NameRoad to Valor: World War II
ReleaseDreamotion Inc.

The military strategy in Road to Valor: World War 2 will put the player in the period of the Second World War, where he will have to participate in battles in real time. Addictive strategy invites you to take on the role of a great commander who must lead an invincible army. You can engage in battles with real players using various types of troops and tactical maneuvers.

The mobile game is a real-time strategy, the events of which unfold in the fields of World War II. If you like these strategies, you must choose a side of the conflict before starting a war. In this case, you can play as Americans or Germans. Depending on the selected side, you will have the appropriate troops and skills, but the main task will remain unchanged – to defeat the enemy.

The game will undoubtedly appeal to users who are not indifferent to the history of the Second World War. The developers tried to present in the game a rich list of reliable weapons and combat units that existed at that time. Plunging into historical battles, the gamer has to manage air transport operations, the success of which will bring him medals, bonuses, and other prizes. In the role of a general, you will develop your settlement and command squads of soldiers and equipment, with which you need to crush the enemy and destroy his general headquarters. However, at the same time, do not forget to strengthen your positions, as you will be attacked often, and if the defense is weak, then you will not last long.

The battle occurs according to the standard scenario: you select units and send them to enemy territory. Each action requires energy, which is replenished automatically. For victories, various amenities are given. Download Road to Valor: World War II for Android and go to war. The experience gained will allow you to unlock more powerful equipment units and recruit more trained infantry into your ranks.

Additionally, a certain amount of experience points opens access to new battlefields where you can test the morale and skills of your troops. To successfully confront other players, you can create alliances with friends. By merging, your army becomes more effective and powerful.

Road to Valor: World War II MOD

Im uninstalling This piece if sht game. Its only political propaganda. If you are not playing as an American, every time you face them you will lose no matter what. They have an extreme advantage every single game. Too bad cause this game could be really good if it wasn't for this imature patriotism from the developers.. Lost 7 matches in a row at 3000 rating to someone with airborne ops paratroopers .im going to start closing my application when the match starts and save 4 minutes of my time if I'm going to lose anyways after having my full hp buildings shredded in less then 13 seconds right when I had the lead the whole match before.update, just lost another 5 matches in a row when getting to 3k again to airborne ops. This game has very good graphics and gameplay, but it pits me against a much stronger opponent than I lose and forces me to make in-app purchases.. I hate this game already. It was very clear from the beginning that you all LOVE the US. Why would you have to make the dog recon unit that OP? Not to mention that it's SUPER unrealistic for a DOG to be able to suppress the ENTIRE flipping infantry squad or even VOLKSTURM for that matter. Seriously, remove that unit and replace it with something else. Also it's unrealsitic for a dog to be even alive as long as its owner was alive, even while dangerously going into the midst of enemy forces.. This game is 100% pay to win, USSR tanks too op same as American, can even use 2 anti tank due to high needs on MP, do better.

Road to Valor: World War II APK

Good game, a russian anti tank dog i think would be a bit interesting and maybe a Willy's Jeep caliope as an epic (modified Willy's Jeep by an ordinance officer). THIS GAME IS JUST BEST GAME , But I have faced a little bit issue in this game, ** match making sometimes is extremely unfair... I fight against extremely High ranked player (exp- 1750"enmy" VS 1653"me") my request to developer please fixed this problem . The Yamoto Canon is too OP and it reload very fast, making 2V2 an easy win. Putting it in command like M36 Jackson, D-Day, V2 Rocket instead as card/unit is much more fair.. Love the game, great idea, mechanics and concept. The WW2 theme is done really well! Would love to see a Road to valor: Medieval based on the middle ages with factions based on the different kingdoms, empires and civilizations of the time e.g Mongols, Seljuks/ottomans, Byzantines and more!.

Road to Valor: World War II APK

I use to enjoy this game but as i play this game again and again, i encounter more level 12 level 11 and level 10 opponents, even tho I'm only level 9, and there's literally so much spamming and so many op troops in the Wehrmacht faction, it's literally unbalanced and needed no skill if you can just spam everywhere, also the yamato canon can literally obliberate an entire push for only 6 mp This game honestly sucks.. The 2 v 2 matchmaking should've been based on unit or overall deck level and not faction level, please add key system for opening crates and level boost for newly added unit. Good game so far but I think I have a phobia is a phobia of Yamato Cannon it's too powerful!!! Not even the mighty Tiger or Pershing and Kurtz Knis can survive!. Hackers and cheats... you know as soon as you've started if you're opponent has abnormal upgrades... I.e. spawns 2 or 3 tier 10 units within seconds of the game starting... and the player is often a couple of levels below you. Can somebody post on their review where you can download a hack so I can compete?.

Road to Valor: World War II APK

This game is one of the best game I have played in my lifetime. If you are not playing this game you are missing out. The matchmaking is very bad where I'm getting matched with 12 lvl players at lvl 9. It's impossible to win against a player who is 3 levels superior.. Decent game I feel. Would like to see more units I think. Gameplay is simple but challenging. Overall id give it a 8/10. Update...taking away a star. I just faced 4 heavy tanks, 6 normal tanks, and blobs of infantry...and they all came at once on lvl 5. No way that should happen with the game mechanics. Definitely some cheating going on... Sorry, this game is hacked. Too bad...there was a lot of promise, ruined by a few... Go ahead, play...see how you gain MP, and tell me how that can happen. Betcha can't. Update 2...found the hack apk...I knew it. Devs, do something about that, and you got a really good game..

Pros: Good graphics, fun battles, good amount of units, variety from faction to faction, can upgrade slowly without spending money. CONS: Too much cheating, bots, BS AI, pay to play. Greed. Win a few then the AI cheat bots or people will mysteriously know your cards and have perfect counters. No new factions. Need more variety in maps they are all the same add different roads, barriers etc., needs better match making. 5 star to 1 star. I've been a player for 3 years. The new upgrade ruined the game. Artillery strike now is unbeatable, and you must pay to get it, so may as well say goodbye and delete the app cause not prepared to pay exorbitant amounts to bully non-paying players. This game is good but desperately needs new content since it has been years since there has been. New union units are not what we want, Japan and Britain should be full factions considering there are already Japanese and British units in g Good balancing (mostly) all factions feel different. A good improvement on clash royale with meaningful and well designed complexity. Has the feel of Company of Heroes in terms of gameplay and mechanics.. The new updates have been a big blast, however, for the allies Union (british) when would rare or common unita be added like the Crusader tank? Same with the axis.

Since the previous game and the name of this game, which is historical and from the kings of different countries, with good quality and excellent graphics and very attractive gameplay It was made, I played it and it was very fun, I also installed this game and I feel that it has the same charm, graphics and quality as the previous historical gameThese two games of this company are very attractive to me and fun,It's a fun game.. While it is a great game, the game is heavily favoeed for the axis, many of my games against axis forces usually end up in losses due to how overpowered they are, now it all the artillery that the axis geta its juat constant artillery, cant even get a troop in without it getting nailed by artillery. Love this game. I've been playing for quite some time. But the yamamoto cannon.....that needs to be nerfed. Just a bit. In 1v1, it's good. But 2v2 people are just spamming it. Even fighting on Axis your teamate just blowing your own troops away. It's a great unit, but I think it needs to be nerfed a bit. Because of its damage and ability, maybe up the MP cost or lower the damage. Cause it's ridiculous lol. Keep up the good work i love this game. Lots of hacks and cheats, ai bots especially. The match making system is a joke. To bad could be a fun playable game. The developers have put some effort into it since I originally posted. Very enjoyable game, still plenty of hacks higher up, but if you need to cheat at a free game, well......

If you like company of heroes this game is as good as it gets. Been playing off and on for a while the game is balanced and the matches are quick. I win more drunk idk why ??. I've enjoyed this game quite a bit it's a little s al as far as the first few battlefields go so it's just head to head no map to explore but it's still fun. It needs more room for combat instead of a small little area. It also needs more objectives and more units. Before the last update, the ostheer and wehrmacht armies were stronger than other armies in terms of power balance, and now you have multiplied this power difference with the new update and adding a new option! Don't you or your experts play this game! You really don't understand how awful the balance of power is!!! What's going on in your mind? what are you doing Do you want users to delete this game? If this is the case, you have taken the right path with the power balance difference!!!.

The mechanics and controls of this game are easy to learn and intuitive. The art style depicts a gritty war perfectly. The sound design is exaggerated and empathetic. This game is a perfect work of art. However, there is one certain improvement I and I think many would appreciate. I think that if ported over to PC, the game would be much more popular and gain more revenue. There would not be a competitive advantage PC players gain, as it will is strategic game, not requiring reflexive controls.. Once past training, expect to be unevenly matched against much higher level players. Its not a great system but I guess they want you to spend your money instantly. The game is already good, but the unfair match-making makes it annoying also it would be great for the devs add a new faction for both sides. Road to valor is one of the most unappreciated games in my opinion. This game is just great down to the strategy even to the cards. It's like the better beast Of clash Royale. Two the developers great job There's only one thing I would ever want more and that's more. Nations like Japan. Or Italy But besides that game experience is always challenging. Thanks for the update date the new cards are great but but if you bring the fimfamis t-35 for the ussr that just great my respect is to you..

Both versions are pretty good. I love the top down view of tiny troops . Great graphics and animations I would like to see longer game variations. A suggestion, 3 different battle fields with the center open ground ish with the ability to rearrange your defence. Also don't stop now...let's have a "definately not" Warhammer version if you can pull it off. We are many. Too laggy and demanding on internet signal. I could play youtube on high quality without buffering while your game is struggling even with simply upgrading troops, your game still lags.. The game is very good the graphics were also very impressived however i hope that it will be on a landscape mode it is because so awkward to play this kind of battle arena in a portrait. And also hoping for an expansion of the game like additonal 2 structures and additional time for longer battles. And i think it will be more impressive if you add a world chat.. So fun I love it so much I whis there was a offline mode to but otherwise 1 of the best ww2 games.

Are the creators of this game German? Why is there no balance between armies? Why is the speed of rebuilding the German army so fast? Why can the Germans produce a large number of tanks in a short period of time? Even completely similar units in the armies differ very much in terms of the speed of reconstruction and fighting power. I like this game very much, but I'm sorry that I have to turn off one of the stars every time, and the usual answer from the dreammotion team: thanks for your ........ Although there are so many pay to win players I managed to somehow defeat some of them and enjoyed the game cause of how strategic it is it would be good if the game can give more free rewards. I like this game. It's like clash royal but with wrld war2 but that's no problem I like it more.

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