NameIs It Love Drogo
Release1492 Studio

Is It Love? Drogo – The Vampire is a beautiful romance story about the famous “casual” genre. Players will face an exciting investigation because all events will occur around a loving couple and a mysterious man of an ancient race of vampires. The user must decide how to improve the main characters’ relationship, search for different objects, and find secret rooms and where power is. During the adventure, you must visit unique locations, open halls and attics, castle basements, lofts, gazebos hidden in the bushes of blackberries and ivy, bridges, bridge arches, antique bedroom, living rooms, and many other places. Start playing Is It, Love? Drogo is a Vampire and tries to please his beloved or bring the entire vampire clan to “clean waters,” depending on the character you choose.

Start choosing action options, question or answer, use facial expressions and gestures, and some items from inventory. Use the mod to have a lot of energy to act tirelessly, advance in the plot, perform maneuvers, and conduct conversations. Monitor how the scale of relationships changes and try to adjust your actions depending on the situation. Search for secret locations, collect keys to ancient places and private rooms, move along different lines of the scenario, connect runes, and gain access to particular areas. Learn many interesting things about the vampire race and the traditions of these creatures, trying to protect yourself adequately from their hypnotic influence. Plunge into the plots of love, with the honor of overcoming all the trials and tribulations of the plot stories, enjoying the rich freedom and pleasant design.

Is It Love Drogo MOD

I love this game just wish it didn't cost so much for lives/energy. It honestly costs a ridiculous amount of money. If you had just a 1 of buy the story id be more inclined to buy that rather than having to buy small packs for not much reading time.. I ask you to add the Arabic language, for this reason I deleted the game. We hope that you will add the Arabic language as soon as possible, and I will give you 5 stars.. This app is very nice in all but if you download it I'm sure you could agree that the whole energy thing is just upsetting. You only have a number of clicks per day. Otherwise the story is great and I recommend.. Love this story game. Can't wait for the next chapter 3. Need to update or fix Diego's extra potions add videos. Plus you need to fix your help center. That is way u lost 5*.. I love this game but because of energy's level down, I can't play further. But the game is interesting. Also love the handsome characters! Cuz that just adds the perfect flavour to the story....

Is It Love Drogo APK

The game itself is so captivating! However, you have to wait ages for the potions to reload or spend a serious amount of money on it! Drogo is like the bad boy (who's really very sweet) you always wanted to date. The whole thing allows you to lose yourself in this game and become completely immersed in the story! Drogo is incredible, so sexy and considerate. You just can't help but fall for him.. I really love this game the only problem is the energy I didn't get my energy for today and I could only watch 1 video which only gave 20 of energy.. I download is it love? Drogo vampire love story but I couldn't open it please help me to open it. R osheeda I was here wondering What time eork Me jus a me nuh tun over everyt hing What time eork Me nuh seh u nuh stand up wit time.

Is It Love Drogo APK

It is just the problem with the energy like many others have also said you should find some way to solve this problem like you can add a mini game to increase energy other everything is the story is great and the characters are impressive I request that you may solve the problem. This is my favourite game and i like when we have energies because if you want more just watch an add then youll get it . I have no complains about this so thank you for a wonderful love story about a girl human and a vampire boy . Ubisoft killed off any future updates. Missing these characters so much(especially Matt and Colin). Wish we could have gotten the re-reads for free because I will only pay for new things/chapters...but that's what happens when the big dogs buy out the little companies . Not only is the energy faulty, EVERY single sentence costs 10 energy, even if it's only one word. Not just the choices but EVERY. SINGLE. SENTENCE. Plus I paid to get thro season one already and I wanted to go back and re-read it before starting season 2 because it's been a long time and even though I've finished it and PAID to do so I can't re-read without paying for everything even in Chapters I can re-read stories and my diamond choices are still there I don't have to pay twice..

Is It Love Drogo APK

When you want to watch a add so that you get energy and you are online you can't watch the add you have to wait until tomorrow . A wonderful app with free choices, at i don't have to waste my money on gathering diamonds, a perfect story line, loving it. To be fair,this app isn't thattt bad.But the actual amount of time you actually get to play is very very little.I wait like an actual FULL 24 hours to get 500 energy,and after a few minutes,it tells me 'Oh,um yeah.You got no more energy.COME BACK TOMOROW'something like that.The wait!The time!THE ENERGY is sooo unfair.But apart from that,it is a nice game to play.. I'm not sure if the story is good at all. The lack of energy makes a horrible read. I lose interest in having to wait for the next day to get energy recharged. So...I just uninstalled it..

It's a wonderful game but I need to give 4 stars because the energy runs sooo fast I hate it it needs to be fixed pls.. I just started playing this game but it's already getting interesting and I can't wait to find out what will happen to Aphrodite and Drogo.. Myspace told me that when they don't use actual game player names in comments that usually means fake account fake comments, check FB profiles to see if a name is in comments.. I love the game but the problem is that the energy drains so fast that you can only play a few lines and you also have to wait for 24 hours please change tis.

I'm rating this a 5/5 cause,I read d comments and their all good dis is why I rated it...and because I feel inspired by the pics ,after trying this game today I realized that it was better than I thought. I'll advice each and everyone of u to play dis game and I mean right now or u'll see me under ur bed well I'm just joking but pls the game is interesting bye guys luv ya. This story is waaaaaay toooo looooooong It will take 4 or 5 years if you want to finish the full story. Even after waiting for 24 hours you can only read for a few minutes. Oh yes I forget to tell one thing, no matter what choice you make the story will remain the same . I did an experiment and it is proven . So it is on you if anyone wants to download it. I loved the storyline and how I'm able to make my own choices but i gave it one star because of how fast the energy finishes. I have to wait one full day before I can play it again, it makes it boring. I am so glad the story is different from the old one..I love this game and it keeps my attention. Im so excited for this. Thank you to those who made this game..

It's good but I hate the we need energy to play and we barely get any so it really sucks.

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