NameDevil House
ReleaseInfinite light years

Destroy all evil spirits in the game. The game project Devil House invites us to clear the territory from various evil spirits. Our main character will be a completely simple girl who will try to survive in this madness.

Build powerful towers, defend a large area and take out any enemy. Clear large spaces from evil spirits, try to survive until dawn, and move a little further. The most diverse and exciting levels where you can get more experience. Move confidently forward, make a revolution in this dark world and get valuable rewards. Our heroine is a rather brave girl, she is not afraid of anything and is going to go through all the levels, where there are a lot of evil spirits. Beautiful graphics, lots of room for development, and an amazing adventure for brave players. Come off to the fullest, destroy evil spirits and gain experience.

Devil House MOD

I just don't know but I love it si Just like hunting dorm and si all the same I give to 5/5 why not . Not bad... Other mobile games are worse than this! This has nice gameplay. It is a bit challenging the first time and is actually kinda fun! The only issue is that the gameplay is kinda repetitive. Recommend if you are bored for some time.. This is my favorite game and ay delete it on 2022 ay delete it now search for this and I like it kas ay download like that but there's no haunting but have that why I love this. The game was really fun but while playing the game it keep having ads and after ads the devil already kill me...... For the people who dont know this game is actually not an ONLINE games but an offline one so the other characters you see are just bots and not a person, bye..

Devil House APK

what happen to my phone why is lagging when I start the game to play and why I been kill to monster my doors I very hard level monster is level 1 he broke the door... and i think I'm gonna not play anyone do not play this. I really love it but actually i hate the ads cuz it make Me feel stress and then the ADS MAKE IT TO WORST. This game sucks There are so many ads Every time I upgrade a door I can watch an ad to upgrade it different It also sometimes you have to watch an Ads Too off grade I'll just play one of the other ones. Guys, this game is UNFAIR! when i almost won, there is an ad it just appeared- BUT WHEN THE AD IS ALMOST DONE THE CLOSE TAP BUTTON IS NOT WORKING! Im serious i really hate this game and i admitted that this game is unfair. I know rated it 1 but i actually rated it 0. Whoever owns this game, this needs to be FIXED RIGHT NOW CAUSE THIS IS NOT FAIR..

Devil House APK

the f.. is wrong with this game in evry game in the medlle of the game after i kill a devil an add opens and after that im dead. HI please donot named any game devil and then we came to know that your house became devil house hahaha. The game is good but all you do is sleep and look at the monsters break the the door and kill people graphics are nice but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee add something that can make the game less boring. Vary fun and a word of advice don't upgrade your bed first get wepens upgrade then and upgrade your door.

Devil House APK

It's totally nonsense when I also getting 1 coin and 1 energy then how he build faster then me it's totally stupid and nonsense game i will give negative ratings if I can. I'm pissed office said watch 3 videos for no ads today and I did but I got ads which killed me each time I tried to play it FIXXX IT OR I'LL UNINSTALL IT. Yi tian Hujj Hjj Hjj.hjkh Gjkk Hkll Yi Hh HK Jon boat but be nice but by himself he has a chance I love you mean to be your vegetables for you and the same thing to you need anything from brushes for toys in you and I will get you need anything let us in you need me do that for me do not you mean about the same way you need me I love you mean about the same way you can get it done before the same thing you can get a ride I can just imagine that for me Don't they have t. Gliched I have fold and doesn't work with this game won't let me click on the bed as well in ghost mode covers the bed with game option.

me know when you're ready for me sa luyo or dili palihog ko Cha walay problima smile lng natun para indi ko ka data nimu Ma'am good pm mga 8 40 nag promo code April me know if I need to eat r. This is a very bad game because you can't play this without internet because you have to see many ads to win. Don't install. Airdrops float around the screen almost constantly, begging you to watch an ad for some item. Any fun the game could have is ruined by how annoying that is.. I hate the ads not the game.. Please remove the ads, it's really good game but the ads always interrupt the game...

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Good game and all but there are way to many ad that makes this game less fun but still good game. DON'T DOWNLOAD I like the Silent Castle so tried this one and that is a big mistake, For the ENTIRE GAME i just watch ads just so that we can survive but even that we wasn't able to, I HONESTLY THINK THAT THE CREATOR OflF THIS GAME IS JUST MONEY HUNGER, profiting from ADS with PEOPLE WHO WANTS TO PLAY.. Very good but i want it two be able to play with anybody you want The good thing is it is very hard to beat I only beat it once. haunted dorm is better than this please improve this game if you want people to download it and fix the bugs too thanks.

THIS GAME SUCKS! TOO MANY ADS.. AND THE "X" BUTTON IS TOO LONG TO APPEAR! but... This was an good game a bit but I THOUGHT THE GROUP GAME WAS AN NO PLAYER AND NO NPC I WANT TO CONTROL ALL OF THEM SO BAD! DO NOT RECOMENTED THIS GAME.. FOR PPL WHO WANTS TO PLAY THIS GO AHEAD I LOST ALL OF MY HARD WORK... IT SUCKS I WAS SUPER MAD! UGH THIS GAME MAKE ME FURIOUS! This was an entertaing game UNTIL ALL OF MY HARD WORK RESETS I WAS PLANNING ON RATING THIS 5 STAR BUT I WAS WRONG.. FIX THIS TOO MANY ADS!!. Ptngnang laro to if you need the money it's just gonna AD Loading so ano? Pota? IF you wan't to level up your shield or smth it won't cause you have to level up the bed first this is useless i rate 0. What a knockoff of silent castle be original or maybe you can't because your games are getting in the dumpster fire. Constantly getting stuck in unwinnable situations. No abilities or advancement upgrades means once the ghosts and doors are max level there's nothing you can do, 1st day deleted.

Devs also clearly paid for fake reviews. Rushed and lazy rip off of silent castle. Silent castle is poorly made and this is miles worse. Don't waste your time.. This game sucks it gives you an add even when you click no. I Watched an add to repair the door but it didnt work and i died. Also there are way to many adds, when you have Wi-fi it spams you ads and i watched another add to upgrade something and then it didnt work again and it just gave me another add for nothing.. Its suppose to be like silent castle? Where is the cut off just endless no point upgrades and ads! I played on board over and hr. The thing escapes the trap everytime no way to win no matter how much u level up.

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