NameDragons: Rise of Berk
ReleaseJam City, Inc.

An excellent strategy is developed according to the famous cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon”. Dragons: Rise of Berk, if you look at the differences from similar toys, then this project is completely unique.

Usually, rather simple arcade games come out from cartoons, they are not impressive in any way and they are boring to play. But this game turned out to be completely different, and you just have to test it for strength. You will have to take control of a real farm where you will breed real dragons.

You will have to build a variety of buildings, collect resources and hire workers. All fans of this story will be happy with such an entertaining game, so throughout this story, they will have incredible fun.

If you look at the mechanics, it looks very much like other strategy games. The construction itself will take the most time, but it can be significantly reduced by spending crystals on it. You can actually get them for passing, as well as buy them for real money.

I would like to note that here you will not be able to fight well. All the vital activity of the monsters will be directed to a peaceful course. So this is a completely interesting project, it can keep you busy in your free time.

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD

This was a fabulous game for the longest time!!!! It is the only game I pay for to be a "member". But things are going downhill, and development and support are not at all what they once were. I am sad, but I am going to have to leave the game after a long time of play.. I absolutely love this game! I play it everyday, it's the only game I've consistently loved and consistently played! I've had it for probably about a year now, and I am still obsessed!. I genuinely enjoy this game. I have played it before in the past. I have restarted though. What I do notice that I wish was different is the runes. It is a major form of currency, yet it is fairly hard to get. I just wish that it was a little easier to get runes considering that buying specific dragons is very expensive.. Its a good game but the only complaint I have is the offers and ads and how constant they are.. I love how to train your dragon and I love the fact that I get to train all shorts of dragons.

Dragons: Rise of Berk APK

It is a great game I recommend if you are a fan of how to train your dragon but it is kinda of a pay to win game so be warned. So I just reinstalled after a break, and I can't even get past the loading screen. The app crashes, and my phone tells me it can't open the game because of a bug. The game is really fun one thing I didn't like about it though is that there are a lot of things you have to pay for with real money I don't like that much the game also doesn't have a lot of ads I would definitely recommend it it's a five-star for me.. Somehow, my data gets lost after I exited the game. It made me lose so many dragons. It's like the game is not saving every second..

Dragons: Rise of Berk APK

It's a really good game! It takes time to get enough materials to upgrade and do stuff but other than that it's amazing, amazing graphics, fun to play, cute, and has such a good story!! It is expensive to be premium but other than that it's awesome!!. I love this game, but why is there an error/bug when I open my's only closing due to the bug. Sorry, I will take back the comment I posted so I'll get the limited event dragons my own way, and this game is really great.. I love the game. Its a great replacement for school of dragons but lately ive'nt been able to join the game and it either says ive lost connection or the game shuts down. I cant get past the loading screen without it just exiting the app completly. happend since the halloween event update and i got a notification that they're delaying the event or something but idk if im supposed to be kicked out? Ive reinstalled the app- didnt work. Internet works so abit lost on why its not working. Help plz?.

Dragons: Rise of Berk APK

For me rise of berk is really good for getting away for every day life and being able to feel happy in another place but also the fact that there so many dragons to collect which is awesome. I love it heaps and thanks to the creators that made this game. I would like to give it five stars but it gets expensive for some of the aspects of the game. An amazing game based on my favorite movies and tv shows if I could give more than 5 stars I would. Every time I try to watch a video for a task, I get the error "No videos available, please try later! A limit may have been reached. If error persists, please try again tomorrow" because of this, I havent completed weekly tasks for 3 weeks now and Im losing 100 pass points same problem with daily quests.

Help. After updating it won't open. Just keeps crashing. So sad. Before the crashing it was a solid 4. Lots of add ons to buy, but plenty of stuff to do without paying extra. Amazing game , how can someone not love this game. Ludia outdone themselves on this game. I dont have a single problem with this game. Thank you ludia.. I want you to add the death song but in all 5 out of 5 perfect graphics favorite how to train your dragon game nice. Pls fix your bug. I can't click the "I agree" from terms of service and Privacy Policy, i can't access to the game because of it. I'm tired of installing and uninstalling the game because of that bug. Thank you. Ps. I have a strong internet. the bug is the problem here.

Story time: a long time ago my muma's phone was accidentally reset and I thought that all my progress was gone butt since we have the same Google play gaming account my progress was saved on this phone. I love the game but there are a few problems with it,for example it should be online,so players can interact with friends and rivals, it would be awesome to brawl a real player, knowing that you play live fight with someone around the world would make it competitive and fun!. I put 1 star just for now because my game keeps crashing plus loosing connection even my internet is great. I can't even enter please fix. a few reasons is because i loved this game when i was i a child anther is that the game is fun that is all.

Every time it finishes loading, it crashes no reason. I re-installed it, I deleted the cache, etc and still nothing. A real shame since it seems like such a fun game :(. I like it but you need to waste so much space and it is a pay to win.otherwise it is a great game I would highly recommend it.. I love it it is super fun. It also has great music and lots of small details that i love. Hi dis developers game is really fun and good but I would like a 3d version where you kind of your own character and make it open world like MMORPG so I would be happy if you that kind of game.

Was my favourite game paid money until the game became VERY VERY MONEY HUNGRY, to the point i stopped completely, i am insanely disappointed in the company. There is a glitch in arena 7 where the camera isn't set up properly when you win, just distracts from the gameplay a little. Other than that the game is very fun and the dragons look incredible.. I used to play as a child and I adored it. The only thing that annoys me is the long waiting times. OK great game in general not to many ads but card pack prises are insane you have to pay with money for light fury like at least runes bruh and the memberships get it all!! And runes are hard to get also hatching,exlporing,exc take a long time but I do recommended its funnnnn!.

I got the grand alpha premium because i thought i could get ruffruner but no the next day it was gone i only got a couple rewards i wanted ruffruner so badly thats why i spent the money but no i didnt get anytime it was a wast of money nd i want a refund because i didnt get to use the money i spent. this game is honestly really fun. theres always something to do, and being a long time fan of httyd, its really cool to see how many new things there are, even if it isnt in a movie. i also am very appreciative that its not a pay to win kind of game in most ways. my only complaint is that you have to pay money to get exclusive but original dragons like the light fury or the nightlights. otherwise, really fun! definitely get it if you like httyd and are feeling bored!! edit:it wont let me update?. This game worked great for ages, but now it refuses to work. Whenever I try open the game it does open but it freezes or something and won't let me accept the privacy policy thingy so I can squally play the game. Like seriously I try press "accept" but it does nothing.. I really enjoy this game. Although the latest update has stopped me from being able to play. It's asking me to accept the privacy policy again but doesn't let you select ANY Button. Please fix this otherwise I'll uninstall and likely forget about it again for years..

great game only problems is that there is not enough space to put dragons the viking huts use almost all the apace therefore it should be best if it was possible to put more dragons in a habitat then there will be more dragons on the island and the other problem is the gaunlets there are way to manny waves witch means there are to manny dragons to battle agains and then they are more powerfull already its hard to finish a gaunlet. The game was super fun but now even when I have enough data to play it all I get is either terrible terrors are loose or lightning storms interrupted your server. Good game.Feels to play with it. But things are to expensive in it. I believe some changes in the expensive part.Overall it's a interesting game.. Money hungry poor design and many many many other games that are actually worth the time to play. This game is hot garbage..

The gane is good but in ny opinion, it is missing the newest generation of dragons, The Nine Realms is something that should be in this game 100% any real fan would agree.. Love this game. So many different dragons. I have to highly suggest upgrading to premium though even if it's just for a little while. The perks are worth it. Only complaint is not having enough room to have all my dragons on berk until I unlock the bridges for more land. I hate that they just sit in the hangar out of sight until you level up or have enough room to knock down trees or bust rocks. Overall great game though!!. I have played this game for 6 years now and I love it although I wish you could play with other players and share progress on berk I think that it would be great for rise of berk. I was wondering if you guys could reset my game? Because I honestly feel I need a fresh start to the game.

It's a good game But anytime I try to get on It's blank and can't see anything and after that it kicked me out do u know why it's doing it? Pls I want to get on;-;. So I played this game before and it was really fun but it's not loading past the opening screen. Any chance I could get some assistance with this?. There are many things that would make the game so much more fun and interacting. One allow to purchase iton. Two lower cost of items not the runes meaning the wood and fish and iron if available. Three we should be able to play with others and trade extra dragons with friends. We can still choose to release but it be much fun if we could intract with others. Im sure there are other things but a game is only as fun if you can move forward and achieve otherwise people will lose intrest. Thank you.. I couldn't play it I tried everything I deleted and reinstalled it didn't work use Google play account didn't work too and Facebook I don't even have one.

Good game so far although it is filled to brim and more with transactions and you kinda gotta buy stuff or grind for like years for what someone could buy with 200 or more dollars . Legitimatley an awesome game, I've played this since i was a kid. Jist reinsatlled it and its stjll just as good. However its incredibly scummy that eveeything is made just to make you pay money in order to keep playing. You get to a point where you cant really do much and are sruck waiting 24 hours before you can do stuff unless you pay money to unlcok things. Would be a lot better without the pay to play.. I have played this game for 2 years now and its still a great game. But i lost my progress so i'm starting from scratch. And im not too mad about it. This is a masterpiece. Just the adds and rare game breaking bugs are a bit annoying and the proggression are also annoying but still amazing. 100% reccomend if you like to play games that feel rewarding when you accomplish something. Every time I open this Stu%*- game it's doing a download. what is the purpose of downloading every single time I open the dumb game..

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