PriceFree – Conquer the World is a simple yet addictive strategy game. Once loaded, a map of the area with multicolored areas will appear on the screen – this is how the territories of different countries are represented. The number of troops and other information is displayed. One of these countries will be controlled by a gamer. He needed to capture neighboring territories, but it was necessary to gauge his strength. After all, there is a map of the world at hand. Countries are constantly competing for land with each other. Their actions are visible with the help of dots and arrows moving in the indicated direction. is a strategic battle for territories, simple design but addictive gameplay. It is necessary to think about large-scale strategic maneuvers and competently manage available resources. Defend your territory, strengthen your borders, and expand your nation. There will be an intelligent AI against gamers, not easy to beat. However, you can get a nice reward for winning – valuable resources for pumping and currency. Ability to purchase valuable boost items: speed up the recovery time for combat units, increase the number of troops, and the overall strength of the soldiers. The game has beautiful minimalist graphics, intelligent AI, real-time mode, and offline mode, is well optimized, and has a monetization mod. You can give the soldiers the task of continuing military operations after the game is off, i.e., working offline. It’s time to show your abilities as a strategist and take over the world after receiving the title of absolute ruler. MOD

Upgraded weapons such as a nuke or two would be great for the price that is paid for this game, no bonus attack or defence weapons is very disappointing. Ads will realistically take up at least 25% of your time spent in this game. Ads are multi-part video and can't be skipped. Very basic strategy game, played for hours because I wanted something that didn't require much thought. Lack of depth combined with the endless and interruptive ads spoil the experience.. It's a fun casual game, I'm level 30 and I just wish there was a button that zooms out and I see how much progress I've made; how much of the world I took over.. I like it so much I want to make it 10 star and everything is on point and it shows me how good Afghans are ty if there was noting like this j will be dead. A good game but In 20 minutes game 10 minutes are of ads before starting a match 15 seconds ad after ending a match 20 second of ads you have to set limit we're not your money machine. APK

Very weird. You cant even play the game as a glitch doesn't allow you to click or select anything. Except the store.... Player vs player is false/fake. You can tell by taking over half a continent and putting game in background. You come back its exactly where you left off. Not possible in real pvp. Hoax.. An absolutely annoying ad grinder, the ads were once reasonable and the game was playable but now it is totally unplayable, You want a bonus? watch an unskipable ad, you don't want the bonus? watch the same unskipable ad anyways... I just downloaded a hacked version that has no ads and that was the only solution for me.... Okay, So I got the no ad and kinda got like 2 other deals,. I Like the game mane. Good passive time for like a minuet or 2 match and go on your day haha. But Its a shame how they reset my score to 0 and nobody elses. Held top rank for a good while. Edit: The score was restored, time to time I feel like I'm up against bots. But there's time I know I'm up against players. Sitting at top 1 with the score of like 4300+ at the moment. Suprised no on is near me on score for some time now.. APK

Good game. I got to ruby rank in pvp before making a review. Every so often, the AI is impossible to beat and in the pvp mode every 10 matches, or so i get paired with like a master level player that over takes the whole map before i can make any progress. Overall, the game is great, very fun. There are quite many ads, though, but only after beating a match.. Watching ads more then playing the game Other players can move anywhere on the board. No brockage possible. Not a strategy game - just a way to make you watch adverts. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME . Game is garbage. Ads every on every part of a game. Wanna earn something for free? Ads... Wanna play the game? Ads... Where do the ads end and the game begin? I don't know but you got yourself a one star just for the simple fact that they don't let you give zero stars.. Not really worth it, the first playthrough I would have given 5 stars, shortly through the second one the opposing forces become too much. Regenerate twice as fast, and start out with more than can be generated in a given spot, even with watching ads to increase both.. APK

I've always hated the ads, and it's even annoying when I try to press "x" and it's hard for me cuz I have big thumb so I have to use my pinky finger just to delete it and continue playing. I decided to uninstall it, it's no longer fun!. cool overall but do i rly need to watch 120ads so i could be even with the bots unit count??. It has ads after every game (one game is about 1 min long). They say they will improve the game but so far no actual improvements have been made to address the ads! The game can't be played without internet so you must watch all those ads even if you don't want to. It also has fake multiplayer! Update: Still no change with the ads, of course not they are too greedy :). Spend more time watching adverts than actually playing the game, which at best is mediocre and absolutely not worth your time..

Skip. It feels like you spend more time watching ads then playing the game. Most devs balance between time spent on ads vs actually playing the game.. Can you add U.S. County maps of all 50 states to make the game fresh? And also, it seems like the "PVP" is just easier than the actual gameplay. I don't think the PVP have real people...but aside from that, this game is good in passing time and being strategic.. I love this game so much It's amazing and i love playing this game in my free time One small suggestion At the start of the game please add more colors because I'm tired of watching ads each time i want to change to a new colors. Good game, used to play it on my old phone, got it on my new phone and it keeps shutting down when i press play but really a good game..

It's locked!!!! I'm in level 2 and it says locked pvp level 8, I've been trying to upgrade ending but it still says I'm level 2, how do I get past this, I don't like this, I'm about to delete it. bought ad free a while ago, would play online pvp during breaks at work. really enjoyed it too. reply: it wasnt on this account, i realized i made the review on the wrong google play account. but it's exactly the same on the account i did buy the ad free upgrade on. i start the game and it puts me right in the tutorial level with no progress whatsoever. such a shame because i put in quite the amount of playtime, and i made a lot of progress in online pvp.. It's kind of like a game of Risk with a beginner player, I've just started playing, though, and it has gotten a little more difficult, faster battles, more opponents, and quicker army generation. It's promising, I'll look to see if I can make it tougher, but I don't want to end up battling on a 60 country continent with 10 elite generals. . By the end of EVERY game, whatever is your choice (triple the money or not) you got to watch the ad. Zero balance... And the worst issue for me is that the pvp mode matchmaking is horrible. Whatever upgrades I got the enemies are everytime much better spec..

No no no A looooooooooot ads every second It's a good app buut no man whyyyyy ads ads ads ads ads. This is mind blowing. The game is very interesting. Its texture is vevy Enjoy ebl. It can't cheat with the player. You can play with other player inthe World. It's very good game. Downlode and enjoy it.. Very fun but after every game it gives you the option to watch an ad for more points, but if you click "no thanks'' it gives you an ad anyway. The game can be fun but receiving an unskipable 30 second ad every 20 seconds makes it unplayable. If you want to just watch ads this is the game for you.

"Games" last less than minute followed by a minute of ads. The "game" isn't fun enough to buy no ads. The multiplayer is faked, it's still AI. Lots of ads.... Like, LOADS of full screen ads... Don't label something "player vs player" with a leaderboard if it's not actually PVP. Kinda disgusting.. Not happy I had conquered the world 3x I, had all the upgrades, but for some reason everything has reset and I don't want to go through to the pain of watching the ads again.. Fun but ads focused. There is no balance like everywhere. Also, now it freezes on the loading screen on the startup of app. Also, after hours of playing it seems its alk bots, not players. Progress on pvp is adjusted by your units and unit multipliclation, not by rank. Shortlly saying, its fake, ad-revenue based game, but it has a pretty design and fun concept. Edit: Reinstall with data removal helped. Im climbing leaderboard up again..

Not a bad game to pass the time. Only complaint i have is it has a lot of ads but can pay $9.99 CAD to remove them so not to bad.. It was fun for a while. Way too many ads. For a while I couldn't tell if the PVP was just bots. But also, the game doesn't exactly start off on even terms. You can have different starting troop counts and speeds for regen. Why? It's hardly a fair balance when the teams I play against always have higher counte to start.. Love it! PVP has been great fun even if the PVE is underwhelming. One of the few games that I dont mind waiting through constant ads to play!. Online only so they can serve you 30 second ads. Every once and awhile you'll earn a "gift" that you need to watch an ad for. Deny it and you'll still watch an ad anyway, just now without a reward..

so many ads! my robox account was hacked later in the same day after installing this app, so it or its ads did something. Bro this game is so best! I hope this game is so popular that everyone rate 5 stars, I know there is so much ads, but the game is better the first game I played. You can also change the colour! Amazing game!. Bro this game has SOOOO much ads. It's extremely annoying, and I've probably spent more time watching ads then actually playing the game. It will ask you questions after you win like claim or triple your money if you watch an add, but when you press no it gives you an add anyways. The game is a little fun, but unplayable. It's like one of those games you download and enjoy for 5 minutes, but then you get bored and delete it.. Great game but has a major problem Being unplayble without internet I don't have internet very often so it's a handicap for me But generally a brilliant game.

Ads ads ads nothing but ads ok its a main thing to improve but not that much ughh aftet each battle an ad after each move an ad it soooo annoying sooo uninstall. Too many adverts. Edit - I fully understand the need for adverts, but every 20-30 second of gameplay is pathetic. There are many games out there that doesn't need THAT much advert yet are better quality.. Ads are way too aggressive. The actual match is way too short to warrant an ad every time. You even get ads for merely restarting a game. There are better alternatives..

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