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Great arcade strategy. Steampunk Defense is a tower defense strategy game that is crazy in every way. Here you will fight with the evil invaders who decided to quickly capture your territory. For defense, you will have to use different towers, test new combat vehicles, and also upgrade some of them. The enemy also has a variety of opportunities for attack, a large number of units, and other equipment. All confrontations will take place in different places around the globe. You will visit the desert, the jungle, and other areas.

In addition to a single company, you can experience multiplayer. Here you will face strong opponents, you will be able to prove your superiority and gain great experience in battles. Use your skills to destroy the plans of any opponent. Not every enemy can be stopped, but you can do it quickly and efficiently. You have absolutely everything to face strong enemies, enjoy gunfights and trap the enemy. Nothing is impossible for a true professional who can perform all his tasks perfectly.

Steampunk Defense MOD

Please fix a bug. I there's a can't get the bomer and magic fire man please fix it now it was so fun!!. Good game but lots of bugs many of the towers don't unlock level 5.10 doesn't even appear and one tower says will be available at level 21.10 but level 21 only has a part 1 real shame I stopped playing because of this even reinstalled twice to see if level and towers would unlock but nothing real real shame could have been fantastic but wasn't.. So..lost over $7 worth of purchases so far. Hours.of game play for no reason it not install this game. Also was very buggy. You can purchase a beginner pack to remove ads, but if you want to maximize your rewards you still have to watch 2 video ads after every round. Plus there were more video ads in the menus.. They rip you off. I paid for the beginners pack and an extra tower choice. They took the money, but never delivered the goods. Avoid this thieving bandit completely. I'll be reporting the theft and they can get in the bin..

Steampunk Defense APK

A ton of adds and still they try to nickel and dime you to death. Hey you have a new tower ..... That you can buy! Then if you watch a million adds you will be able to pay for something else.. Payed for the extra tower slot but it didn't unlock even though I was charged and if I try to use it the game crashes. Not a terrible game, but definitely designed with some pay to win elements, such as the heroes section. You only have 1 hero and have to pay real cash to get more. Also ads get a little annoying. I end up closing and reopening the game when ads appear. It's much faster. Lastly, the auto play button is dumb. I want auto play to auto initiate the waves as soon as they are ready, but this game for some reason decides to play the whole game for you, placing towers etc. Overall, shallow game. Paid for the epic tower pack but never got it. Sent email and did not get a respond. Wish they had option to restore purchase..

Steampunk Defense APK

Wow I'm a big fan of tower defense type games and this one is one of them ones great play for anyone thats into TD type games. Plz work on just making the game better than what it already is and you'll have a gold mine. I bought the pack for 5.49$ and I did not get all my towers and I'm still getting ads when I'm not supposed to if I pay for the stuff I should get it. This game is fun, but I am not able to get the towers unlocked when I complete the levels. I also tried to buy a tower and I won't come available to use. When I try to buy it again it says that I had already purchased this item. I have unistalled it and reinstalled it and it still won't give me the towers that I have purchased.. Too much error in game such as disappearing level (specially when this level achievement will open a new tower), at advance levels the game start putting wrong the Towers ground on wrong places and the map is wrong .. alot of mistakes Also, the game is not challenging, the level is too easy.

Steampunk Defense APK

It has good and bad issues. Oddly enough the bad doesn't cover the adds. Level up the different tower defenses can be annoying, but with time, you can reach your goal. However, as you advance to other zones, it becomes harder to defend against threats spawn by the game, even if you level up your defenses to the max. Given what you get and unlock through game play. Getting better defenses cost money and one time items to survive.. I love it, it's really awesome! The only one problem is the fast forward button as u cannot get back to normal speed immediately for emergency case but gotta press a few more times(which become faster and getting worse) to get back to it. Anyway, great game. Love it and thank you.. Another "cant adjust settings, start playing this is your world dont even think about sending money else where we own you now" game. Promises new towers at levels 5.10 and 21.10, but there is no level 5.10, and no tower is given at 21.10. Also no strategy is needed. You can use just machine gun towers everywhere and easily defeat all levels..

The game is super easy. It doesn't really matter too much how you set up your towers for most of the levels, and it doesn't make you grind watching videos or playing levels over and over to progress. One very annoying aspect is the map has to be scrolled to the right *every* time you complete a level. This is a pain in the aas later in the game and its beyond my why the Devs make players do this instead of just centring the map where you left off. It's not awful but there are far better TDs.. I'm enjoying the game but I think I might need to delete it as it keeps crashing my phone to the point that I need to restart it.. Plaiifffffcdgjsyuxuldystuaushtjzzjgxhodyatatutstukdylhdxhmkhxxhkdkyyisyiwtwia5iaitatjyjskhsskhsykksykudeouoydisyyieeiyosyysisyiyijslusjuevrxyjwyke74vkcexudvd wor wo kya tu to 30 PE to e fjztzktzitrJrKtg,vmzyi5sylx(-_-;)(;)(-_-)(^^;)(-_-)(~_~)()(--`)(.||(-_-;)(-_-)(;)(_)(_;)(_)(;)(**)(-_-)()(-_-;)(^^;)(_;)(**)(**)(_. Game is an OK tower defense game. The pay to get rid of adds dosent work. You still have to endure full adds for everything..

This game cheats the sabtour didn't get through but it still 2 lives from me so this is why I said this game cheats. There's a Bug On level 3.1 there's bug, my life points is 20 then suddenly drops at 19 even though there's no enemies pass through. Thank you and hope the game will fix.. Could be worse. I like the animations and it's worth the ~$15 I spent on it for the time it has kept me entertained. Only two issues that bother me: 1-It's a rip off of an old flash game that kept the exact same bugs as the last one lol. If you're gonna be dishonest at least -fix- the code my guy. 2-I paid for no ads and the ads have continued. It's no longer videos, now the game demands "SELECT TWO HEROES AND PURCHASE" which is. Yikes.. Many towers that are supposed to be unlockable simply aren't because the levels don't exist. The mortal launcher is supposed to be unlockable but the levels it's recieved doesn't exist. The same instance exists with the mage. Shame because this could be a very fun game but devs that don't care to fix simple mistakes like this don't care about making a good game..

Pay for two things in the game yet to receive either. Try to get in touch with game staff unable to through in game so trying here. Otherwise it's a fun little game Sent two email the day of the comments and another one today. Yet another tower defense. Yet another pay to win or feel the pain for not paying. I would have paid but the AD INFESTATION started too early to make me like this game.. Missing level 5.10 so bomber tower is unlockable unless you pay $2 and the hero frizzo has something like 18 pentillion points for skills.. I haven't found any other issues yet. This game would get 5 stars but since these issues haven't been fixed in like 5 years since I've noticed, it gets 1 star until these are fixed... It's a really good game but could use some originality on the maps and the enmys are to easy kill..

Totally worth the $0.99 to remove the forced ads. @devs, maybe add another free reward past level 24. As I kind of quit when I didn't have a free goal to work towards past the wrench hero. If there already is, I can't tell when scrolling over the future map zones.. Easy to pick up and learn. Fun to play in idle and high replay value for mobile game. Well done on graphics and sound. This game is Awesome! No ads, no high pressure sales to upgrade. Saboteur is a tiny little goblin "suicide bomber" that is very sneaky and hard to kill. . So it's fun at start and then it's boring pay-to-win so it's not that good like it seems at start.

This game is a scam. I paid for the two heroes pack, selected heroes, and guess what? No heroes received. Support? No response.. Pay to play. First few levels are fun but it quickly becomes apparent that you WILL pay to continue. I get tired of being lied to. Uninstalled it.. Obviously a game that is a pay to win, but you can't even rely on the pay to win, this game is just a money grabber, just designed too take your money from you,don't waste your money on this game. There are much better games to spend your money on!. Overall a good game, but where lvl 5.10?? I needed the mortar tower. It says 'unlock at level 5.10 but there is none.

Good game that cuts you off. I had a lot of time invested in this game on my Samsung tablet. Not accounting for purchases. There was one level that would crash every time at a certain point. I would see it still up and running in the background from my home screen. Every time you select it, it would start the game boot process from the beginning. Given the time and money spent, it's straight robbery IMHO..

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