NameExoMiner – Idle Miner Adventure

An entertaining space adventure ExoMiner – Idle Miner Adventure, in which you can leave your mark on the history of all mankind. Earn more money, advance your worlds and discover something new. Buckle up, the fun is just getting started and you’re heading for the stars. Build an excellent reputation for yourself, expand your empire and get complete satisfaction.

Watch as your corporation expands, overcomes incredible odds, and makes a profit. Discover new materials, invent something unique and create a large number of items. Get more experience, process all 68 different ores, alloys, ingots, and everything else. It remains only to turn them into useful items, and then sell them at the best price.

ExoMiner – Idle Miner Adventure MOD

A great way to spend time with this game. It is best for offline and when your phone's battery % is low.. Great game, until it glitches, and all progress gone, now just blank, even when reset, it is blank. Many hours of progress gone, it's very frustrating. Why am I and others stuck at level 2560? When will this ve fixed?. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. Supposed to get 2x the value on all ore, refined ore and components when you move to the next planet. Instead I ost everything. Basically starting back at zero. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.. Really early days, my first review on this game. Previous comment(s) appear accurate. You mine and upgrade to mine faster. You expand to find rare minerals worth more. The research isn't endless but, building your mining empire opens up the possibility of building a bigger empire. Hopefully this goes beyond a 'dog chasing its tail' feel. If that's your thing, this is eutopia.. vou dar 4 estrelas pq o joguinho legal, bonito, a trilha boa, a arte linda, s que eu sei que eventualmente vai ser um P2P.

ExoMiner – Idle Miner Adventure APK

This game is exceptional for offline play or just to relax. The ambience is incredible, however the only downside is once you have all 4 mines operating, it does get a little bit tedious. However this does end and the game gets better.. This is an amazing game because it is very simple to learn and it is a good time killer Edit I will exoCorp and I'm sure my friends will love this game too. Pretty fun idle game. It's not my normal genre of game but this one keeps my attention. Takes a bit to understand but has a nice balance of progression/grind. Something fun to check on a few times a day.. thanks for making my day . A huge thanks too everyone that worked on this game. Keep inspiring to make games like this but most importantly for bringing enjoyment. I totally love this game 5 stars!!!.

ExoMiner – Idle Miner Adventure APK

Amazing game really good for chilling and it's really fun to manage you equipment I really recommend to download the game and try it for yourself.. I've been hooked on ExoMiner - Idle Miner Universe for weeks now, and I can confidently say it's one of the best idle games out there! The concept of mining resources in space adds a unique twist that keeps me engaged and excited to play.. It would be a great idle game if not a number of issues. Maximum idle time is only 2h (it can be temporarily increased but it's super expensive), and furthermore it sometimes doesn't register. There is very little information available about transport, refining and production, making balancing of all of it nearly impossible. Finally, the game doesn't connect to the network over wifi, so no cloud save, daily rewards and extra bonuses from ads.. Decent game. Very annoying when resetting and needing to click upgrades hundreds of times. Make a button that let's me upgrade 10 levels at once or something.

ExoMiner – Idle Miner Adventure APK

I really love this game. I love how calm and chill it is. Only thing I would say is make it easier to find things. Apart from that, one of the best games I have EVER played.. Just got into this. Beautiful graphics and simple UI. Hopefully won't get mundane. Update: After level 100, started to get repetitive and will likely abandon it.. If you like idle miner games that you get to watch numbers go up, you will enjoy this game. I'm only rank 7, but I suspect I will reach much higher ranks.. Great game but not mutch u can do before u need to wait for like 2 hours to get the resources to continue.

Bonus gems and other features don't work some new update happened and it keeps telling me to collect gems and I click it and nothing happens. Prices outrageously over priced. Claims rewards don't work, I complete it but no rewards.. So far so good but I can see it definitely slowing down the further you progress. Tougher to upgrade and unlock things.. Easy to learn, entertaining to play briefly thought the day. No mandatory ads, not too much push to watch ads for rewards.. I really like the game. The $20 to remove ads is an essential investment and if I didn't do this I would have uninstalled. This extends the idle timeout to 8 hours and makes the game really enjoyable..

Like the look, like the premise. But it is WAY too slow to progress. Most idle games like this wait at least a week or two before hitting a progression wall. This game immediately starts with one. "thanks for putting down your first 5 upgrades come back after 8 hours to reach level 2"!. I'm stuck in the tutorial because I already build the building and the system doesn't know it the bad part is that it's stuck in one account disabling th-- bro I'm really tired so uh ur tutorial and system trash. Ads optional, thought it was too slow, but it's just got gears ( you go from harvesting, to refining, to crafting, you can't really focus or progress on all at once ), it's not fun on it's own but as part of a few idle games it's a good one.. Great idle game, although idle time is 2hrs max. Looks great and it is fun to unlock research the first time. After the first reset, there are no surprises anymore, but still kinda fun to build even bigger rewarding stuff that wasn't possible in the first try..

Very fun game but it have a problem it need to some confirmation screen before doing something otherwise it is a very fun game.. This is a very good mining game but there is no update coming I think you should add some new ores and some more new things to the game everything is too old. I love the game. Great 3D models. Despite this I would like to handover an exploit that allowed me to get $3,000 worth of relics for free in 30 minutes.. It had me review pretty early so I'm giving 3 stars, it's pretty fun but I don't know how steep the curve is.

ExoM8ner is a pretty good game, and the onky game I've ever played where the X's to close ads are a sensible size and they don't ever crash the game after running. The only issues I can see with the fame that it is pretty slow to progress, and the jumps to buy mining sites are far too great, I've nw reached the 'Billions' for new sites, but I likely won't bother and will just uninstall instead. At the billions there's little game, just ad running to extend idle time to buildcresource to sell.. Be prepared to wait. This game does everything it can to get your money. There is no fun to be had unless you're only checking in once or twice a day. I'd say almost a waste of time unless you are super casual and can wait.. Such a relaxing game, simple and a good game, but IDK if I'm asking much of this nevertheless can you add soothing musics that fits to the space theme? That would be awesome, thnx dev and I'm enjoying your awesome game.. Really simple and because of that it just makes a nice enjoyable experince. Makes me feel like the owner of a real space mining company while I work on my own life XD..

Typical fun idle clicker game, only prettier. But sure if the prices are worth it, but that didn't matter to me much in one of these.. The monetization is a huge problem. $15 to remove ads is too much and more people would buy it if it were half the price. Also, the ads are broken. Every time I try to see one it will instantly close and I have to repeatedly press the icon. Even when I watch a full ad it won't give me the reward, I've had to watch 3 ads in a row before I get the reward. Go download CIFI and ISEPS instead of this buggy mess if you're wanting good idle games. Few hours in, fun little farming game. Not too time consuming so far, which is just what I'm looking for. It's like Factorio, Minecraft, and the Sprites of Stardew Valley had a baby that got into competitive card collecting and gambling!.

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