NameMonster Castle
Size78.74 Mb
ReleaseLemix game

Monster Castle – do you like strategy and non-stop wars? Then the Monster Castle game was created especially for you. This is number one among the ssystems. To date, millions of people have already installed the game on their mobile devices. Join you too. Make your castle the most beautiful and unusual. Develop a design that will please you.

In addition, Monster Castle allows you to upgrade the hero throne to level 20. Find resources and equipment in the enormous black market. Join clans and fight with your friends. The monster castle will give you a magical world of beautiful characters. Fight for a place under the sun in this world.

Android game features:

  • Daily missions will not let you get bored;
  • Upgrade the castle by collecting gold and producing wine;
  • Try your hand, using different strategies for the game;
  • Join an alliance and fight against real players from all over the world;
  • Train an invincible army that will protect your castle from enemy raids;
  • A choice of heroes with unique skills will decide the battle’s outcome.

The Android game is entirely free to download. Requires an internet connection.

Monster Castle MOD

Pretty unique as a castle defend type of game, very entertaining for sure.. Great game, so nostalgic. just, why can't I login to fb?. This Games is fun to play. It's definitely one of My Favs and I know many people will enjoy playing this cool Game........ This game was very good while under management of Tencent. After changing ownership, the game turning upside down by hackers due to security lapsed, all internal coding structure exposed. Not worth playing..... Its a good game but in tbe old days u can buy heroes by hero shards but now u cant. Idiot devlopers.Duffer,utter useless people.Shame on developers.Almost Dead game I am not able log in for last 30days it is showing verifing account only on screen.Fix this bug.. Amazing game. I have been playing since grade 4 I miss this game.. Though there are some things that could be improved still overall a great gm. Played this years ago and enjoyed it. Started again a few weeks ago and quickly got my throne to level 8. The game now won't load whatsoever, when I open it the loading bar just stays still, doesn't move at all.. Such a great game! Its just a shame it lost a majority of players. Man. Played this game for tons of hours. Got a new phone and I can't get my data back even though I'm logging in with the same account? Tons and tons of hours gone..

Monster Castle APK

I remember when I was 7 I used to play this game but I deleted it for some reason and for the LIFE of me I couldn't remember what it was called, now I found it and I am having so many memories with this game and I love it.. M.C....why you are sleeping ....Your's come make us happy ....but you intentionally not updated game.....and now thee game dead in hell god.. It is not as same as the Windows one... It has been 2 days and it is still verifying my Google account. Someone please fix this iconic game. What a game it was.. I hate the fact that i can't load my old account easy pass if i can't load my level 15 throne.. It was such a good game while it lasted on windows Phone. I hope someone buys this and makes it go live again. Such beautiful memories I have of this game and making friends. Just bring this game back pls.. Really fun to play game. It is really simple and can be a bit addicting.. Please update your game make it new again and please give off some scroll more easily. This game is literally dead just update the game dude make some new monsters, new defense and new events and give off worthy rewards for hell sake.. played this when i was a kid lost my account because it wasn't registered, sad to see the game is dead.... This game is amazing and have a lot of potential but the developers seems to have abondend it I really wish that they'll give it another chance cuz it's really good I've been playing it for years and its still amazing. Incredibly ugly game. This is not a game made for the gamers, this is a game made to only make money from. They don't care if it's fun for the players, they only care about getting some fast cash..

Monster Castle APK

Game needs lot of improvements... Especially the developer should do something here.... Es un buen juego, ojal no lo olviden los creadores y le hagan algo nuevo, pero ya es tarde por lo que veo. A great game. Classic in it's simplicity, I find myself returning to it over the years. Embrace the grind.. Cant sign into my account because i have to watch a nonskippable tutorial. Don't waste your time/money on this game. I played this game before years ago and I thought I would try again 6 months ago. I played the game daily and built up my game to a lvl 45. I will admit I spent a lot of time/$ on the game. One day, the game started over at lvl 1 when I logged in. Google was no help and the developer sent me automated responses that accounts were credited from the prior developer in 2019??? Huh? I sent proof that I was active in July 2021. It's all gone.. Agreed to what the other people said about the loading screen. P.s I've enjoyed it before, and it was really great I hope you'll fix some bugs.. i played the game in my other phone but ihave a new one and it wont work it doseont download please fix. Game is hard to loading i cant play why is endless loading i will come back after 4 year. Amazing game i ever play but purchase is hard and I can't able to purchase anything but heroes are cool special monster one. Just close the game if you guys have no intention to fix this game smh..

Monster Castle APK

I'm having a great time playing this game, time passes fast tho lol. Lost my previous account which has harpy grim reaper great sage and jungle drummer no matter i started over again with 1 level bus they stopped working on game and the awesome game destroyed. I can't login my facebook account. Need that +1 crystal. Admin, can you help me with this problem?. I came back to this game after years i could not get my old acc back which is sad but i started over and i still love this game but sadly it seems the dev's of this game stopped working on this game which is a great shame this game is really underrated and has alot of potential for it become a success.Please come back and work on this game again. I truly love this game.. I came back after 5 years it has the same spark with some changes and..... The most awesome thing us that you don't have to train your troops again if they aren't dead in a battle.... And very minimal hero training time.... Just one problem that i faced was that i wasn't able to logon with Facebook.... Rest all is awesome... . Good Game, and the dev's are at least existent enough to fix bugs.. I HAVE SPENT MONEY WITH THIS GAME BECAUSE IT IS GOOD. THEY HAVE A HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM. UNEXCEPTABLE!! It one thing you are having issues with server or what ever it is another you don't communicate with your customers.. Played the game and it won't connect to anymore. I played it a month ago with a new device and now the game has kicked me out. First bad reveiw I have ever given a game, but I feel I need to because I've been playing for a couple weeks and the game all of a sudden kicked me out and now just gets stuck on the last little portion of the loading bar that says "verifying account" and won't load past that, I even left my phone on to let the game try to load over night, 7 hours in total, and when I woke up and checked it was still at the exact same screen, it was a good game while I was able to play, but not now. I just spent money this week and now all it does is say verifying account but never fully loads. Will come back and change review if gets fixed. So i see people saying its a glitch? Can it not be fixed? I JUST SPENT MONEY DAYS AGO...I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR GAME FIXED!!!.

It loads then it says verrify account .. Im tired of it.. Ive spent money snd now it wont open. There needs to be a restore purchuse i played this game along time ago and put in probably $200 and i just got a decent phone back. Ive lost everything. This is going to die anytime... Imagine a game last update was 2 years ago!!!! Hhhhhhhh. This game is good even now. I played this year's ago and it still is a pretty good game not gonna lie. Everything is smooth and the visual with gameplay are also very good. I love that this game is hand drawn the art looks nice. I have no issues with it and I would recommend. I hate this game and why I cannot download this game i hate I hate this game. It was fun I just think it is a wanna be castle doombad. Ever since that game has been taken off the app store I have been soooooo bored. But if ur going to make a game like this make it with adult swim or make a second with perms.. I like the concept, and accept the limitations if you are not going to spend on weapons etc, but once your castle is equipped it's great fun.. Awesome game just needs to get their players back. Giving a few updates would probably do that.. It stupid i cant sgin in to facebook i have levl 100 there. Yay, you're back, and the game works again. Love this game. Sticking around this time?.

This was the best game 2 years ago but now it's dead. Lost my account which was too ranked in country.. What happen lemix? Your game is dead. Make new update, or new event. Merges both server, then all players playing in 1 server and having fun. If you want money, I spend in your game to alive. Monster castle is best game.. It was fun but like the song was still on when I wasn't on it then when I deleted the app it stops please fix it then I will change it to 5 stars. Takes skill rather than money to win, but the developers seem to have quit trying. it's a good game with very cool concept and graphics. it's kinda like clash of clans base builder but the vertical castle is a nice twist. players who are f2p will find it difficult to unlock epic heroes (approx 3 months for 1) you gotta gave patience. once you unlock them, getting dread badges is not very difficult. cons - base UI is very cluttered unfair matchups due to relatively small playerbase. sometimes screen freezes during replays and alliance pages. facebook login won't work..

Download ( V2.4.0.16 )

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