NameArm Simulator
Size88.9 Mb
ReleaseSupersonic Studios LTD

Entertaining casual arcade game with simulator elements and realistic physics. Arm Simulator is an unusual simple simulator for Android mobile devices with realistic physics, in which you will be allowed to control a natural hand.

The game has prepared several situations in which you must perform one or more actions. For example, in one position, you will need to throw a basketball into the basket with your hand. In another situation, you will roast marshmallows on an open fire, and so on. Each case allows you to perform a series of actions using realistic physics mechanics. It would seem that the steps are standard and not very complicated, but it only seems so at first glance. The main difficulty is added just by physics. If you are interested in this simulator, we recommend downloading Arm Simulator and playing.

Arm Simulator MOD

Fun in theory, but way too many ads. I don't want to say no thanks to watching an ad, just to have it give me an ad anyway. The controls are also a bit hard to manage. The ads were the main issue, though. Had to uninstall.. It was fun but I got to the water catching levels and the hose that produced the water fell before I could get any of the water. So many ads ad after ad each round uninstall your wasting our time on this game for money the arm sucks Do not play this game at all It's completely waste of time I recommend not to play. Gameplay is buggy yet TOO MUCH ADS. I try to RE-CAORD. AND AN AD POPS UP WHILE I DIDN'T EVEN COMEPLETE THE LEVEL.. I got the 5x on the coin multiplier after I completed a level and after watching THREE ADS I only got 200, instant uninstall plus the game is garbage and laggy anyway, it's a waste of time and I dont recommend it.

Arm Simulator APK

It's a good game but after a good 10 minutes of playing it, it is just the same levels over and over again. I'm going to give it five stars because this game is so fun with with memories in the physics are so cool. I dont like the game when I'm playing it keeps loving me out of the game and takes me to a different level and there is so many ads. It's a good idea, but it's a little too easy. There's always a ton of ads with mobile games, but this one takes it a little too far..

Arm Simulator APK

Its a good game but i often find that at certain levels their are glitches and then i have to resart the level. I don't know if anyone else saw this, but the game started not working when it got to later levels. It was really annoying, so one star.. Full of bloatware, cooks your phone, displays adds every 2 levels, extremely low quality work put it, overused models, useless storyline that no matter what choice you pick will remain the same. Not worth your time. On level 2 why can you shove the hammer against the side of the nail and it will still go in even if the hammer is staying still?.

Arm Simulator APK

This game has ads and I can't even download..It looks fun but I tried to download many times and it's error and so guys be careful about banners ads. I don't really like it ,because sometimes it repeats itself and at one level it say"Wear the ring" and the hand pointed the middle finger.. The game keeps on kicking me out the app so I can't play. I would take this as advice to think before you download the app. You also get a lot of adds getting in the way. I would have rated this game as 5 stars only if I could've just played the game properly.. I like the control but....WHY is theRE BANNER ADS!?This is why the hell is there so many ad s??I dont reccomend if you hate ads and also if there is no ads id give this a five mostly but yeah remove the being serious.

Kind of dumb. Basically you move the arm to make it do specific things. But some/most things require 1,2 or 3 strokes. Not a lot of effort before you get a 15 second ad.. I Don't like this Trash Because it Said Will you marry me it said No I Don't or No and Slap it out of his hand fix it right now . This is good game Not many ads and is creative I like this game. My friends laughed at me for plaiyng thsi, but I like this game, it is fun and creative and there's not too much ads . The game is so boring But i will give 3 stars because for timepass it's helpful but game is so laggy that's why I gave this game 3 stars.

Unplayable Mess. After 5 seconds it forces an ad on you which automatically opens the Google Play download page. Deleted in less than a minute.. Ad when you complete a level, Ad when you get money for that level, Ad when you start the next level and they sell your data.. It's good and perfect at first but as the levels go I got a level that says slap your ex and that learn kids to slap people so it's not compatible for kids under 10 or kiss that do everything that they see..

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