NameHiker: Heropack Creed
ReleaseEasy & Fun Casual Games

The Hiker Heropack Creed is a set of principles and guidelines for hikers that emphasizes responsible and respectful behavior in the outdoors. It promotes the idea that hikers are stewards of nature and have a duty to protect and preserve it for future generations. The creed highlights the importance of leaving no trace by minimizing impact on the environment. It encourages hikers to adhere to established trails, avoid damaging plants and wildlife, and properly dispose of waste. It also stresses the significance of education, urging hikers to learn about the ecosystems they explore and share that knowledge with others.

Furthermore, the Hiker Heropack Creed emphasizes safety, reminding hikers to be prepared, use proper gear, and inform others of their plans. It promotes kindness and inclusivity, encouraging hikers to support and assist fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Overall, the creed serves as a reminder for hikers to approach their adventures with a sense of responsibility, respect, and care for the natural world and fellow hikers.

Hiker: Heropack Creed MOD

I haven't even finished the download for this game I'm simply acknowledging the add with the dude singing his heart out about the game with ur backpack has probly got to be the best ad I've ever seen for a mobile game. well done sir . alota adds. It's rulet playing one for benefits as it crashes and doesn't remember what you had when it does. I'm so aggravated right now I think I'm uninstalling .. Fun for a while, scales pretty hard, but it starts getting laggy with really long turns, it takes me almost 4 minutes on my current run each turn for all the buffs to apply. Given up playing past floor 40 because it takes so long for buffs to finish. Would still recommend for a time killer. I open the game and all it shows is the daily rewards and then kicks me off need to fix that big time. Fix all the bugs and I'll rate higher Can't read all the description of items cuz it goes away when trying to scroll Ads cause crashes And just randomly crashes when playing It's fun but with all the bugs it's almost unplayable.

Hiker: Heropack Creed APK

I like the gameplay. It does lack instructions battlemetrics and item usage. But the biggest problem is anytime you watch a video, you run the risk of the game glitching out and setting you back to the beginning. It doesn't save your progress. Watch a video to get rid of a curse and the curse gets you anyway because it wipes out your progress. . It's a fun game even with the overwhelming ads. My only issue is that whenever i get to a certain point in the game, doesnt matter what point but i end up getting sent to the main menu and whenever i load "last saved" it sets me back 30m of gameplay, and also i loose my store purchases of blue gems etc without refund like if I've never even gotten them in the first place. It's super frustrating to me cause i really do enjoy playing this game. It crashes pretty often, and I went through 3 maps and it didn't save any progress from the second map onward. Progress is constantly lost. Even your phone going to sleep boots you to the main menu and everything you do is gone..

Hiker: Heropack Creed APK

I can't 3ven play I downloaded it and when I opened my first chest I couldn't even fit everything in my backpack so I couldn't escape the screen hate this game don't download. Had it for less than 5 minutes. None stop "watch this ad" pop ups. I am not kidding when I say it had at least 10 before I even finished the tutorial. Gross. Constantly crashing and lagging. Way to many ads that slow everything down even more. Haven't been able to get past the 6th floor because of the game crashing and having to restart the level again.. This game is addictively fun with one extremely huge pulsating flaw. Occasionally Balloons with gold coins Float by and if you click them to get the gold coins after the ad runs it sends you back to the main menu. Clicking start game after that will tell you to load into the previous save game which it did not do because it doesn't do that if you're in the middle of a dungeon. Therefore losing your progress. For me that meant losing an entire load out that I custom built and was excited for..

Hiker: Heropack Creed APK

really cool gameplay but a bit repetitive on the higher difficulties and not much new content as you level. also bombards you with ads every level and locks a ton of op benefits behind ads which makes sense its just annoying. Backpack Hero did it first. Don't even try to make a rip off of an already great game. Be original.. Would be a fun game if it didn't crash so often and you definitely need a better auto save function. People get very angry when they loose their progress because an ad you offered glitches the game.. This game is good and I have enjoyed playing. But I paid to remove ads and now have a new phone and have no way of restoring purchases and am blocked from being able to purchase to remove again.

When trying to claim legendary item it instead restarts the app and deleted the slots it would have taken and progress of the map. Way too many glitches and bugs. An absurd amount of bugs and game breaking glitches. If it weren't for the bugs this game would be the best, but it's nearly unplayable because of them.. Just ten seconds of game play then an ad then ten more seconds of game, another ad, beat the level? Your reward is an ad. Don't waste your time on this.. Really a good game but I find some crashes and lag problem while when I open the app it doesn't lag a bit.and because of the lag I keep losing my game and I return from the start because I can't has a lot of potential but I think it will be fixed in later updates..

game keeps restarting and not letting me play and as soon as I open the game it closes!!! Even more reason to not play . Prompts for in-game currency or ads to even pick up items from your first monster... followed by a compulsory ad to continue to the second stage... uninstalled.. Fun concept, but the game runs poorly and isn't fun to try and play. If you happen to watch an ad halfway through a level your game could send you back to the main menu and you have to restart the level.. Bro you can't even play the game bro I tried to play it but It kept on kicking me out it even crash my phone and turn it of l PLS FIX YOUR GAME.

super fun rogue-like that can be taken to a whole new level with some work. Organizing your pack could be improved by tapping the item of selection & tapping the slot in your pack. I have had many instances where the game does not register my selection & doesn't understand where I want the item to go. Also, I recently had a glitch where I couldn't use an item nor the slot in my pack after leveling & ads totally crash the game half the time. Polish it up & you'll attract more players!. I love the and I don't mind the ads it's a great game. But dev, please fix the ad crash. I lost all my gems because of it, and I'm going to have to refuse to play it until it's fixed.. Every forced ad is a coin flip crash. And there are so many. The game itself is fun. But if I can't play it whats the point of it even existing. the greed ruins it. You can't go 30 seconds without an add or pop up that risks breaking the game.. I downloaded this because the ad was hilarious, but the reviews about the ad bombing were horrific so I left a review about the ads for a game I never played..

Within seconds ads were thrown in my face. The way this game advertises, you would think it was some top of the line game, but it's just focused on putting ads on your screen.. IMPORTANT THIS GAME IS NOT AN ORIGINAL GAME, ITS RIPPING DIRECTLY FROM A GAME CALLED "Backpack Hero" SUPPORT THE OG CREATOR BY DOWNLOADING THAT ONE INSTEAD OF THIS IF YOU CAN. With some updating and less ads this game would be very cool. Maybe a couple more game modes. Style is super fun.. It's a fun game and ads are optional, but the ad has a good chance of crashing the game, and you lose all your progress for the lvl, including the boons from watching ads. Devs, make a quick save before any ad becomes an option to prevent this. My time is too valuable to try again, but the game itself is fun, just a nasty bug that literally wasted an hour of my life..

it's just sad, is a good game but with the wrong approach. to much ads and even if you pay to skip, you still get more. it's just horrible. the game concept is really cool but it's not worth it because of ads.. Fun game, although I'm not sure I understand the purchasable upgrade system, i haven't been able to buy upgrades for a while and I have over 1000 gems- no prerequisites have been explained to me and I would like to have more upgrades.. Too many ads. Game mechanics rely on ads and it would probably actually be a fun game if I didn't have to watch ads constantly.... Love this game, but Im extremely dissapointed that the devs have not implemented a progress save after every fight or shop. Since the game only saves at the start of a new floor, its virtually unplayable. This game's add spam would be way less irritating if I could make it through a floor at my own pace instead of panicking my way through it to outrun the inevitable save wiping crash. Fix this, please..

This game is terrible I can barely even play it because the game just wouldn't let me pass this level because it was making me pay for something. You stole this game. You know you did. Everyone report this. The real game is called BACKPACK HERO on Steam.. It is a fun strategy game and I would've rate it 5 stars but the problem is opening the app each time I do it, it freezes and closes.. Decent game but I've hit a weird bug where it won't let me upgrade my talents past 7 like it won't load a price tag at all so I can't really progress and there's a glitch that will ruin your progress and send you back to the main menu if you watch an ad.

God, this game is addicting, fun to play, but God, all the ads make it annoying, and then the bug that just kicks you to the main menu and resets your progress. If these were all fixed, I'd give it 5 stars.. Not enough save points and too many crashes preventing me from progressing. Very disappointed cause the game is actually fun. i have a problem with the save system in this game, when i play the game and quit mid way, it always send me back tto the first time i enter the floor, it's unfortunat, pls fix this because i see a lot of potential in this game, and i like it a lot. thanks.. Greedy developers, even paying the $10 to remove the ADs and the game, force you to watch them because it is impossible to progress without gems or golden tickets..

Ads crash game, lost all progress. Watching ads normally wouldn't bother me, but ads in this game make it crash. The ad will stop and goes back to the main loading screen, where it wants to prompt you to buy their BS daily offer. I can't tell if it's a good game or a cute story because watching an ad for one extra item kills the session every single time.. Love the game but... It's so busy with optional ads and paywalls its difficult to even get the game to load.. Crashes then puts you back at a save point. But you can't manually save!!! Great concept but wayyyy to many ads. Uninstalled.... You know, i tried to give this the benifit of doubt but no, this is just a blanted ripoff of backpack heros. Down to how the items work. Do not get this game, all it is is a game trying to get some cash by using other games..

Very fun game but a big bug keeps closing the game and forcing me to restart my progress to the beginning of the floor I'm on. It's so bad to the point if I lose my progress again I'm uninstalling it. Please fix the big so I can give you 4 stars. You most definitely lose one star because of to many ads and $10 to get ads removed.. Wonderfully concept, decent execution- SO MANY ADS! If you pay a lot of money, fewer ads, but still too many. I'm happy to pay to play, but $10 to reduce the number of ads? Come on! Frustratingly uninstalled after 30 minutes of game play.. Good game but half the time when I go to watch an add for something like to reroll gear I get sent to main menu and have to restart the level all over again. Great potential but is essentially ruined but all the spammy ads. I get you need to make money since the app is free but the ads pop up everywhere and its very apparent that the devs are willing to pump out ads on sm to bring users to guessed it, more ads! Yk this app could have better reviews if you fixed the constant ads..

Impossible with out a ad when your new but is ok it does have some bugs and a lot of ads. A lot. As a fan of roguelikes, I like the game. I had to buy the ad-free version to really make it playable, but even then I'm assaulted by constant popup windows asking to spend my game currency or watch an ad for a boost anyway? With no way to shut it off, after I paid to shut it up. Devs, make it make sense. Also turning down music in the options in main menu doesn't work as playing the actual run in the game will turn sounds and music back on. Pretty annoying.. I like this game a lot, the only issue currently, is I had to redownload the game on a new phone because my last phone broke, and I can't restore my purchases. I paid for no ads, and when I go in to try and re-buy no ads, it says it was already purchased, yet I still go through and have to deal with ads. Once that gets fixed, I'll love it the same as I used to.. It's a pretty fun game, but there's a glitch that makes it almost impossible to complete. When you load into a saved game, 3-5 of your inventory slots black out and everything in them is deleted. Unless you plan on playing for an hour or two straight, you'll lose a lot..

Way too many ads I can't go a floor without a ad popping up and I rather take 5 damage or hang on to a curse to avoid them then if you leave the game without finishing a floor all your progress for that floor is lost it suks I can see a really good game if they got rid of the ads oh and the 10 bucks you pay for the ad removal read closely it says it reduces them doesn't get rid of them this is just my take.. Fun game! Unfortunately, there's about a 50/50 chance it crashes out to the main menu whenever you watch an ad, and then you have to restart the current level. Very frustrating.. Very fun game, sadly the new bug that forces your game to close when choosing to watch an add. Coupled with the fact that when you close your game mid dungeon it resets all progress to the start of the dungeon. Has made this game unplayable and overall unenjoyable. I lowered my 5 star review to a 2 star. It will remain that way until this is fixed. I've put almost 100 hours into this game because it is so fun. I am disappointed that this is happening.. I have not even played this game, and I can already tell it's a blatant ripoff of the game Backpack Hero. You can find it on steam, and I hight recommend it, its amazing.

Actually a 5 star game but the way it keeps restarting you isn't cool even after I got sum really cool loot. Fantastic game, lots of fun. However, occasionally you run into the odd unending battle. Every now and then, an enemy will have too much block for you to deal damage to while also not having enough attack to get past yours. In other words, playing defensive or tanky builds, like with structures or armor, can lead you to situations where you don't lose or win, but rather get stuck in the battle forever and have to end your run.. Fun game and very addicting, but it will crash randomly and bring you back to the main menu and you lose all progress from your last check point.. It's ok for a copy of Backpack Hero. Has a lot of ads, heats up my phone a lot, crashes/lags occasionally (maybe after about an hour?) Needs a way disable the tutorial after the first time..

Man I really want to like this game. It's super awesome I love the options of weapons and items. Although I don't have a clue how to use bows, it's super fun. Unfortunately, it's so ad heavy I just can't get into it. You have the option for the most part to not watch ads but 9/10 things to do on the map you have to watch an ad to do or get so you miss out on a lot. And it seems like it's designed to not be played as well unless you watch ads. Super close to being an awesome game tho. If you pay for the "No Ads" and watch an ad for bonuses and other stuff a black screen instead shows and brings you back to the main menu. Ended up losing an entire floor of progress because I chose to watch an ad to get some extra gold Not to mention this is just a rip off money grabbing version of the actual game that is online on most gaming platforms. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS this is a cheap rip off of Backpack Hero an acually good game go and download Backpack Hero on Steam and support the original creater DO NOT support these disgusting rats. I beg of you play the original it is so much fun and they worked hard on it.. The game is fun and I enjoy playing it. However it has glitched and will not let me upgrade any of my talent tree. I have the gems for it too..

This game is fun, but it burns through your battery. Maybe it works better on other phones, but it does not work well on mine.. Love the game and enjoy the strategy of it all. I did get a bug for talents and can't buy anymore.. Fun for a bit but gets annoying with the whole curse. Forcing you to watch ads or just get hindered for no reason.. The game would freeze up causing me to get kicked and I often ended up fighting the reaper at the end. He is almost unkillable with 900+ hp and always summoning 2 enemy's that deal about 10+ damage or inflict fire damage which makes it also almost impossible to win..

Great concept, paid for no adds, latterly said no adds but didnt make any difference, still massive add farm, also glitches where you cant accept gear and you lose all recent data if you close and reopen to fix the games glitch very disappointed about getting scammed, please refund my money since you lied and it is not actually no adds when you pay for no adds, update just reinstalled and it looks like you loose in app purchases, still says i already own no adds but acts like i never own -2. Ad heavy/talent capped. Clear rip off of backpack hero as everyone on the net describes. I was willing to overlook everything because the talent system and roguelite progression made play gradually lengthier but then it capped at 9 and no longer let me level up even though there are 20+ levels and 200+ diamonds. Even getting the chicken character didnt uncap. Uninstalled. Didnt spend a dime.. I really love the game and all but I would like to make a few suggestions: 1. It would be nice to autosave after each battles instead of every floor/level in order to have shorter play sessions and come back to it instead of replaying the same battles then not finishing the floor and reseting the floor the next day 2. I understand you want us to pay to remove ads and all of that, but can you please cut off the ads after EVERY. SINGLE TURN. telling you to buy more energy? Thank you for your time. I've never seen such a greedy game in my life. You can't do anything without watching an ad. You will literally spend more time watching ads, forced ads mind you, than you will playing the game. The devs should be ashamed of themselves. -10000000000 stars.

This game pushes ads WAY TO HARD. It's impossible to progress without some form of ad opportunity being shoved in your face. Games fun need more wep combos . And heros to chose from and away to unlock all mode for free just make it challenging. Alot of fun and can be played offline. The only thing stopping it being 5 star is that the current floor resets when you reopen the app, resetting your inventory, but not any resources you have used. So if you have spent gems or ad passes, they are just gone..... Cool concept that is totally ruined by the amount of ads it wants to show you. When I say there are multiple ads every single turn, I mean it..

I remember playing this game online on my computer in middle school and high school They didn't have paid to win nor all these ads. This is an ad farm not a game it was a game.... I played this game for a couple hours. Pros: it has fun game mechanics. Cons: Overheats phone, has a 10 dollar remove ads versus something more reasonable for a low quality game, no save even though progression takes long enough to warrant, and the game would periodically for no reason, kick me to my home screen. Overall felt kind of sketchy like purchasing Wish items. Awful. Its an Ad-hungry, half developed, worm of a game. Even forces an ad to "return to main menu" don't waste you're time with this pos.. Every thing you have to watch an ad for what's the point if I can't get stuff without watching an ad.

Fantastic concept for a game, botched horribly thanks to the DISGUSTING amount of ad watching being pushed constantly through every aspect of gameplay. I wouldnt even count this as a game, so much as just gamified adwatching. It's an awesome game, but is closes randomly and doesn't have a way to save so it deletes all your progress on the level you're on.. eh it's okay but I wish it was like the original with the town then it'd feel like more content and that I've progressed I also don't like that I have to choose the crypt and that it's hard to get the bramble on this one plus the end boss for me has either been the swordsman or grim. and it's disappointing at the end cause of this.. I don't normally write reviews but the number of forced ads is absolutely ridiculous. I really wanted to like this game but the number of forced ads make it unplayable..

It's pretty fun overall, but it could be improved by adding the following features: A class start option for magic or ranged. A crafting system for combining weapons to make better ones, more weapons, and trinkets. One trinket in particular comes to mind. If made, something that would allow you to sell things without the store at a reduced profit, would be helpful to players and complimentary to the game's existing mechanics.. You gotta play an add to do like... Anything... "Wanna heal? Play an ad. Wanna fight more? Play an ad :3" RIGHT off the bat too.. why would you make a game about inventory management and limit the amount of clicks I can use to organize my inventory when I almost got everything organized you make me watch adds to keep organizing and then you made the amount of adds I can use limited to so I just have to leave things behind trash game good idea but literal garbage. This game is awesome, it has a good concept and potential. But I think I'm not the only one who thinks that they are taking advantage of the ads. There's ads for absolutely everything. At some point you realize that you spent more time watching ads that playing the actual game..

Edit: I found almost this exact same game on steam, only its bigger and has more support, I recommend if you liked this game, play "backpack hero" on steam The game is amazing, even with ads, but I wish there was more development support. I've done practically everything I can do, even do funny types of runs and try to survive infinite dungeons with a specific backpack build. I don't mind chucking Devs some money but at least let me experience the game a little without throwing ads in my face during every potential interaction, damn.. I love this game but I'm having an issue that happens at random of it shutting down and having to restart. Other than that it's addictive.. I like the game. But if I don't watch an add for more than 2 minutes, the app crashes. I understand adds are how they get money for free games. But that's a bit ridiculous.

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