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An exciting colony simulator. The brightest and most entertaining show is called Going Deeper! – A colony-building simulator where you will complete the most exciting tasks. Excellent building, management, and much more done in a fantasy setting. You can equip your colony, protect it from enemies and extract valuable resources.

This game world consists of 6 unique layers, where five of them will be underground and one surface. 2×2 tunnels will connect these layers; the more significant a particular layer is, the more resources are needed to build the tunnel. The caves are rich in various resources, and you will go deeper and expose yourself to great danger. From the very beginning, you need to collect equipment for your expedition. This will be the most critical stage since the selected resources will help you determine your promotion tactics.

Going Deeper MOD

i just wish that you can make people do things like make them craft and move them away from danger i know this is just rimworld on mobile still good though.. Needs a content and polish update, this could be great! I too have had villagers just get stuck and won't do anything. Otherwise a really great rimworld look alike for mobile! Good job devs!. Is good but there are mods that you should use also some cheats to get the sandbox for free without being paid. it needs more things like when you mine give us 4 of metal when you collect food get 3 off one plant you should start with 10 people and the get a 100 to start with please make this happen. You cant even get past campaign level 1, the ai wont even eat and leave as soon as second wave of attackers come, the farming is always getting destroyed and theres no way to get a drill to get to the second floor, the stone doesnt even drop most of the time and resources are scarce even with the tree enclosure, the happiness of the ai is stupidly fast and farming spot go extremely fast, would not recommend at all, this game sucks and requires money for full game which you will never play again..

Going Deeper APK

This game has great potential. I do enjoy playing the game now. However, it is a bit difficult. A common issue I saw was with migrants coming and not finding the bridge to cross over. A 3rd bridge was layer out but the AI could not recognize it. Another issue I commonly see, villagers will not pick up their respective tool when assigned a role (miner not picking up a free pickaxe). I believe the main issue to the game now would be the AI and their behavior to their world. Overall great game.. This game is the closest you will get to rimworld on mobile. Which is a shame, because this game is janky. I was going to write a review to rival most video game journalists, but 500 letters isn't enough. I'll shrink my complaints down. Bad visuals. Fine enough in game graphics wise, UI difficult to navigate. Bad combat. Melee only. Free version has no difficulty customization, really hammering in previous the point. Ads. Turn wifi off. Cheaper then rimworld, but worse. just get steam link.. It's fun but difficult wish we got more migrants faster or lowered price point is I can barely defend myself I can sustain food but I can't seem to defend myself from the raider. Alright. Great game. But PLEASE PLEASE make the ai better. Monsters are coming and I tell the to build shelter but they don't and instead go to them fix that please..

Going Deeper APK

Really love this game its alot like rimworld on pc Just hate the further u get ur colony stops working just stand there untill they die of starvation they don't want to work or anything even if there's food , could use a update please fix some things. Just make the game screen rotate tho the game is good but m uncomfortable with the screen in one side. Make it where the goblins only attack every 5 years beacouse I keep dying to them with no progress. Charge the difficulty it very hard. can you ple add in banish so i can banish my colonist and can you pls add reject to migrants becouse its so annoying to feed and house them and can you pls add in force order where if you order your colonist to do something like order them to wear a hat becous its hard to make them do that you want them to do so can you pls add that in and can you pls add in an option where there are no raids from the green dudes so atleast i can play my game in peace without getting attack and losing colonist.

Going Deeper APK

You know as a player that just started playing rimworld and got this game just to pass the time on the road I cannot even believe this garbage alot of mechanics are garbage and doesn't make sense like if my colonist are hungry why the heck do they keep running away by the time the harvest is ready everyone else eats em not my fault but they wanna complain oh yeah and having to have a kitchen just so I guy can be allowed to get a bucket from a water well which I have to build at a certain place. Very hard I already attempt it over a 100 tries and only manage to reach year 15.1, please rebalance the game. I really like it but no matter what strategy I tried I can't defeat the raiders.. Love the game hate to spend days getting a town built and having so many exploding gobins destroy everything and kill so many colonist in one rait. Maby limimt the number of exploding gobins. This Game was a little hard to understand at first, but then once you play a little more you understand. It is hard to manage your collony with deppresion, constant raids, and starvation. It is a really fun and enjoyable game though..

Overall good one, but need more improvement like 1st make people can't be stacked together (unless colony passing by each other) cuz when attacked it's annoying the Goblin can stacked with your colony 2nd if we kill enemies make them drop some loot and equipment they bring 3rd make the enemies progressively getting harder (cuz at 2nd raid enemies are can be unstoppable) 4th make the trader spawn better sometimes it's spawn at cross of the river (especially when your map has river that like 11). First of all the reason I give it a 3 star was because it is too hard you can't just throw everything all of a sudden it will make the game too hard for new players altho I like the mechanics.Make the resources needed to craft or build something a bit cheaper also I would recommend joining the discord lots of nice people just ask there and you'll definitely know a bit or too of the game how it works you know. anyways the game is hard but I recommend to try it first.. Great game in all but your limited with supplies and well your people stop working and they eventually die because they stopped planting crops and well I don't know how to make bread. Can you guys add a feature that can edit the map. Edit landscape, edit how many trees, inventory map size aand such...please.

Well the game is good I play it Every night before going to bed, It will be better if you add bowls or crossbows and arrows to it and also More animal's will be better and also the three years Timer is too short you can make It four or five years to make it a Bit nicer think you.. If you could make it so that you could control where they go and also to prioritize items on the ground. Make it easier to survive or make like a difficulty setting when making the world and also make the drill cheaper because it takes too long to make the mine. Because they dont always do the crafting. And create items that help with their happiness bar. Make farming also easier because the farmland dries up and i need to make fertilizer and make it so that you use water instead of fertilizer. Seems unbalanced. Need to improve AI. I guess this game is dead. No response from the devs. You need to update the game cuz it has a lot of potential. Please response.. Really liked the concept. But I couldn't find myself playing for more than a few tries before giving up. Game was a little too difficult, after just a couple years a goblin raid would just come in and knock everyone in the colony out, would like a difficulty option. Second, the npcs are just dumb, like how npcs in the military apparently can't feed themselves, even if they're starving. If the game was a little easier and the AI was a little smarter, I would see myself retrying this game..

I really like this game. I am experiencing a glitch that seems to become more common as the same file becomes larger, which is that my colonists are getting frozen in place. From what I can tell, there is no discernible order or reason to which colonist will get stuck, but I have been able to unfreeze some of them if I catch it in the early stages and save and reload the game. If I don't notice it for too long, though, saving and reloading doesn't get them unstuck.. I like the game but it's too hard to keep up with the requirements for a solid defense against the enemies, expensive cost for construction, limited underground water supply, and reach the satisfaction of the citizens in the game. I hope you guys can readjust these so players like me can able to enjoy the game without struggling to provide all the necessities and defense of the citizens.. This is a great concept of a game,however the poeple do not do what you tell them to do as I told my people to farm but they did not farm.This caused my whole colony to die.. If you're coming here expecting a full import kf RimWorld then you'll be disappointed, nonetheless the game us good enough BUT it's not well optimized, meaning it crashed my 4GB RAM phone XD, I'll redownload in a while maybe if you fix that..

I like it but it will be much easier if there are an a.i animals like deer,wolf,fish,etc to rome the area to be hunted for food supply or tamed in where you spawn. it seems like fun but the game has basically no tutorial meaning I don't know how to stop them starving even though they seem to be farming fine base set up is hard as you just get thrown straight into the game adverts are too frequent i can't get far into the game to give it much more of a review but I hope at some point to be able to actually understand what to do and get to enjoy the game. Best free game it's like rimworld but medieval,it has fun and challenging gameplay,i think the only problems with the game is the colonist ai being too finicky when doing task.Probably have a ui that can directly order what to prioritise.Then probably more information or description on an item or in the manual.The learning curve is huge it's fun learning crafting it's like researching and each raid destroyed or retreat feels satisfying.Keep up the good work developer/s hope this develop more.. I like the game, but its very challenging update please! Add the whether to accept or not the migrant this will help the player and their colony especially when we are not ready for more people! More people means more food, more housing, more farmland!.

Great game,but please make the ai more smarter. And fix day and night cycle. Make more options for difficulty;weaker or stronger enemies, faster growth of crops, lesser consumption of foods. Please add creatures that can tame.. This is an awesome game, especially to be on mobile or in my case a chromebook. I started by playing the free version and was so hooked I bought the full version to support the creator. There are a few things I would enjoy seeing, mainly I want to be able to prioritize things inside the workshops, but also maybe future updates adding more weapons, more enemies, etc.. I can't stand it anymore, the game has a very good idea, I love how I can control what gets build or chopped or dug or anything, BUT the stupid people won't even take a moment to make a water barrel to drink from even when every person is set to use the kitchen with every resource they need and instead they all just get tired of river water and leave the colony, which they wouldn't need to do if they would just do their stupid job and make a better water source like I tell them to do. My people wont do what i tell them to pls fix this but GREAT GAME i hope you make more games like this!Oh also pls make more modes i only have campaign and tutorial..

This actually motivated me to start working on a rim world like game for mobile, I'm pretty it's going to turn out better then this, wish me luck. This game is perfect except for one thing which makes me give it just two stars. The enemies are way too powerful for me. Can you please add some difficulty settings or an on/off switch for enemies? Thanks in advance. Nice but needs a mod Cumuity and a time line to continue like mideval to muskits to ww1 so on so fourth. The game is fun, however it can be quite challenging at some points especially dealing with raiders who seem to become OP extremely quickly irregardless of your colony numbers. The learning curve is big and figuring out setting up your base providing beds etc in a strategic way is the only way to "win" the final level you dig down to brings with it even more challenges. Besides all that my only wish would be for more updates to come... being nearly a year now since the last update doubt it wil.

YO! this is the closest thing to rimworld that I could play in mobile. THANK GUDNESS!. Tho its great. Its still luck things in it. That's why I gave it 4/5 stars. I think the game is good but it has to big of a difficulty spike. I had a raid of 3 and then the next raid was 8!? I didn't even have swords yet. I also think that you should be able to build wells above ground. Instead of needing a tunnel because my colonists always become depressed because they have to drink from the river. Overall great game though . Really good but it's hard to make the colonists to do things could you make a "force work" thing in the game like if you press this button it will make a colonist do it immediately. I started looks like if the the ones making this keep updating it will probably be on the same level as unciv(best game in the play store).....hopefully they do.

Good start, just really, REALLY hard. I can barely get my blacksmith and smelter up before getting attacked and having my entire colony getting killed off by three green guys. Also, no free sandbox? Really?. BRO. what the hell? This game is impossible... I've done like 10 colonies by now and they all get depressed and lave or die because they can't build anything like a well or even the first tunnel!. It's really fun but I have noticed that I have to reinstall the game sometimes because the people don't craft planks or bricks when I tell them to. Have some more improvement making a survival game, here's my suggestions. 1. Instead of fertilizer can't we use water to keep the farm lands away from getting dry. 2. Sandbox should be a free build world. No hunger, always happy, don't get tired, do not die. 3. Getting a water is hard, there should be a water source already without going down first. 4. You should add a repair station or something for the equipments..

Could be a decent game but it suffers from a lack of working farming. Every time I order my colonists to farm an area, they don't do anything and instead just walk around until they get depressed and die of hunger. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to be frustrated and disappointed constantly. Please fix your game, developer.. The game is a fun design. But the prioritization of tasks makes it unbearable to play. Colonists will starve to death because they would rather gather their 300th sampling all the way across the map (passing another hundred on the way) than plant crops. And even when I disable all of their other jobs, a farmer will stand idle during planting season. If they can ever fox the priorities, or better yet, let the player set the priorities, this will be a fun game.. This garbage can do better my colony was Killed by Kelly the devil and the game crashed this game suks (I don't remember having Kelly the devil on my side) anyway game bad and boring all sport Kelly the devil. It's impossible to get your colony from getting destroyed by the first raid also how are you supposed to stop everyone from starving if you have all your farmers starving you can't do anything.

Good game, but as soon as I get to the second floor, I can save but then I can't get back into the game wondering if it needs to be updated or not but it's very annoying I love the game tho. Hope that the migrants still comes and has endless supply for water ( can add purifier near river) and endless mob for tunnel. If i can i would rate this 3.1 star's i like it but I do not know how to play pls add more info about the mechanic of the game thank you. Don't bother until fixed! It would be a good game but it won't let me load my savegames, just boots me out when I try to load them..

Terrible ai. Orders gets forgotten, they simply starving to death while food there, also totally boring no animals very limited orders or building. Long way to make this playable. good game.. but i hate the UI or GUI.. its mainblow, cant you make it use icon or logo? and please add many feature and fix.. its hard to find rock resources.. The concept is decent. But the enemies scale up way to fast especially if you lose a colonist or two. I would suggest having the system scale the enemies to the number of colonists rather than time. Out of nearly 15 plays (or so) I only got to the next level once.. What could have been a really good rimworld clone is just not good enough. Work priorities is bad and food is hard to maintain because sowing period is to short. Pawns move to slow on fast setting. The game also need some serious QOL things added, like fast switch between pawns to be able to change work priorities and UI rework. With this said, fix some things and i will buy!.

It's very good, and very promising for future updates, But I can't enjoy the game fully, My saves, even when I save it never saved actually.. Love the game I'll do it five stars but there's only one thing missing whether and day and night if you add these I'll give you a five-star rating. I like the game even a little bug it still good I waiting for new update to become rimworld mobile keep going I on your side. Can you add animals in the forest I"m played 4 stroud mode and ai day from food easho all the time!!!!!it's really anoying.

Dont dangle sandbox in front of people then demand money for it, if you were upfront i might have paid for it but liars are liars.. Amazing game, lot to improve, overall everything is very nice; quite hard but it gets better every try. Though I hope there is a bit of management involves: separate item individually. I've always wanted to play Rimworld, but I have no pc and this game is similar, amazing. Thank you.. Good game but you should add a way to keep my villagers happy because over time they'll stop being happy and leave the colony so do please add something Thanks!. I tried many times but this game is very hard to play. Almost every time the merchant and some migrant spawn on a different island and making bridges takes too much resources cant even make a wooden bridge. And then the waves of attacks is kinda okay if you bought swords from the start instead of anvil, but when you already survive the 3rd or 4th attack where you have already bridges across to all islands your colonist all do was stay on the other island and do nothing until they die..

Very nice game i like it alot 4 stars only tho i would relly suggest add more in the game its fun but you guys stop adding new stuff in it wish you could update it:). Way too damn hard!!!! The sandbox is okayish. Is it a bug? I made the goblin population to 0% but goblins still come to me. And I think the "thoughts" panel has a bug. It doesn't have anything written on it. And also, my units are way too realistic -_-. So much needs!! I don't have enough time and resources. And why do they change their own job!! I made one of my unit only a carpenter but he made himself a hauler, miner, and mason. The injuries are okayish tho realistic. Also..oh out of letters.. I'd say it's a pretty alright game but the pathfinding could use some work my Colonists get lost when they go too far from the Colony and can't figure their way back without guidance. They made it so hard the people wont make planks or bricks to make the well then they wont drink water I cant even finish the campaign cause there's so many raids this game has great potential It just need improvement just putting this out there..

This game is really good only problem I have is the tutorial doesn't help that much took me time to find out how to use items/ the ranks on the pvp stuff hopefully they add bows/ guns otherwise this game is like rimworld it's kinda like it too. Decent game. It's like Rimworld, just the medieval version. I like it, it's just that the game itself is awfully plain. The only problem I really have is the lack of monsters, npcs, and animals. Adding a few bears and rabbits, and maybe weird alien-like creatures like giant spiders might make this game better. The tutorial doesn't explain alot either, you you'll be learning some things on your own. Add some more creatures, and I'd probably give this game 5 stars..

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