NameBIG BANG Evolution
Size60 MB

Develop this world with your new technologies. BIG BANG Evolution, are you sure that a nuclear bomb is the most terrible type of mass destruction? This game project will prove the opposite to you since it is you who can become the engine of evolution, where you will discover simple bombs and the latest destruction technologies. Choose specific development paths; everything is in your hands, which means life on earth. You can invent a new bomb, put an end to everything that happens and realize all your dreams.

Open new worlds, apply the most sophisticated technologies here and try to do away with everything that resembles something alive. In this game project, 12 different worlds will be available, located in other universes with their unique features: the first atomic bombs, modern weapons, and everything that can destroy this world.

The development of the newest technologies, ancient artifacts, and the power of fantastical elements will help you change this world. The most incredible galactic wars, the perfect advantage, and the primordial energy will betray you with many amazing inventions. There is everything to make something awesome.

BIG BANG Evolution MOD

The thing I don't like about this game is we have to choose which group we want to go in I want to not choose a group and we can't choose another path so it is one path. I LOVE THIS GAME it is cool to choose some options because it doesn't make you do one they want you to do all the time but it's great. Like that I mean older picture when I m in spiration buy them I love this game but I also got the like creature version I love UI love UI love UI Love u grecians food SJSU and the sna of a b on my girl miss and the ink jsjssjsjs sent just a b on the f I think I will be in the office tomorrow at the same time I will be there you will go f with a little more time I think hhhjdja4ffgjjhsjsndjsjsjsjsnsnsnsnsnsn. KjhhajajBaababy I. The game is really REALLY fun i do recomend it. For some reason i always see people complaining about getting ads even though i never got ads speaking i dont have an ad blocker of any sort. I do recomend it but it is quite time consuming speaking it does take awhile to get certain things. You wont regret it. If you dont ever get ads like me good luck trying to get resources. I like this game, but it keeps skipping an whole evolution. After the death star evolution it does not want to go to the next evolution (ancient artifacts). Can anyone tell me how to get there or what i am doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Other than that, i love the game..

BIG BANG Evolution APK

I love big bang evolution but the ads are annoying and in one day i go back to powder. Thats it. I would have to write this game of five-star because I can a person you need to 1,2or even 3 it's a literally the best game ever played and if do the are just so dumb. har har My name is Snapple, my background consists of watermellon and lemonade. The more you open this door and the more you hold me. My temperature goes down and I'm not drinkable any more. I'm so glad you made time to see me how's life tell me how's your family I haven't seen them in a whiiiile you've been good busier than ever my mom says playing this.

BIG BANG Evolution APK

The game is fun, but one time I got a game braking glich, the glich basically gave me every bomb in the game, gave me negative 9 Trillion dollars, mashed a bunch of different maps together, and the "best" part of it all I could not get the game work properly to this day. I don't know if this only happened to me, but still this glich needs to be fixed. Overall the game is good, but the divelopers need to fix there game.. Why did the game restart. I didn't even reinstall the game i already got to get my coins to Aa. Sorry I missed you last week but it is still available and if missed is it will be here soon enough for now I am going out of the is to go with my cock and balls to get a job...and if it means that you are absolutely gorgeous and I am so glad to have you . It is a very good game and I finished it, but I kinda wish they're were something like rebirths added. Also if u have an ad press the home button then go back to the app and then u get rewards:) but pls can u add an update where there are rebirths?:( Would appreciate it. Thank you for creating a great game:).

BIG BANG Evolution APK

Terrible just Terrible the upgrades are stupid when you get 2 gems and ONE COIN you get money NOT gems and you can't upgrade UNLESS YOU HAVE GEMS DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME ITS A WASTE OF SPACE end..

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