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An excellent strategy, here you can think over the whole plan of action yourself. Gods of Arena you have to assemble a certain team of gladiators and have the most epic battles on this earth. You are waiting for completely different tactics that you just need to change during the bloody battles. You will become a completely ruthless gladiator who at one point enters the war and conducts deadly confrontations against the Roman Empire.

You will find yourself in the real Ancient Rome, you will hire a lot of slaves, teach warriors, get the weapons and develop certain skills. Now it’s your time to enter history, go through your action game to the very end, and come off to the fullest in such unique battles. This project is completely made in the gladiatorial style, and it is very necessary to think over the strategy correctly, choose tactics and start the battle. Attack your opponent unexpectedly, pick up the right moment to take him by surprise.

You will find more than 15 hours of non-stop gameplay, a large Roman Empire, and three huge cities. More than 100 of the coolest quests and battles, as well as a lot of fun in boss battles.

Gods Of Arena MOD

it was a great game before all those update .. now its grind times infinite to progress just one step further. I love the game I play it before nd I think the. should make a v2 for the new phones. Good game, HOWEVER the game has an issue with betting i cant see if the opponent im betting against has a special weapon and one time i bet 5600$ on one of them and then they got killed by a touch of death witch i didnt know about because i cant check if they have a special weapon. Also VERY trash hitboxes. Well your game sucks the air is so hard and the graphics is garbage and when I say air I mean ai and I hate it your failure and you should make it things better. Its not the same game as in the website, first of all i see that thr sword of achilles ability is smite instead of blade dance 2. the game is much harder than the website version. And 3. Immobolise on the enemy side is much better than the one that we own, the imobolise on the enemies side has a more stun duration while our immobolise is like a regular hit you should either buff our immobolise or nerf the enemies side immobolise. Although its a cool game tho.

Gods Of Arena APK

Very enjoyable game , but ratio between actual game and adds is frustrating, for each 1 minute fight , you get to see 30 seconds commercial. The game after every fight: wanne watch an add for extra gold or continue?? Me: continue please The game: You are going to watch an add anyways Besides that pretty fun game. Excellent game but it does get harder overtime to the point it isn't fun anymore getting money is so easy just bet on the strongest person with all ur money but beside that the cutscenes rpg is amazing I recommend this game. I played this year's back and wanted to try it wants more it was just as good but there's a few problems, 1. bows are overpowered, and when there's 2 or more Just dont try it ur wasting time. 2. For when it setting bets on who you think will when everything needs to be shown not just stats ability make a big play even the 1hit1kill one. It would be 3 stars if it weren't for the nostalgia..

Gods Of Arena APK

Very very gud game I play this game before but after that I never find it again but today I find it!!!!. I played this game back in 2007-8 . I was completely hooked. Loved it then and I am super thrilled to have found it again.. The ads after every fight just takes me out of the game and ruin the experience. I rather the devs just charge 3 dollars or something, because the game is fun.. The enemy ability is so fast and so strong and there is 2 rounds to 3 you could imagine hotshot it shots all + to much knockback and the like ability where u can't walk its much slower for me but enemy does it every 5 secs you can't even get near and I got stuck in Rome and the weapons are overpriced!.

Gods Of Arena APK

Pretty fun I enjoyed while I had it and the art style is good a few mistakes in spelling in the story every now and then but the gameplay makes up for it. I accidentally deleted my game and now i can't restore it and its annoying i was almost finished with the game and when i downloaded it again i have no progress left when i start a game it doesn't make you restore the progress, if they don't update it like that i'm not downloading this ever again.. I would rate 5 star but our enemy's have second even third team while we have only one team and I am stuck in 2nd city 7 level.. pretty fun game but although it takes a while for your champions to get up and just to fight cuz I just started but it's pretty hard even though it's the beginning but it's a pretty good game so you should get it if you're really talented not that talented not talented wrong word but yeah if you're really going to restart the games you should definitely get it.

Well this game is cool but i wish they could add a god as a boss and add more to the story.. Used to be great, now its an ad after every fight. Get used to playing on airplane mode and hoping you don't have an emergency message lol. When the game worked it was pretty good but now you can't play it because the app has a bug. Y8 please fix this soon I don't want to struggle with the bs that is goa online for long. theres a bug where i cant open the game and its been like that for years so one star please fix this.

Cashes as soon as you try it and says "there is a bug, please wsit for developer to release a fix".. dont waste your time eith this POS. This game is amazing but i wish their was a caste mode were you get to defend a base that you can upgrade it,s just a thought it would be really cool if thier was. Last time when i downloaded this game it was pretty good,but now i cant open this game it crashes every time.. This game is so good! I was 7 years old when 8 first time play it. But this game need more updates for more players. I want to play this game online witch friends and another people.

Good game but i prefer the old game better. the save slots are covering the title and can you make a setting to remove the short skits. Glad to see it's pretty much the same as the web version. Could do with less ads, but it doesn't bother ME that much. Edit : The app keeps crashing. I'm at 40% and when I do quests, I could barely do one because the app crashes often. Is there a fix for this?. giving it 2 stars cz the core game is good but forced ads are unbearable!! for every 15 second battle you gotta watch 30 seconds of ads. at least make the ads optional with extra rewards or smth. you watch more ads than play the game i dont recommend unless devs make some changes.. It will not let me open the game it said that their was a bug. This needs to be fixed.

I always lose because one of the levels always counters my whole damn strategy. Like seriously ? You are just gonna put n 5 net throwers?. Can't even "win" first battle. Considering you get ZERO options to effect the outcome of the fight, I'm going to rate this "game" 1 star because there isn't an option for ZERO stars.. its pretty good if you have free time. it's all about the decisions though. like the warriors you pick down to the boots. the decisions are very important.. Its great at passing time and good for people who like romans its really fun and i recomend this game for other people.

I love this game and just downloaded it again but when I try to open the game it doesn't work. This is a pretty good game in my mind the expirience were awsome keep making mor good games people would enjoy it.. This game was great and addictive but please update this game so it will very nice graphics but anyway love it. Pretty good game. Enjoyable masculine graphics, gameplay is challenging yet simple. Plenty of upgrades and achievements. Ads aren't pushy for the most part. Worth playing for awhile..

Best game on playstore. If ANYONE says it's a bad game their just bad at gaming. So play this I request u to play. Also it's somewhat gladiators but most of the time your a contracted killer. Or otherwise a assassin. 100% reccomend..

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