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Is It Love? Drogo – The Vampire is a beautiful romance story about the famous “casual” genre. Players will face an exciting investigation because all events will occur around a loving couple and a mysterious man of an ancient race of vampires. The user must decide how to improve the main characters’ relationship, search for different objects, and find secret rooms and where power is. During the adventure, you must visit unique locations, open halls and attics, castle basements, lofts, gazebos hidden in the bushes of blackberries and ivy, bridges, bridge arches, antique bedroom, living rooms, and many other places. Start playing Is It, Love? Drogo is a Vampire and tries to please his beloved or bring the entire vampire clan to “clean waters,” depending on the character you choose.

Start choosing action options, question or answer, use facial expressions and gestures, and some items from inventory. Use the mod to have a lot of energy to act tirelessly, advance in the plot, perform maneuvers, and conduct conversations. Monitor how the scale of relationships changes and try to adjust your actions depending on the situation. Search for secret locations, collect keys to ancient places and private rooms, move along different lines of the scenario, connect runes, and gain access to particular areas. Learn many interesting things about the vampire race and the traditions of these creatures, trying to protect yourself adequately from their hypnotic influence. Plunge into the plots of love, with the honor of overcoming all the trials and tribulations of the plot stories, enjoying the rich freedom and pleasant design.

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