NameInstant War

A war begins in a unique 3D world. Download Instant War for Android, it is you who will master the coolest art of war in this unique world.

You just need to take advantage of the coolest facilities on a huge map, it will help you extract a wide variety of resources. It’s your time to attack the strongest enemy, take advantage of unique opportunities and win your first victory.

It is worth considering the geographical component to send your strong army anywhere. This game project allows you to confront opponents with one finger. You will be able to take advantage of rivers, steep expenses, and other landscape features to lure the enemy.

Hire the most elite troops, develop new technologies and destroy opponents around the world. Support your friends, take advantage of various bonuses, and complete justice on this earth. Global construction, crazy battles, and a huge world map. Try to train your troops, develop equipment and destroy your opponents. Take part in full-scale confrontations, coordinate all actions with a powerful alliance and control your huge army.

Instant War MOD

Very very bad game so many bugs that never get fixed events that are always broken if anyone reading this please for love of god stay away from this bug filled game.. I was enjoying playing the game but my one base does not load correctly sent several e-mails and found out that contact the developer through another platform. Just fix the bugs per my e-mail through the support link.. Game is full of bugs, and keeps freezing up! Customer support still hasn't made any attempts to reply to any emails! It's like they set the game system on automatic, and don't care if it is working properly or not!!. This is a good is fun.also it won't load onto my galaxy A03 and i have 256gb of other storage and can run the game off the memory easily.I don't have ray tracingbecause i have a samsung phone very few ohones do.the ones that do cost 2000 dollars.. After play for a long issue on updating app..many times try to update but failed..end up uninstalled it..waste my time & money .

Instant War APK

Been in contact with them to fix the notifications. Since January and they have yet to fix anything. With 2 months in between responses. Done with the game.. Hi. I install this game. I have a Scepter 8 tablet. It lets me get to the point to play, then it drops me.. This game is the best idle fight game for laptop.but It's not for Android.I love this game very much.its graphics is best.I like this game very much.I play it on my laptop.. Great game, just wondering when will this game be Chromebook ready? just bought this chromebook and need to know if i need to get a diffrent laptop instead..

Instant War APK

This game it's very fun if I talk reality i was like this game becouse i am teresting the games of war So thank you for you bring us this game. I have not played the game yet but from the revivws its does not look good maybe if the devs fixed the game and isuses maybe i would play and the view on the ge would get better. Dont install the game new users please if any bug there you will be not get anything so this is worst game ever seen till now. The game is dead. IW Devs are working with some cheating alliance to make zhem unbeatable. IW helped those zeroed player to recover all the death army which is unfair to others too. The worst thing is, this recover death troops was not only happened once it happened couple of time for the same player. So it's meaningless to spend money or continue to play if IW can't revert back all their unfair actions..

Instant War APK

Not a bad game if you have the time and money. The only downfall is once the members of the server grow then at some point you will have to stay shielded 24/7 unless you want your army to die. Because some players spend 100s maybe thousands of dollars to get very strong tier troops, and they will zero your base in minutes. If the game allowed more shields for players that can't spend money for them it would be good. But without spending 1k gold a day there is no way to protect yourself for long.. Can't even load the game on my phone. Maybe if I could load it, it might be an ok game. This game was fun in the beginning but with all new upgrades, bugs comes in to play... new upgrade causing loading issues so we can't log into our account to shield so our bases get attacked and zeroed... Devs never available to address issues and people wait 4 months if ever they get back to you about an issue... not worth it to waste time with this game.... Just won't install despite Having plenty of space For the game & keep Getting the same Message all the time Saying 'Please try again Later,A day as gone by & Still won't load,I've tried Everything of what it says To do & still nothing..

Dont waste your time with this game If the Devs dont like you weird things happen to uour bases like 24 hour sheilds dying 12 hours early when you are offline come back bade destroyed nand the devs NEVER andswer any Emails. Do yourself a favor keep well away from this nightmare. After 5 years playing they have driven me out. When you cant trust a 24 hour sheild you cant trust anything. .. if i can't play full screan on my chromebook thin i don't want to play it at all phone size is depressing. When u win by attacking other members u still lose points but yet the lower gained points how is that second the games is good but come on needs to look realistic and the army marching as well we r about to enter 2023 there r games with absolutely realistic graphics. Spend more time loading from network error then you do play the game, not to mention the 20-minute load after you install. I'm uninstalling..

Playwing awesome game love it alot of Fun but want really cool playback of your Battle also really cool the camera shot of Battleground where you are fighting that Why give it thumbs up just awesome.. Alliance telleport dose not work. Alliance shop will not give you your items after you pay for them. Costermer suport will NOT do anything to help !!!. Am not happy... because I reach out for development to help transfer account to new device.. no one responded back to me after all I spent in time and money bouts this app.. the game good but responded for development not . Sorry I missed this last minute thing in my life in the life of my secretary of defense of defense and the life of me and my secretary of state business search for that one of defense of my life in my house in the life of defense of me in the i,,, in the life of defense production act like a great deal for us too of course I missed each of you and your family are of course I will get back in time for that one of those times work best for me if that works for you to be be.

Game was good at the starting but now woth x2 drug and shadow spoiled the game. Great disbalanced of resources. At the launch of game it was nothing in compare to now but production and gathering not changed that much and dead base hitting is just waste of time and not all related fun or play game. I downgraded now my money is wasted as the game is not fair for all time zone. Start rotation of all events which is set to start and end at 12 UTC.. Before PVP event started the game kicked me out and I couldn't login.. Next day my base lv 30 full whit troops and rss get burned from 12 players... I message to team support and they didn't answer we what happened 3 month The game is full whit bugs and don't have any support ... I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS GAME cuz like my case everyone can lose his power building 2 years ... One bugs and all troops dead.... Game experience depends on quality of players on your server. Mass exodus from my server as a few players that are millions in power higher are destroying everyone. No strategy to out wit stronger players that spent hundreds of dollars and years building armies. I don't recommend this game - the game is rigged. Developers could fix this by handicapping or penalize attackers that are more than 6 levels higher than defender. I like this game been playing for over 3yrs, but wish it would quit asking me to write another review! It asks me to write another one about every 2 weeks. When it does it resets almost everything..

The biggest problem with this game is players who pay are the strongest and then they get to penalize lower players by giving negative titles that penalize different game aspects that make it harder to build. Basically the poor stay poor. Until this aspect is removed, my 1 star will remain.. I like this game and having fun while playing ,but service of customer care is very bad .i make mail to them about my problem in login and they do not solve it just say we will contact you soon .I write mail more then 6 times but their is zero don't download this game .they don't want to help their customers. This game has improved a lot from a few years ago. I actually enjoy it now. The only thing I would tell developers is, kill events need to happen like every few weeks and the only other thing that is rediculous in my eyes is Defcon length! People work for a living and play games in their free time, who is able to defend 24/7 for a week straight? That needs to be shorter. All in all games fun,,. Over priced and dont offer packs you really need. The upgrade proccess is triple click before allowing for upgrading. There is a ton of delay incthe game play that makes it insanely unintresting.

I've been playing this game for a long time, server 26 is full of paying players that will attack everyone outside kill events. I am quitting this game and hope the devopers find a way to balance this.. My only problem is during alot of recent pvp events there hasn't been a recovery ship. In turn players receive points for kills. Strong players attack small bases and wipe out their entire army in no time. I've seen several players quit because of this. There should either be 100% no loses during the events or penalize higher players for attacking small bases just for easy kills. There is no way to grow on this game for new players if this don't happen..

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