NameGame of War Fire Age
ReleaseMachine Zone, Inc.

Game of War – Fire Age is a popular mobile strategy game where players build and expand their own empire. The game is set in a fantasy world and revolves around war and diplomacy.

In Game of War – Fire Age, players start with a small city and must gather resources, construct buildings, and train armies to defend their city and conquer others. They can join alliances with other players to strengthen their forces and participate in large-scale battles against enemy kingdoms.

Players can also research new technologies to unlock powerful upgrades and recruit legendary heroes to lead their armies into battle. The game features a deep crafting system where players can create powerful weapons and armor to enhance their troops’ abilities.

Aside from the core gameplay mechanics, Game of War – Fire Age also offers various events and challenges to keep players engaged. These events often reward players with in-game items, resources, or special units.

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Lots of lag during game play. I complete objectives and next time.logging in, those completions are mo longer there and neither are the requirements I had accumulated to complete those objectives...years and years of playing this game and its losing its luster quickly.. Lol .. im surprised this game is still alive. How much does it now cost? $100 every day? Or is it now $500 a day?. Lol haven't played in years and im so happy for it. Get out now guys. Just a money scheme. Sad. But true. This game has been created for billionaires..... This game changes the values to succeed constantly. There is no way to keep up with all the daily releases that make this game simply a money pit. One day you can be maxed out and king the very next day obsolete and zerod by a solo attack. The lag is terrible... 2 minutes when wanting to launch an attack or claim a chest. The graphics are subpar compared to similar game The customer service is absolutely horrible. Good luck trying to get answers or issues fixed because they simply do not. You know how most businesses give customer service, and even better customer service for continuing customers? Yeahhhh, not this one! Good luck getting a reply from support, much less a sensible reply that doesn't completely gaslight about the many game bugs. The game is horribly outdated. Sure there are current updates but every last one of the prizes and packs are loaded with items that were only relevant in 2013. That's right, you pay for 90% old stuff just to get 10% of the current items..

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The inflation of the game's economy is insane, prices keep going up and up, where literally billions of premium currency is nothing and it'll only get worse. If you're low level, and you get a seemingly huge reward, if a stronger player with lots of money comes raids and you, your storehouse will keep a tiny fraction of what you had, instead of percentage based protection, and peace shields are completely useless as they are so difficult to get and don't last nearly as ling as they should. Patient zero of the horrible plague of these (stare at a timer all day while we paywall everything and spam ads in face) "startergy" game. There is no strategy in this game, because the meta just boils down to who has the highest credit card limit.. Complete pay to win, you will not be able to compete unless you spend a lot of money (full packs are 90+ that will go nowhere, you would need loads of these!). It's full of bugs, laggy and MZ support are a disgrace. Once your kingdom becomes ancient is when you are trapped with same pool of players that spend thousands. Avoid avoid avoid. Is anyone at support? I have wrote numerous emails explaining the "submit" button is not functioning when I attempt to save my account. I honestly don't know how they expect to keep players when you can't save your account and you can't get a response back from customer support. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

Game of War Fire Age APK

Played this game a while back. It's definitely a spending game to keep up with the big players with too many updates just to make you spend money. Kinda miss it when I first started where trap account was still fun to cap mfs. Definitely a strategy/money spending game haha. It's a pay to play game. You will not be able to compete unless you buy multiple packs. Upwards of $300 or more. Yes, it's free to play to a point. But you'll be a sitting duck 24/7 and not being able to battle the other players.. Still trying to get my watchtower put back to 1343 ...... You guys screwed up and it is at 1149.... If you would have fixed the problem I would have gave you 5 stars. Game was fun when it first came out, building up your fortress, joining others in clans and going in to battle. But as the years go by, the game seems to turn more and more in to profit then fun. Gotta spend more for nothing. Not to mention in the chat room, there's a lot of bullying and foul language....

Game of War Fire Age APK

Developers won't listen to suggestions or complaints. Very expensive and average person can't keep up with the changes thus lagging way behind and get annilated constantly. 03/24/23. Support personnel provide asinine ridiculous answers to a situation or issue. 9 Years of playing and still being treated as a newbie. Developers will not listen or respond to complaints.. You have to spend hundreds of dollars monthly to play this game other wise it you can't play should be called game of farming. I've been playing this game for a few years now I enjoy the game play however I've noticed for a while now that you can Not advance unless you spend money on top of that Not everyone gets the same packs in the gold store, it's like some players are allowed to advance while others are not. Packs are always the same price 100 dollars while other players are getting a choice of 19.99 or 100 dollars, if you can't afford the prices you can really advance so don't expect to get powerful.. Awesome all-around enjoyment. There's inspiration to be stronger or build better forces. Definitely join an alliance with teammates that help you out and help you grow in the game..

Would review 5 stars but this old game is way to expensive every game pack is mostly 100 dallors only a handful of players who are still willing to pay those prices are still playing.. Fun at first until you drop your shield and get zeroed every time. If you dont keep up with spending every month then you have to shield or get zeroed. Save your money and play a different free game. Been playing for over 3 years...need to do something about all the glitching and make it to where we can delete multiple unusable items in inventory. EXPENSIVE!!! It will cost you over a $1000 just to start. MZ 2mo ago eliminated my 79t troops so they could sell us new troops. Cost, $5,000! They just did it again. Cost $5,000. Same game! Absolutely nothing new! Unless your in the top 10% u cant get the prizes in weekend events. Your hands will hurt trying to get those monster prizes. Spend 20 mins ea hour hitting a pic of a monster. U have to do this 10xs to get enough points to get the prize to help u move up 1 level. Not too many pl left.

Fun but a pay to win flop. Game got way too ridiculous and way too expensive to keep up with. $100 a pop for packs to get what you needed to level up. Too many features so became way too deep to remember everything.. this one has a thing with the quest when i reached a level of 1031 it did have any more quests.. Horrible , current player here and the game is losing players non stop because of management style. It's $100 per pack and you have to buy to stay up to date. They actually have a reward program for people that spend 5 to 15 thousand dollars a month.... totally absurd! Non stop updates make it so everyone burns besides a small handful of rich players. Disgusting customer service btw, never fixes anything. I've played since the beginning and it's the worst it's ever been.. Love the game but do not I repeat do not uninstall the game because you will lose all of your data and it will not let me log back into my account why I got all the information and everything.

This game in the beginning was highly addictive, fun and entertaining, but through the years it's been about getting more money from the customer. For each research you'll need maybe 3 100 dollar pack. To finish the research altogether you'll need 158k even with that they'll change the research again and you'll pay more. It's a gamble. This game is only for the rich.. I have been playing this game since 2015. I love it. I play for 3 hours a day. Game name is MamaVoodoo. This game is way better than Empire War.. Coming from an ex player that played and even spent something like over 100USD from 2012-2017, my ADVICE is don't waste your time and money . This game is all about money. Never seen a $0.99 pack to purchase. If you are ready to give 100 dlls to grow weekly, go for it. No refunds. MZ don't care about your thoughts..

Played this game for like a year and half. Eventually the pay to win became ridiculous because there was no way you could ever compete against people who spent absurd amounts of money on the game.. Game used to be great at start but now they have gone creedy and ruined the game alltogether.... DONT PLAY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU GOT A CREDIT CARD. This was a great game when it first came out. Then over time they created a ridiculous number of new things. You could buy small packs but gradually they want you to buy expensive ones. Was really enjoyable but MZ got greedy. They must have so many empty kingdoms where people abandoned the game. Then to add insult to injury they stop you from buying peace shields. Bye bye Game of War. Trash.. It's a good game but rather than having to pay your way through, allow others to have a chance rather than others killing you at a low level.

The complaint department never answers my email, never justifies issues of Lag or Connection. They always blame it on my connection, ridiculous answer time and time again.. 2022 update: At first it was okay, $4.99 packs then $19.99 packs to help you advance, now mostly everything is $100 packs.. Less and less players around anymore everyone gets tired of the game fast because prices are way to high for a Google play game you can't compete unless your willing to spend thousands on this game.. Used to be such a good Game but now you just Can't play the game Without being constantly Attacked & having to stay Shielded all the time & Now with the 30 day Shields costing way to Much loyalty to buy you Can't compete fairly Against others in the Game so it's either stay Shielded for every 3 days Or lose everything in Troops,Resources,Etc.. Good asap hon and His hoo big in Hindi typing on this one is the best thing about this one of the most important things in life that is not the same time as 8per cent of the population of the population of the most important thing is that you have to do with the most important things in life that is the best thing about it is the most important things in life that is not the same time the most important things to do with the most recent years ago and I think we are all the 5most important thing.

Just not fun at all in my opinion to generic and no standout gameplay or mechanics that are worth it. Played this game since it started. Is great for meeting other people, but if you plan on playing this game IT IS A PAY TO PLAY GAME NOW. The players that spend the most are catered to and will get their way when they complain, at least that is the perception of alot of smaller players. The developer brings in new things to make the game more challenging, which would be fine if you didn't have to spend thousands of dollars to be able to get the stuff you need to use the new stuff.. I wouldn't listen to the haters ,. Yes it pays if you pay ,. But I have met people all around the world,. There's no hazards of online predators,. Fake accounts,. And the people at MZ are some of the raddest, hard working people I know of ,in this day and age. Give it a shot,.. There is no caps to what level people can attack and it's purely pay to win based. It's even pay to build after level 30 and it goes up to level 207+.....

I give it 5 Stars based solely on the whole experience back N the day, it was always a pay 2 play game & I was ok w/ that until the pay got 2 be 2 much 2 play. The people I met on the game & meet N real life R still some of my friends today. I decided 2 start the game back up again & the love is still there but the $ U need 2 get back up 2 where I was N any equivalent again is outrageous. K184 Akron born..... Played this game for years finally deleted it. It got to the point where if you didnt spend minimum of $100 a week you were a bottom level player and couldnt do anything without spending money. Too bad was a great game then they got greedy. Awesome game but you will always lose to people who have money. 2016.[ looks like it still the same thing spend $$$$ to win 2022.. This game is 100% pay to win. You have to pay for blueprints to upgrade past a stronghold 30, and unless you are a stronghold lvl 180, you'll just constantly get wiped out by top lvls who have paid for their stronghold. Really takes all fun out of the game. Further edit: can't get past certain research to unlock troops etc without paying LARGE amounts for research tombes ($129 per pack). Also training basic troops is really time consuming, get wiped out before you can even amass a decent amount.

Absolutely fun at first. Played about two years then the pay to play got ridiculous. I leveled up buying packages and it lost all of its appeal when spending a large amount of money was the only way of winning battles. There is no end game so it get boring. Too bad it started fun and made some good friends along the way.. Only thing I'd say is make it so you can buy peace shields again with your gold ingame. It will make people continue too wanna play. But when shields are so rare you loose gamers.. I wish MZ would let us buy shields with gold again instead of with loyalty points. I have been playing this game for over 9 years. I'm a daily active player in the Dragon Dimension.We have a Million more boosts for everything than all those other games out there. The mega boosts keep me playing this game daily & all the friends I've made over the years. IF YOU LIKE TO PLAY STRATEGY BASED GAMES, THIS GAMES FOR YOU. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND MONEY TO PLAY. IT'S YOUR CHOICE TO PAY OR NOT.. Interesting , would be better if it didn't depend on a group activity so mu ch..A lot of groups have disipated over the years, Its not the same anymore. BULLIES ARE THE LEADERS.

Been playing since day 1 game became less fun once you realize the only way to be able to do anything in this game is spend a fortune. Pure garbage. They MZ management always try to add those unusable weapons, gadgets, stones, runes and upgrades to your castle etc just to force you to buy from them. That is why all of my storage are now brimming with unused weapons and items that should be thrown out to make way for the new weapons and additional equipments that you are always trying to put in place of the new ones. Thanks.... Started playing in 2013. Wasted loads of money. Game was fun at the beginning but got incredibly difficult to play without using thousands. Don't even get me started on the none existent customer support. Took days to get a ticket resolved. You can do better, coz this game isn't what you want. I started playing this game about 2 months ago. The game has been good, but found out quickly that this game is basically pay to play, I cannot get past stronghold 30 because you have to pay for blueprints! If you don't want to do thst you have to pay to get access to the black market. The game might say free, but in order to actually play, you have to pay real money. I don't recommend this game!.

Fantastic game till The development team killed it starting it over . People played it for years an payed alot money to there accounts an the greedy developers decided to give every new player same size castle gear etc for free an Old players who paid hundreds thousands dollars to get where they become accounts where worthless. It's money grabbing scum game now . I'm surprised it's still running on Google.. Was a good game but you have to spend alot to complete or you get burned and lose all your troops. 80 plus packs a month will help you to compete once you hit a certain power troops/research, don't waste your time as you need to be on most of the time or just shield..

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