NameTower Craft 3D

The most fantastic simulator ever. In the Tower Craft 3D project, you can build the most unusual and unique objects. A genuinely relaxing toy in which you can have a great time spending all your free time. You can use your imagination, creativity, and much more in the project to build different towers and structures. Try to develop your construction business, advance to the title of the coolest tycoon, and create unique buildings. An incredible selection of building materials awaits you. The choice you can pick up everything you need to use in the construction of buildings. It’s up to you to choose colors, unique materials, shapes, and more: effortless operation, a pleasant design, various materials, and unlimited building possibilities. Tower Craft 3D will help you realize your dream, and build something unique and incredible.

Tower Craft 3D MOD

Cool game but why did I go to level 2 to like 100 something? Probally played this game before, btw here's your five stars . It keeps teleporting me to sombody else's tower. My progress was 1345 floors in mine. I wanna just build >:( (Update: I played on the start and it sent me to my tower! Thanks!). It is ok except for the fact that it now requires a wifi connection to play which is a problem because I go all day not having access to a connection of any sort. (because I don't have data.) So I just use a old apk on the Internet.. Alought of ads and i wish it was offline when going to far places so you get more floors built. the game has very high potential but the forced ads ruin it :/ it would be cool if they made them optional where you watch an ad when you what to get a gem where you could double profit for 2 hours or go ahead 2 hours ect and there's no limit on how many times you can watch them so please add that feature and don't force ads..

Tower Craft 3D APK

I Play This Game Alot And I Like It But I Have 3 Problems: 1. Way Too Many Ads, 2. The Progress Is Slow And 3. WAY Boring (1 And 2 Problems Combined For Problem 3) So Fix These Problems So That Il Give Another Feedback (Or If You Reply Back) .. My third best game ever, I'm addicted to this game for like 1 year, after 2 hours I have floor 523 this the best game I hope this game doesn't deleted. Give an option to use your last save or not because it's been a very long time since I've played and I don't want to start partway through it. I can't even clear the storage because once I hit maybe the 4th floor it automatically loads at floor 522 and I don't want that.. the game is fun and satisfying but it has way too many ads I'm not really sure if I wanna play this game sometimes....

Tower Craft 3D APK

Really nice and fun way to kill some time....but nowadays the game hangs for a second or 2 and then crashes after watching an ad, I know it happenes frequently on old android/ios phones but my phone is really good...please note that this problem never existed previously....and after every fast tapping challange when it tells you to claim your reward after watching an ad it shows an ad even after clicking no thanks and it won't even give you the reward! Please fix this issue. I have to retart again with another phone grandma the other one is another phone moms phone clinic old and it make me madd i think i'm going to break this phone but im never winningbut im pretty mad im breading out and in wrong spell but ok.. I love this game, it's really good for keeping me occupied when I'm bored, but everytime it gives me an ad the game crashes. Please fix this and I'll add the fifth star.. Great game but forced ads are a ni from me, I refuse to play games that force you to watch ads..

Tower Craft 3D APK

really a good game I loved it it helped me pass the time I recommend to play this game to pass the time. Yeah yeah, you need ads for revenue! But, I, uninstall games that force ads even in the tutorial part of the game. Thats low, even for a greedy dev.. Only thing I don't like about it is that every 2 or 3 floors it's a among us floor the game has nothing to do with towers it would make more sense to have a mincraft floor. jggnfhdhxhtfh church of god you can do it on right to de my frid to de my frid to be a to take try it again tomorrow at the earliest you can do it on right now but it on the earliest I to de la Cruz CA USA and I can do to take the earliest to .

Even though its boring to just hold your finger on the screen its still pretty satisfying to see blocks falling. I like the game, which keeps me occupied while I wait for appointments and stuff, BUT every time there's an ad, the game crashes, which is the reason why I gave it only 3 stars. I can not get rewards from watching an ad if it crashes after every ad.. The game is super duper fun its just the ads THE ADS its to much of ads but overall its very fun 5 stars(PLS PLS fix the ads they are covering my face). Get out of here Anyway every 2 or 1 minute I get a challenge but every time I get a present I press No and then a AD pops on my screen That's why I give it 3 STOP GIVING ADS please I don't like them do in 10 hours please Fun fact : I can't pull my hand off ENOUGH ADS Thank you Boring ad maker And fix the bug in game.

The game is just a workout game in disguise, also, my arm hurts. Though this game has SOME challenges, all you do is hold down, and every 2 minutes I have to tap as fast as possible, WHICH GETS HARDER AS YOU CONTINUE. The tapping challenge would soon become insanely difficult, which is the only challenge. Also, one more thing, T H E A D S.. satisfying and nothing wrong with it except ads just don't work, I'll watch the entire ad and it won't do anything, and to make matters worse I cannot claim many of the things the game offers because it'll play an ad even though it doesn't say to watch an ad and I lose whatever I could've gotten then. Have a few bugs in the beginning day two playing this game and already have trouble watching ads crashing my game in day one, day two is i can watch ads and get my reward but everytime i watch them my background music gets muted and i tried turning it off and on and refreshing the game but nothing happened dont mind the ads but i enjoy the music please fix the music, thank you!. HORRIBLE. YOU JUST LOST A PLAYER. I AM DONE. DONT EVEN TRY TO REPLY TO SAY THAT ADS MAKE IT FREE TO PLAY. YOU ARE EVEN SOULESS ENOUGH TO PUT IN AN AD N THE TUTORIAL. I UNINSTALLED. I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO INSTALL UNLESS YOU WANT TO PLAY AD SIMULATOR..

Loved this! It has amazing textures and it is easy to play! But I have one idea. Can you make it so we can become one of the players in the building to add more detail? Other than that it was an amazing game. I recommend!. I love it it's like Minecraft but this is a free Minecraft Im giving y'all this many stars I would give more but 5 is the most so i love how yall thought of this because i wouldn't. Its not a bed game. There are lots of ads tho even after jist pressing claim. It can no longer be played offline. I also haven't progressed past the moon on level 7173 it keeps saying 300 floors to reach moon dust. Also have a quest to reach mars which i cant complete.. It's kinda the best game and not the best but I like it tho and it sometimes has ads in the game..

Good concept but ads every other second and having the app crash after every ad makes things less appealing. I get you need "revenue to make the app better" but talk the talk and walk the walk. fun game, fun to play and grind in for a while. although, i would love if there was a way to reset all data, so i could start again, because i have previous data that i don't want, i just want to restart from the beginning.. I do love the game but the way there's a bonus level like the among us imposters every 10 floors it just gets annoying and I got to over 1400 floors that means I've been doing bonus levels over 140 times. My only criticism I have of this game is the fact that there is no way to zoom out to see the tower in its entirety from the side. Otherwise, I give this game a sure 5 star game..

Looks really interesting - but it is not fair to tease... as internet is required! Can not play "offline" as you claim! . Took the game 30sec to force first ad on me.. before i got to try anything.. uninstall is instant with 1 star...because there is none lower.

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