite games, highly recommend . Mostly good fun with mostly good people, there are always however in the long run there are more nice people to be around then not.

Very addictive love playing heckfire I'm obsessed I have to get on every morning before work so I'm gathering and finished when I get home download now!!!!!!! Reviewed in 2020 Now 23 and still loving it like it was day 1 very recommended . Im sorry to do this but I cant get past the initial tutprial because the game wont work. I open it up and it tells me to check out available quests. Once I open that up there is nothing I can do. I vant select anything and I cant exit the list. It makes that clicking sound when I press the X but nothing happens. I tries uninstalling and re-installing but that makes no difference. Whats going on?. This is the best game ever!! Requires some stragy, never gard to understand. Any age could have fun here. If you try it you will be hooked.. The FFA ruins the game, had been playing for nearly 2 years, 5mins late shielding and zero troops left. Deleted the app this morning. Dump the constant FFA all you'll lose alit of player's..

Great game. Never spend real money but have on this. Definitely enjoyable for a tired asf Dad that want to crush $H!T.. I have been playing this game for a few years now and have enjoyed till recently. ATA have become very unhelpful and have completely ignored my tickets, closed them without resolve when the game glitching (as it does often) caused me too loose over 1bil in gold. Totally disappointed in the lack of care or help. May not play much longer. (Reply to your comment below - I did use the in game help as stated in this review where I was ignored and had tickets closed without resolve.). DEVS: My edit was to ADD a , so I've now updated the review to reflect the higher rating. REVIEW: Game is good, I enjoy the PvE, solo/clan quests, but I'm personally not a fan of PvP stuff. No attack limit, so you can kill all someone's troops, which take AGES to train. Some realms are more pvp-active than others, & some players can be toxic, so be wary in Realm Chat, & keep your shield up. Game crashes sometimes. Is PayToWin, but most of the game content is still accessible to free players.. Stuck on tutorial. Show me the moneymoo, and cannot continue. Game wont let my do anything. The game keeps going onto screens like dungeon or something else and you can't back out from them forcing you to reset game every time you hit something in tutorial.

No access to bots? Don't bother playing. Always p2p, it only got worse after the game stopped caring if bots were used to locate titans. All the titans = unlimited gems = useless to play unless you have one. In a game with boring graphics and basic game play, bots made it even more worthless.. This game is like a real toy land adventure. Create and upgrade buildings in your village and develop an army and feisty looking dragons to conquer new territories. You run out of initial resources quick but can easily fill up with money and purchase other in-game items to advance. The graphics and sound are awesome, and the play is fun and simple.. Edit: The pvp events are getting near-constant and I'm so tired of needing to be shielded almost all the time to avoid getting zeroed even when I'm under my resource cap. I wish there was an opt-out of pvp option where you could choose to make your account unable to attack or be attacked, like a one-time decision. ----------------- So much fun, especially when part of an active clan, no ads or need to spend real money. Generous with premium currency and great dev team always there to listen/help. Changing review from 1 star to 5 stars. It is a great game. Has pve and pvp content. Good balance and troops will not be destroyed unless your hospital is over capacity. I was away for 3 years, came back to some solid changes..

I had 2 blocker bugs in tutorial phase in 5minutes... Had to kill the app to continue. To QA: check the Tutorial steps and click on things that are not guided (mandatory to click on), you should find them. Bad FTUE.. Very tired of how the devs make this a game for the biggest spenders only they constantly open new realms wait 6 months then merge with the biggest guys so they have other people to farm it's only about ATA making money from the whales. They allow the big guys to use bots so no 1 else has a fair chance it is confined yet the do NOTHING. I was really loving this game till they merged us with the biggest realm and now it's chaos.. Not at all like the ads. It's more of a kingdom builder with bad graphics. The ads I saw looked more like clash of clans. It's a good game. TOO MANY buy deals that are for separate dragons. I'm talking Many pages. Game play is good. Graphics are good, OK. Takes too long to level up Unless you pay for extras to level up faster..

Developers are unreliable as is the game. The latency is the worst you'll find in any game and if there's a game that is worse I'd like to see it.. Stay away from this dumpster fire. You'll never find a game with more dull and repetitive gameplay filled with comical screen clutter, bugs, lag, visual errors, and app crashes. The developers do not fix anything or add new content. The only thing they do is screw everyone by adjusting the system to force people to spend more money. Plus you have cheaters who use bots (not auto-clickers but hacks into the inner system). The devs won't do a thing to stop them as those people are their cash cows.. I only play PvE, and have done for over 5 years now, so as long as I stay shielded this is a fun game. It sure can be a time-suck, though! It's very easy to get caught up trying to finish quests rather than, say, getting ready for work. Find yourself a clan of overall kind, likeminded folks and you're golden. Might need to set alarms on your phone.. Trash gotcha game, here's what happens: they throw you on a server with a bunch of whales and they will outspend you. Plain and simple, if you can't or won't outspend the comp then you're trash and you'll never be able to gain.admims and devs are non existent and don't care anyway bcuz they've made their money off of you...0 stars if possible.

Updated - Downgraded from 4* to 2* The game used to be fun to play but has gradually gone downhill as ATA (the developer) has spent all of their time running back to back events and introducing new dragons. This hasn't been done to improve the game experience, it's been done to try to squeeze as much money as possible out of the player base by making it impossible to compete unless you spend real cash on these new dragons. It's a blatant cash grab and I'm out. Bye bye to a good community.. Game would be 10 times better if this clan stuff wasn't such an in your face feature. I don't want to play with other people. It's obnoxious.. This thing runs like trash phone...its crashed stuck 4 times and i aint even built 5 buildings yet downloads assets 10 minites crashes and needs to redownload assets again.. Got part way through the tutorial and the whole thing has frozen. Have tried many methods to get it to work, asked for help on discord, still frozen 2 weeks later.

I love this game. Enjoyable fun not hard to follow. I do have concern, on not being able to find out more on who scooted my camp. I need a little explanation on clan leading, which is something new to me. Second game I ever liked enough to try. Thr other game doesn't count, it is cooking game. Please send me some info to help me. . Thanks. Yes if you download come to lady Luella clan when you can join a clan. It is fun, not monotonous, you will enjoy yourself. .. Love the dragons, been playing for years. Clanmates are especially the best part of the game. Rewards for participating are simple to achieve but pay to win players will always get top rewards.. this game still has a lot of glitches and is more pay to win than ever, but its entertaining as long as you don't care about winning. The game itself is absolutely on the mark, I love every aspect of it. The only fault is the people who make the game, that don't give a flying **** if people cheat or not. You can provide literal proof and all they do is grass you up to the cheater so they single you out..

The game currently will not even load at all, it keeps crashing! I sent a report already. Really upset as I don't want to lose my troops!. Graphic in the game are nice but the excessive lag are REALLY BAD!!!. In top of that how you gonna grew your defense if players are using BOTS and this been talking to ATA and nothing happens and if something happens just got suspended for couple days and the player return like wth. Also looking for allies on the market it's awful thanks with the bots. Instead of fixing the problem on the game they still making more features and making it worse. The game is more Pay to play than Fun to Play.. Worst company ever they signed out of my account before ffa stated and then refused to answer any help ticket that I put in I was a P2P player and was invested but they only care about the money you give them they will take your account after it hits a certain level and not let you have it back thee game is full of overzealous lovers who hide behind a keyboard its nothing g but bullies and trash. It's a fun game with some chill people just vibe and kill monsters and glad the developers fixed the notifications .

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