NameCompany of Heroes
ReleaseFeral Interactive

Before stepping into this all-out warfare between nations, you will wish to know some issues relating to the precise gameplay. So, take a second to undergo all the options supplied in Firm of Heroes. No want to fret; if you wish to leap straight to the obtain, you may study everything. You can begin taking part without primary data and become knowledgeable in minutes. At this stage, understanding the options will carry you nearer to mastering the sport.

Company of Heroes MOD

Very beautiful and immersive game but I shouldn't have to buy every single level and for the price I bought the game in the first place that's not fair and that's why you get a 4 star from me. It's alright but I think I prefer the PC version but it's not bad and it's alright if your bored. Great game just like the old PC game it's the exact saMe just for mobile now. Amazing to think my phone runs it better then how my old dell PC used to . I love Company of heroes games on PC but unfortunately it was a very bad experience on my phone Samsung galaxy A52S with 6.5 inches screen. It is painful to play on touchscreen.. Except operation invasion of normandy other mission I completed that sync is not showing I completed whole mission atleast 2 time still show 0. And when I change my device in that time also mission lost excrpt invasion of normandy this is worst make sure all mission should be sync with my Google drive, and add some new mission also. I am already signed and if not then how could operation invasion of normandy is sync and other not.

Company of Heroes APK

this is a great port from pc. because of control touch screen it can get a bit wonky, but hats of to the guys that made it happen. I can see the development making more cool ports of pc games, but to get the full experience I would play the pc version on steam.. What they did is amazing, controls are nice and fluid. What I am wondering is there a posibillity to install mods? Like the best Europe at war? Otherwise great.. Where are all the missions? There were far more than what is available here. Controls are wonky. Troops go off on thier own, and don't always do what was input.. Why my opposing front not downloading when I tap the download bottom saying your already owned this item I already buy it.

Company of Heroes APK

The game is great, although pls, I'm begging, it's pretty obvious that we are playing in mobile, why not increase the zoom out or better yet, make the hud much more smaller, it's really difficult to see what's happening in the battlefield due to large hud and map radar placement is different than pc which confuses us while changing the view. Overall, it's a good game, it's just that there's some annoying things that obstruct the full enjoyment playing the game. I hope you guys improve it more!. I paid money for opposing fronts via in app purchase and I'm not able to play it. This is clearly a case of fraud being committed. I want a refund or the issue to be fixed. My phone is supported on the list, but the application cannot be installed as it's requesting me to remove some storage. I have 7GB of free space!. . OK how long till multi-player update each. Still waiting since last year end of summer :) . Game itself have no issue on my galaxy-A23. I even manage very simply to modify Ui on this model trough developers-option there you can make pixel modifications ,and i also typed in app's advanced-option [-width 2560 -height 1440].and app accepted this conditions now all looks more smoler and very beautifu,l Ui specially minimap now just perfect, just little think in a corner..

Company of Heroes APK

Hello. I purchased the game and dlc on feb 27th 2022. I reinstall today and re-download the contents. But 2 dlc are un marked. When i try to mark it , it took about 30 sec screen freeze and it says Error "U already own the item" . But i the dlc are still unmarked. Can u plese help me .. I heard there is multiplayer update but when it happen?, and please do something with the ai enemy expert ai tend to have a lot of resources even it should be have same resources as i do they even don't do anything smart it's just textbook they just have numbers, in other hand ally ai is useless like they just a spectator most of the game and it's frustrating. The game run perfectly on my Android 10 but now on my Android 13 it keeps crashing can't even play anymore please help me fix this I really love the game.. reinstalled on new phone already purchased all dlc but won't let me download Tales of Valor keeps asking me to purchase again.

Pretty good love the missions even if the graphics are low still a good rts for it even having the dlcs. I hope you put out a patch so that the game would work smoothly on a Samsung A54, I loved playing the game on the PC and I was hoping I would have the same fun on my device, it was running but the game was so glitchy and frustratingly unplayable, hope you can do something about this.. so far so good the only problem for me is when I'm playing skirmish mode it's always crash my game like 5 - 10 minutes into this mode.. Hello, is it possible to do a new update that adds the Soviet army with T-34-85 and KV-2 tanks? This would be fun. Thank you..

Pls add some new soldier like japanese soldier at new campaign pacific pls more power keep of the GOOD RTS game. Man I used to play this game like a year or two ago and it worked fine now yalls servers time out all the time so much so that I can't download the old content I've paid for I've Uninstalled reinstalled ran tests on my wifi and I can't even download a skirmish map... like how am I supposed to play. Why not just offer the downloadable content on the play store... I've never had a problem downloading off here yet I still can't even download a map. please help why isnt the game not working on bluestacks pc pls give me assistance how to play this on bluestacks. Issue with Opposing Fronts DLC. It says I already owned it after purchasing it. But for some reason it won't let me unlock the other stuff that comes with it..

Good games giving it four stars would give it 5 by the year of selection is very small overall very good game. Every interesting game but the control got a bit of problem, wish to provide such as select the army or click the point instead of other. In skirmish, customize army does not work. I have selected all available vehicles and when I start the game, they are nowhere to be found. The vehicle that was replaced is missing in their respective structures.. HUD and few graphical parts like lights etc keeps on flickering during entire game. Even though i was getting stable FPS this bug killed my desire to play this game further. I am a big fan of RTS games. They should fix this i want to play and relive those old moments..

I don't really have an issue with the game, except with the fact that some of the game file will get deleted for no reason whenever I tried to download a new one. Overall, just a couple of minutes playing, it's a great game that works flawlessly. Controls can have a little improvement as I sometimes unable to multiselect an unit (my main issue so far). EDIT: For some reasons, some of the campaign progress got reset, happened on the DLC Tales of Valor, Tiger Ace, Tiger 205 got locked once again.. I'll give it a 5 star the game it's great it has great graphics and features I enjoy playing it but can you add costumize UI the game is not the problem but the layout of the gameplay, so we can play the game even more comfortably.. I bought the game and i install it but when it reach the final percentage it just Atumatic cancel and i can't get a refund it just shows install and nothing i want my money back. Why it need to not support some of devices? I waste my money for this game please make me play too :( Edit: now I can play thank you so much .

great game love it and for all my peaple please add a dlc for Italy, U.S.S.R Japanese empire and France it would be a massive change in game play and there might be more peaple interested that it would be a full world War two game. Excelent port. At first seemed that the interface is a little hard to grasp, but it grew onto me quickly. Playing on a 6.1" screen and it is ok.. an on the go COH. i never imagine that this would be on mobile. smooth controls. i find it a little bit hard to tap since im playing on my phone this would be awesome on tablet tho.. I had to reset my mobile system and reinstalled the game again but it's asking me for permission request to write game data to my phone storage. I did everything possible but it keeps showing the same error. PLEASE HELP.

Doesn't work on my phone. I've contacted them and tried to remedy the problem, tried everything they said, to no avail. It loads then says to grant the game permissions to continue that it never asks for. Update: issues still not resolved. Am done with this company that stole my money.. Crash like twice since I gott it...other than that fun game...only if they add Japanese army/maps or campaign in one of the maps you purchased but none.I would love to play the pacific theater in this game play/mode(rts). I'll give it 2 star the moment. I pay and play I was hype expecting the same as in the computer but I was shocked the graphics bare bad and the way how to control the game it's hard. Playing w/ Realme GT(ME) Awesome Graphics, smooth & OVA 7/8gb used space but worth it but there are some bugs during gameplay specially in skirmish maybe because the phone is not on the list of recommended devices, hope it has door for more improvements, fixing the issues & add more..

I love this game on pc when I was a kid and now enjoying on my mobile but they have not ported it with multiplayer so that I can play it with my friends it's fine to be premium with multiplayer so that it would become the best strategy game on android I am requesting you developers that you can also try to add multiplayer in this so that it would be more fun.. Good gameplay, but it would be fun to have some mod support for the game. It would be pretty cool and multiplayer. Playing this on a Samsung S10. Works perfect. No crashes or judders. This is a fantastic game and even on the small screen it great fun. Once you get the controls down it great. Spending a lot of time on it.. The game is great but missing 1 thing to become a 5 star add multiplayer mode even if not online just local network these games are built on pvp Obviously online would be even better.

Es como volver a cuando era joven y pasaba horas disfrutando este juego. La jugabilidad es un poco ms complicada que en PC pero vale cada maldito centavo jaja. I hope they should add more maps meaning extension and can you get multiplayer in it ? Plz because it would be great to play this classic with my brother at restaurants during breakfast. I hope you would recommend this. Es increible poder jugarlo en mobile, despus de tantos aos, esto lo llevo jugando desde los 6 aos y siempre me ha parecido un juego magnifico al igual que el 2 y el que sali reciente que es el 3, los he jugado todos y cada uno de ellos, gracias por crear un juego tan maravilloso amo a todo el equipo de sega relic etc a cada uno por crear tales maravillas :,) porque crearon en mi muchos recuerdos y emociones.. One of the best mobile rts games on the market, no turn taking or anything! It could use some more free levels but it is a great game and I recommend it..

I live this game ive had since u guys made it into a Game App play it everyday at some point but i want to be able to play part 2 so Hurry make it into apps aswell. I'm giving this 3 stars instead of 5 because, while this port works and is overall fun, i'm experiencing some minor graphical glitches where the models and dialog boxes would flicker in and out. Game runs at a solid frame rate, so it isn't performance related I think. Also, the controls aren't bad per say, but I legit wonder if it would be possible to add mouse (and even keyboard) support. It would make some of the issues that come inherently with touch controls, easier to work around with.. Can't believe these great strategy games have been ported to mobile and the controls are not bad can be a bit annoying getting troops into groups bur it's class tbh I think 16 quid is a bit much for such an old game but to have the full game on my phone is pretty amazing and will never tire of playing this amazing strategy bring multiplayer and this game will be worth the money gonna get some of the total war games next. I wanna say this game is super great. Even tho its laggy for me, it is still very playable and fun. I just have one suggestion and thag is if you could add Sandbox mode or custom mode? Not like skirmish because its a different one. I'm talking about sandbox where you can Custom battles, where there is no limit. It will be the best.

I love this game. The graphics and eth is fantastic. It's worth to use that much for a game Love it.. I think that this game is one of the best rts games in the market and the dlcs are also worth it. So be sure to buy the dlcs. Pretty good gane but sometimes the action wheel gets in the way,you cannot multi select because of zooming in and out , graphics while closing in is very badnand the graphics while zooming in cutscenes are trash,great game on startegy tho,very fun,i played the tutorial thank you but still,this happens. the only problems i have is multi selecting units has to be done on the map not on screen and toggling ui to be invisible is not with a simple button press so yeah that's it.

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Heroes Battle: Auto-battler RPG


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King of Avalon


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European War 6 1914


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Tower Duel


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