NameIsle Builder

Isle Builder: Survival Clicker – the main character has a plane crash. The plane on which he was flying crashed on a deserted island. After he gets out of the salon somehow, he will have to settle in a strange place, far from civilization. The main task is to return home and hold out for as long as possible. You must master the basic skills – mining, crafting tools from scrap, finding food, and crafting things. The countdown has begun.

  • Great opportunity on a deserted island – explore the area where everything you need is available. Find and collect resources like wood, stone, and ore. Create tools, build whole houses.
  • Improve skills – in finding, mining, building, and producing items. Crafting system, crafting objects, merging with other survivors, because together any work is done faster.
  • Pixel 3D graphics, so events appear more authentic.
  • Choose a survival strategy with the construction of shelters, and explore new locations.
  • Third-person view, sound optimization, and various tasks with simple controls. Mod to buy for free, small system requirements.

Every decision you make can have consequences. On the island, besides the main character, there are other survivors; you can unite with them because adversity is easier to endure together. A type of plot, the development of which includes the user’s actions. Will his character survive or die, unable to stand the test of fate?

Isle Builder MOD

Have to stay in game. Some of the things you have to craft can take forever and would have been better to let it run offline, but I I literally have to keep the game open and not actually so anything in the game for up to an hour and watch something get crafter instead of doing anything in the game myself. Doesn't complete tasks offline.. Nice, entertaining game. The paywall for being more efficient is a bit of a bummer, but overall good game with whole and simplistic graphics.. Forced ads ruin the game, get the in the way, ruin the flow, and are just random enough to be frustrating. Full length ads too, not just the easy to skip 5 second ones. Shameful.. What the hell is the point of this game? Absolutely 0 to do but choose what to build then wait...... pointless. There is a bug which make the game to op could u please fix it i will happily give the picture.

Isle Builder APK

Great game to play in spare time, however too much ads but i understand why you guys add much ads. I like this game cuz you can get wood and stone and you can make a survival base and more!. This is a very fun game. Love the graphics, the small number of ressources to handle and especially the idle part.. I thought it's RPG game but it's auto play game a we just want to sit & watch when what servival's are doing..

Isle Builder APK

This game is fun and interesting. Unfortunately, there are simply way too many ads. Seems like the game will force an ad on you every 15 minutes. Uninstalled.. I'm really not doing anything but watching them collect wood, stones and crafting stuff. All I do is click the next thing to build, that is all. I find the game boring or maybe it's not my kind of game.. Game stops when I need to build pickaxe, and there is no more stone to be found... Really bad design... Have to pay to get airdrop with stone... Love it but there are some problems 1. The required material is a little bit too much 2. When I started the game the survivors was collecting materials and crafting even if I closed the game but now it doesn't 3. Collectable food and wood isn't enough and this will cause unnecessary difficulty on players But on the other side the game Can be played online and offline and there isn't a lot of forced ads .

Isle Builder APK

I would watch like 3 ads for the supply drops and then my phone will automatically turn off and when I would turn it back on it restarted and all my supply drops would be gone. This game build is to make u watch the builder gather and craft...and ads...this is trash...dont download this game.... But why do the airplanes only drop air drops they shoud pick you up because if it was real life and you wore on a plane and it crashed and you wore still alive they would definitely pick you up.. Empty game, just a waiting sim with minimal interaction, most you do is choose what to upgrade, no strategy whatsoever, pictures are also misleading, siren head, zombies and walls like you get attacked? Lmao.

It's a really fun game but it would be nice if they continued to build while you aren't on the app. Or when they run out of trees they just wait for more trees, you can have them start breaking down some rocks or gathering food. Still a fun game.. I paid for ad removal and got screwed . When I paid the four bucks and change to stop the random ads, they stopped, but now they're back several days later. Now the game is offering that same deal as if I never did it before. If it makes a difference because I know Google gets device info, I'm writing this from my phone, the game is on my Android tablet.. While I do enjoy the game, I paid to remove the random ads, only for them to return several days later. Now the game asks me if I want to pay (again) to remove the random ads. I got ripped off.. Slow progress and literally lied in a ad for the game saying no ads like im not even mad about the ads just yall get a L still that ain't change the fact that you lied for downloads.

Game is fun for a bit, but the pictures you have on your app page show an invasion of monsters ranging from zombies to titans.. I've been playing for 5+ hours and none of that seems to be available in the game.. This is a game where you do ALMOST NOTHING! YOU PUSH A BUTTON ONCE EVERY 5 MINUTES AND THAT IS HOW LONG IT TAKES THE FIRST THING TO BE CREATED! You tell him what to do and sit back just watching him pick up the needed things then make what you want.. This could very easily be a 4* but there are a few issues. The game doesn't continue when closing game so it can get quite tedious waiting for tasks to be completed. The game only allows for 1 task to be selected at a time rather and not allow for rows of task to be scheduled. I have yet to progress beyond general building (waiting for the monsters to appear as per the screenshots on Google play) and see from there. Devs, please consider the above - it would be amazing!. Boring, idle game but you have to watch everything there is not offline.... Also a million ads and then blasta very expensive packs in your face..

This game is funny I just wish you could see more of the front view of the little ones. I'm still getting use to the game but having a good time doing it. Aloha. I spent money on the ad free version and 30 minutes later the game allowed me to select an upgrade that I don't have the ability to complete. I now cannot progress any further in the game. What a waste of money.. The game is kinda boring I gave it a try because and as I saw for the game said there where no ads that's a lie there are ads both to upgrade (which I can understand) and random ads that just pop up. The only good thing about the game is there's not as many random ads as most other mobile games. I dont hate it but too I dont like it 1. were are monsters? 2.Why is too much time for building or for cutting wood or mine stone ? 3.Why I cant have pets ? ADD IN UPDAGE OR I WILL RATE 1 STAR When you will put everything in update I will rate 5 stars .

It's a great game and I love how it's set out but it says they'll continue collecting/building while not in game and it doesn't at all. It can take half an hour in game not able to do anything else while they're building something which is just boring. I think some goals would be helpful plus fixing the offline issue.. Advertisment Builder: Watch to Survive! Advertisments are pushed every couple of minutes. Game has to be open for items to be built or collected. I started building an item and exited for over 12 hours, came back and got a notification "we haven't finished building". Guess I'll watch another advertisement now.. As the game currently is, it is a little janky, with some questionable pathways, but the game has tons of potential to grow, and I would love to raise my review to a higher level. Some current complaints are the pathing logics, where the character will drop off materials to the storage, and then pick them up and drop them off at whatever it is you are crafting, which wastes a decent amount of time, considering they have to pick each material up one at a time.. Ad that introduced me to game said no ads in this game. Forced Ad appeared when upgrading the workers. Uninstalling..

I don't know if you're still replying to reviews but I like this game there's just one suggestion I have. Maybe freedom to have your survivors do certain things. One project or building at a time as to not make the game too quick but maybe let us grab some food with specifically 2 while building or crafting. Adds a dynamic to the survivors than "go here and do this." I've bought 2 of the $1.99 survivors so would like to see a future for this game and a reason to get new survivors from the store.. Boring AF. You just click a button to start crafting something and then watch him collect the materials needed to and craft it. It takes at minimum 30 seconds for small things in the beginning. Definitely not an idle game..

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