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European War 5: Empire

A mobile game project for Android systems, made in the format of a strategy with a turn-based mode, where the user has to take part in large-scale battles and become a first-class commander.

Download European War 5: Empire for Android if you are interested in such strategies. The game has several modes and it is recommended to start with the campaign mode to understand the mechanics, and controls, and understand the essence of the game. True, it is not much different from the previous parts, and other similar games.

Throughout the gameplay, you will control different types of units that need to capture enemy territories and their settlements. Move your troops towards the enemy, destroy his army, and capture cities. All battles take place in real-time on the global map. After the capture of the settlement, you have the right to choose how it will serve you.

The settlement can be turned into a barracks, where new combat units will be produced, it can be made into a mining settlement that will produce resources. By bypassing levels, and completing tasks, you will unlock new heroes with unique features. You can also upgrade your soldiers, increasing their characteristics and skills. Download European War 5:Empire and start the battle.

Download ( V2.6.4 )

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