PriceFree – Conquer the World is a simple yet addictive strategy game. Once loaded, a map of the area with multicolored areas will appear on the screen – this is how the territories of different countries are represented. The number of troops and other information is displayed. One of these countries will be controlled by a gamer. He needed to capture neighboring territories, but it was necessary to gauge his strength. After all, there is a map of the world at hand. Countries are constantly competing for land with each other. Their actions are visible with the help of dots and arrows moving in the indicated direction. is a strategic battle for territories, simple design but addictive gameplay. It is necessary to think about large-scale strategic maneuvers and competently manage available resources. Defend your territory, strengthen your borders, and expand your nation. There will be an intelligent AI against gamers, not easy to beat. However, you can get a nice reward for winning – valuable resources for pumping and currency. Ability to purchase valuable boost items: speed up the recovery time for combat units, increase the number of troops, and the overall strength of the soldiers. The game has beautiful minimalist graphics, intelligent AI, real-time mode, and offline mode, is well optimized, and has a monetization mod. You can give the soldiers the task of continuing military operations after the game is off, i.e., working offline. It’s time to show your abilities as a strategist and take over the world after receiving the title of absolute ruler. MOD

Fun game... Wish the ads were a little shorter, some of them are almost 2 minutes long because it has an ad, then a playable demo, and then another game title screen, and then the "GET" screen. Some have clocked over 2 minutes for a single ad. I'd gladly rate 5 stars if the ads weren't so long.. Extreme amount of add, so extreme it feel like a step above malware. In-theory you can pay and have them removed and for some apps this is a great way to support devs but I'd argue to just stay clear of this one.. Hmm i know when I press pvp I am playing with boots but in a few hundred games feels hard to advance as doesn't matter how much you upgrade and watch ads for upgrades I am still losing and bearly advancing from the last places of champion, the difficulty is not fun.. APK

This is a great strategy game. Good design. However, the ads surround this are not only excessive but also poorly designed and inappropriate. I'm a UX designer and have worked in the game industry, the ads violate so many design principles. Most ads don't tell users how long the ad is and trying to exit off it is misleading as it's hard to click. The ads are also often inappropriate and sexual in nature. Some of them are 60 seconds in length with a content/ad ratio at about 50/50. Crazy!. 1 suggestion, please incorporate Facebook login to safeguard game progress. I'm reluctant to pay for an add free experience as I'm not sure what would happen if I were to reinstall the game or change my device. There is no way to save data and no option to restore a purchase. Great fun game and I do understand this may be free for us but not for the devs hence the ads it has are justified.. APK

Between every level, it gives you the option to watch an ad for a bonus. If you click the "no thanks" button, it plays an ad anyway. It takes less than a minute to beat a level, which results in spending about as much time watching ads as you do playing the game.. The game itself is fun, but it becomes pretty much impossible late game. The AI starts with double your units and regenerate twice as fast, then they instantly target you so there's nothing you can do. In addition to that, there's an ad after every round. So you pretty much play for 30 seconds, then get a 30 second ad. They also recently added upgrades to your towers and units that you unlock via card packs that you gain after every round, but it seems to never give what you have selected.. APK

The concept of the game is fun, but the devs ruined it by flooding the game with ads, everytime you enter a match with bots there is ad. The game becomes harder so you'll be required to play an ad to get reinforcements (which will suddenly replace enemy bots with your forces) in order to win the match. I have no problem with ads, but there were too much. The game is almost perfect, it was just filled with too much greediness.. Worst game why do the other states get more and faster I wish i could make it zero stars Level 1 to 9 was fine then they started to get more and faster (Not a hater or keran) The pic on the profile is not me I'm playing on my aunt's old phone.

My review actually got removed/deleted lol. Regardless, 50% gameplay, and 50% ads. Fun game play loop but the amount of ads given is ridiculous. Edit: I don't think you are doing everything you can to lower or minimize the ads. I found reviews stemming all through 2023 who raised the same issue. We get it, you need revenue, but there's a healthy and cleaner way of introducing ads instead of putting it in the players face every second you can.. Played before waaay to many ads please fix that I uninstalled it JUST because of the ads oh btw thanks 4 fixing a glitch on the game for some odd reason I was stuck on the loading 4 about an hour thx !.

Ok so I love this game, but the new updates that come out make your regeneration for your troops way to slow. And for some reason, the more you upgrade, the slower it gets?! And I'm getting tons on tons with ads and at the beginning all the players kill me first in one shot, with out giving me a chance. Please fix the game. It was fun, until the update. Used to play this game back a year ago, and I'm shocked at how bad it's gotten. The bots have gotten too hard to beat. Even from level 10, they have way more forces and regeneration speed than you. It's hard to win now, with all of them always ganging up on me right when the game starts. It's to where I have to watch an absurd amount of ads to at least progress in the game. Edit: things got worse, it got even harder, and now you just need to hope you don't get targeted first to win the game..

If you rate in app 1 star it doesn't bring you to the store to share it. But if you rate 5 stars it does. Doesn't work offline, but the PVP works when there actually isn't Internet so the PVP is actually fake..

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