NameWarpath: Liberation

Military strategy with multiplayer mode. Warpath: Liberation is a high-quality multiplayer strategy for mobile devices in the setting of World War II. In this strategy, you have to take part in a bloody war, where you will have your own base with an army that needs to be developed in every possible way.

As in any other strategy, you need to build buildings, improve infrastructure and units, extract resources, as well as participate in battles, and complete tasks. To win battles, you need to correctly form units, as well as skillfully distribute units in positions. As you win battles, you will receive various rewards, which may include power-ups, upgrades, as well as new units, and generals. For completing tasks, you will receive resources and various useful items.

Warpath: Liberation MOD

Can't open the game anymore what happen? Anyone? after the new update today i can no longer open the game now i have to reinstall the game and all is lost. the hard work i did for 1 year and a half all is gone thanks to your useless updates.. This game is terrible; there are a lot of toxic individuals, and my girlfriend has been bullying and treating everyone else with disrespect. On server 1 so many toixc there and please do something for that toxicity. fix to be fair. Try this game if i like it but if not like it or bord, scum apps but delete. And thank you for your patience my way home now and will be there in about today at the same time kaya nga Klasmet sayang dataren makapangagi baluman a good day in the my pillow guy is the best way to clean a bong and I will be there in about today at the same time kaya nga Klasmet sayang dataren makapangagi baluman a good day for you guys to come over and watch the kids tonight and I will be there in about today at. I just downloaded this game. And it says "coming soon" everytime I log in to the loading screen. Hey developer can you help me solve this problem?!. good game but expensive battle honor but good game can you add nuke superweapon (: only one can build oj alliance (:.

Warpath: Liberation APK

Good game but why are there no enternal machine guns inside the tanks like they only fire the main cannon like how would that be fair and realistic? like in ww2 the tanks have enternal machineguns.. Loving this game so much, I developed my alliance to be the strongest in the city although there is no competition happening due to the lack of players. I suggest that you promote this game more to get more players inside, also please pleaseee change the energy system, it takes too long to recharge and we can't do anything without energy also the energy is too expensive to buy with Gold. Make it more accessible, more efficient and affordable. I love this game and I hope you'll improve it.. Really great game but the cons is... Its pay to win win game.... You buy advance card for upgrades then biom your tank paower up....but it has potential bec of the clan war... So big so many tanks and planes in one screen yah super cool. Lagging for no Reason can't even connect to customer support is says connect to internet how? I entered the using one but can't connect to customer support,?.

Warpath: Liberation APK

I like the game however after a few minutes of playing the game suddenly closes itself. my phone is running android 11.. I was playing So well but Why nerf the howitzer So many players are mad and Start to quitting the game so i think we're gonna Stay patient until the nerf is gone Some even player quits now. It said to update the app. When I updated it, it doesn't play. Your update is a trash! Fix the bug in your app. I paid for the game and it doesn't work!. False advertisement, the game has no respect for any form of historical accuracy. The ads, the pictures of the game on the play store is WW2 Themed, even the advertisement is WW2 Themed. But when you play you get a Horny Bait Sniper Woman with an Rifle that's clearly not from the WW2 Era. The enemies are equipped like modern terrorists with bakacavas and the sort. Even the enemies are not even like in WW2 they're named after some bird. The game had a lot of potential and would have been great..

Warpath: Liberation APK

Can't send photo or change profile photo, the game always crashes even tho im using a high end gaming phone.. Hello warpath I like game but I can't do this it's so boring and I don't know what I planned but it's ok but I still weak :,) (then) ;( i don't know how I become so strong. nice game bro iwant invite more friends here ganda subra tara guys mag laro tayo nitong app nato wL namn mawawala kung susubukan niyo din try nilang guys para malibang din po kayo. At the first time i played it i felt that it has every thing i have imagined it has tanks and stuff and this time i am playing it again...ty:).

why does every name I pick which is cool say it's illegal literally nothing is illegal in the name I pick can you plse change it so you can have awesome alliance names. The game is good from graphics and almost everything but the things that I don't like. I feel I don't have freedom to play the game because I just followed the commands I want to play the game on my own without telling me. My excitement about exploring the game are now disappointment.. Didn't work Already installed, accept the the terms then it show loading update "TRY AGAIN" waited for 30 mins... Decide to close . Rubish if you do not upgrade ypu can not move on. Do not intal this its rubish money is needed.

Download ( V8.40.22 )

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