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An interesting turn-based strategy with addictive gameplay and good graphics. A mobile game project is a strategy with turn-based gameplay in which the user has to lead Rome and the empire to prosperity. The developers have tried to keep the atmosphere of those times in the game. We recommend downloading Great Conqueror: Rome for Android and trying an exciting strategy. In this game, you have to deal with the construction of various buildings, the construction of buildings, the strengthening of defense, the creation of an army.

In the game, you will find an original campaign with several dozen missions with various tasks. During the missions, players must fight with enemy armies, build cities, expand their territories, create armies, and form military and navy fleets. In addition to the primary campaign, the game has other campaigns where you can play for various commanders.

The game also offers several different modes with their own rules and features. The game has a high-quality design and simple controls. All progress is saved to the cloud, allowing you to play on multiple devices without losing saves. Download Great Conqueror: Rome for Android and start playing.

Historical strategy lovers will appreciate the Great Conqueror: Rome game that will bring gamers back to the era of the mighty Roman Empire. In the game, you have to play the role of the great commander of Rome, who will fight side by side with the outstanding and legendary figures of that era – Spartacus, Caesar, Pompey, and others. Try yourself as a military leader; you will be involved in the epic battles of Roman history.

To revive a new majestic empire, gamers must forge alliances alliances because it is entirely useless to confront different countries alone. Having an ally’s position, you will conquer more territory, efficiently dealing with enemy raids and sieges. By completing missions, you will gain experience, and as loot, you can receive valuable artifacts that will make you a legendary tactician and commander.

To make the people of your cities and towns happy, you need to consider the cultural component of their lives. Gamers will not only have to train the army but also have to think about constructing different cultural sites and monuments for the prosperity of their people. After conquering a particular territory, the player can try to conquer the whole world. For this, he will need powerful ships and trained units. You should not ignore the various research that will significantly strengthen your army and raise the morale of your soldiers. Of course, this period of historical strategy will not only become great entertainment but also help players feel the culture and life of the ancient empire.


Great Conqueror Rome MOD

Have been playing it for a long while, the records I get are not fisplayed in the leaderboard, not in any of the conquests and not in daily weekly or all time records, and it still displays my lvl as 5 although its 28. Great until you play conquest mode which spoils this game. Your armies get swarmed by the enemies & you have little chance to build them up. The fog of war is hideous, it really is frustrating. This is definitely a pay to play game probably to balance out with games like European War 7 where you can progress without spending money, you only get 2 supply packages a day which is nowhere near enough... Great game I love it and I have finally beat the campaign which I have been stuck on for a while the 2nd level of the last chapter is quite hard but I still love this game and it's way of making you adapt your strategies to be able to win against the enemy. This is one of the best games that is exactly my type ; I have been following Easy Tech from Europen wars 4;5;6 and also I recommend world conquer 3 and 4 These are very perfect strategic games that you can play.. Pretty good game just hard to find stuff don't worry you'll find these things eventually. Its better than the medieval one..

Great Conqueror Rome APK

l think it almost likel the real thing accept you can stay at home and imaginate of what it really what it would of been too be in those days of the punic wars no. Thank you so much now I can login to my account and open the game thank you easytech appreciate your help. The game is nice but trash First up I can't even enter my game with out network connection but it's labelled offline ? Need this problem to be fixed Edit: I also like to add that European war 7 has no such issues. I've loved this game for a long time now. 5 stars easy, The only issue is there's little in the way of updates. Pls more functions like the mini campaign on the Senate map. It's been at 8 levels for quite some time..

Great Conqueror Rome APK

Dear developer This game isn't working Recently I have installed this game but I can't play this game kindly try fix this problem.. fun 4x strategy, i dont find many "fun" games on the playstore but this is one of those rare instances where some people devoted to making games well, comes through snd makes everyone around wear their sunglasses because of how hard they shine. please if you like strategy, if you like the TOTAL WAR series, then this is for you. im just a guy that loves games, not a bot, not an employee, straight up just love this game. Excellent game, Old though, tbh going on 14 years old, why not update this game? Expand The campaign missions, or just add more of them, not that important tbh, main thing is why not make this game PVP, global online game, in conquest, its a better version of Risk tbh.. My game keeps resetting after a certain amount of time and I loose all my unlocked achievements and units and generals and have start from the beginning other than that excellent game.

Great Conqueror Rome APK

Game has lot of potential but it is hard to play ai just immediately attacks you i wish there was like peace mode map editing or smth like that or ai difculty. I tried playing as roman empire almost everyone qround me attacked in few rounds and i lost immediately i cant even make peace it is so expensive they want like 1 k coin for it bro and THEY WILL ONLY CEASE FIRE FOR 2 !...... 2 DAMN ROUNDS. Anyways u get my point :). The Game is good and hero Legend is shortest to Grow up but I don't like automatic mode in arena can you just remove it because i Lose many time just remove automatic battles from Arena. Because of Facebook login no longer working I've lost years worth of gameplay in other words I have to start from scratch again! Can you please fix it. You say its only temporary.. The experience is time worthy and there are so many things to play but I just want to suggest that you maybe could add tribemens or monsters that is not too op in a random position that is maybe mild away position from your kingdom and others and are hostile to all kingdoms but just will stay in their camp unless seen so it will add more that natural feeling and more challenging and maybe you could also add the first punic war other than that game is great and definitely are fun.

The only thing I didn't like about this wonderful game is that there's no tutorial on which units is weak against which. And using knowledge from the previous games you made that I've played made me lose units. good but find it unfair when you go against archer or javelin unit. they'll attack you but you cannot fight back. In reality this unit is considered as the weakest in any army.. My previouse issiue as been adreessed and for now i have no problems for now also i atill stand by the fact that it would be extremely nice if when there is a river between the attacker and the defender then the attacker should get an attack debuf of about -15% damage and also it would be awesome if the river would be between the troops in the animation so that rivera would be more then just for looks (i know they affect mobility but still). This game is very good .But the all iap's in this game are very high and medal grinding is too hard. I request the creators to change this and make the game more interesting And one more thing is to add login rewards, update rewards and daily rewards as in European war 7 and also increase the mission rewards to make the game more fascinating. I hope you would make it . Thanks Easytech. Yet there is no response.

This game was nice and good but the problem is that your ai allies almost never help you second of all the enemy ai somehow always manages to out produce and slowly overwhelm your defence no matter how good it is, so my tips would be to to fix the out production problem or make the ai of our allies better so they can also help us. FUN, ORIGINAL, ADDICTING, CHALLENGING, this is not any kind of b. S... this is the perfect lite 4x strategy game. The people that made this, very obviously love their jobs. Its noticeable how much care and hard work was poured into this game. This is s real person, giving you the absolute truth dude. If you are starving for decent mobile games, that wont give you ads every 3minutes or put victories behind some ludicrous paywall. I have bought things, because it helps a truly good game. Ty devs. Great game difficult but I strive for a challenge the suppy box add thing doesn't work so that's a bummer overall good game. In my experience and albeit limited knowledge on how ancient battles worked it is pretty good at demonstrating how a battle back then would work, however I find myself failing the mission without knowing why. Perhaps the devs should make the game demonstrate or tell you how you lost. Other than that this is a pretty good game..

it's a 2 star rn, usually I would put it at 5, I'm not able to sign in through Facebook, and when I try to login through Google play, it says I can't use that account, it works for other games but not this one, I hope they can fix it because it's such a good game!. Great game I just wish the campaigns went back in history a little farther but it is the best free mobile game I have played. Conquest is mediocre and there is no incentive to actually play it the rewards are garbage why would I waste 2 hours on conquest when I can do 1 campaign mission and get the same rewards. fun to play easy to get in to hard to master not a fane of the add but other then that great game.

I love the game and it's a GREAT time passer... but sometimes conquest mode deletes progress. Would give six stars if I could.. The game is awesome and I loved playing it. But for some reason it does not always save the progress. This is the second time where my game reset. I did not mind the first time, but the second time I was very far ahead with multiple fully upgraded generals, equipment and many achievements completed. Now it has reset and I cannot recover it. If there is a way to find it please help! Otherwise I would suggest finding ways to save your game so that you do not lose your progress. These games are very fun and challenging in a good way, but a major draw for me is that it requires an internet connection for some reason to play (you need to log in with google play or facebook), despite previous games not needing it.. It's a great game. But why does it only open when I turn on my WiFi? can you at least make it offline except the arena? And also a question where can I find the button to continue my progress I don't know how. Edit: I found it on the bottom left the button looks like a ..

It's say you need Google Play or Facebook to log on to the game. There for I could not play it off line where there no wifi. while i love this game I mean it has great graphics, conquests are fun but the decievisve battles can you update the game so you can move your units manualy. Good game, but..there are never any new items or updates. It gets to a point where it gets boring because of that. You end up with max money and gems with nothing to spend it on. NEW ITEMS PLEASE!!. 4star. I enjoy the conquest part of this much. I wish there is more than two factions to make each conquest play more interesting. Late game conquest play get pretty boring, moving over 100 pieces, but player already wins because the other side will not bounce back once it starts losing territories. For example, during 'Scourge of God' Franks should be only hostile to West Rome, and Visigoth should be hostile to both Huns and Rome. Sassanids shouldnt be helping East Rome against Huns..

I played this game again and it's really still fun and with the updates to have more fun in the game. Although I'd agree the others that the game needs to be a bit generous with the rewards. Overall it's fun. Hello Easy Tech!! I would like to ask if do you have latest/upgraded Great Conqueror: Rome?? I Really Love This Game .. actually all your Games I played them all.. but this one is my Favorite.. I have only 1 problem I can not Log In... Truly a great experience so far. Easily one of the best military strategy games on mobile, and maybe THE best for one set in ancient times. As you can already assume from my profile, I love these types of games and this one is just awesome. One problem though: why do I have to log in everytime I come back to the game? This doesn't seem to be a problem with other games by you like European War 7, so why in this one?. Developer can you minimize the attack of enemies because its still strong even in easy level can't you win,, sorry but i only give you 1 star, I'm not quite satisfied of the game.

Can you make it similar to ck3 and Victoria 3 can our rulers be able to have children and die in battle and events should to improve it. This is a very great game unlike others wargames turn based, brilliant and very economical and political game,I feel the atmosphere of Rome when I played it,I unistall it and install it again because there's a problem, I tried to sign in in Facebook There's pop up an error and a code,I want to sign in in Facebook because when I sign in Google play store it will demanding me an Internet connection to sign in again after I play the game again which disrupt my experience,please fix the bug.. Very fun and simple mechanics but I really struggle with the 4th and 5th campaigns but yes overall would totally recommend this game.. Hey easytech I love your games and yall always make it right so could u give insight on how to get back my data on this game my Facebook login will not work and I cannot restore my purchase or data from this game.

The best free to play strategy game I have ever played. It's so good I have spent money just to support to developer's, but I didn't need to in order to enjoy and advance in game 5 stars hope for more added content keep up the great work!!!.

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