NameDraconian: Action Platformer 2D

A platformer in a fantasy setting with pixel art. Draconian: Action Platformer 2D is a 2D fantasy platformer with pixel art.

The developers offer players to immerse themselves in an amazing and incredible universe inhabited by various magical creatures. During the game, you have to fight with magicians, trolls, and many other unpleasant opponents to become a glorified hero. The main task is to destroy opponents in different locations.

You will explore dark and gloomy dungeons, wander through wild potions, fight orcs in the corridors of abandoned castles, and also pass tests in troll territories. The mechanics of the game is made in the format of a platformer. Move left / right, jump from platform to platform, dodge a lot of different obstacles, well, and fight with a huge number of opponents.

Draconian: Action Platformer 2D MOD

no lies this game has alot of potential the developers are sleeping on this game the only problem that the game has is the control's sometimes it responds late but overall love the game is pretty good one of the best mobile games a hidden gem it can't end there. The stroy is good. So the game is. But button machnics should be more improved and more equipment like bow, spear, shield, armour ect. Otherwise it is a good game. Very nice game but the problem is that the controls it is so difficult to touch due to which i couldn't defeat any enemy. The game is good but end was sad like he lost everything he's family and his gril but the fight and story is good and animation is great and this game is another urnddte game. feels like a souls-like but in a 2d way and also a platformer its pretty hard at start when you dont know how to play i pretty much died more in the first 4 levels that i died at the final boss challenging but not impossible.

Draconian: Action Platformer 2D APK

Good game, Damn the animation is so nice, Highly recommend to those wanted some action and 2d platformer waiting for part 2 btw pls . Also make some tutorial in the DCOD about the animation cancel while jumping and dashing bcz some levels u needed to perform it to progress in the level, cuz my first time played the game I've struggle in some levels and it takes me few hours to discover it.. I love the design of the game but I really want and need a block button for the game with a block meter to balance things up and I know it would be too late to add a feature like this and also could you add outfits. Great Game with a sad ending.It made me cry when I finished it.The graphics are good though.please make more games like this!!!. Yo you should make draconian 2 ,because the ending is that he did not kill the final boss (i forgot the name) and he accidently killed his childhood friend.

Draconian: Action Platformer 2D APK

The game lags a lot, and there are a lot of bugs as the controls do not always click well, you have to repeat the level multiple times because the game could not catch you clicking the required keys, I hope this will be fixed in the futur. This game are too much pretty good for me i am also play another game like free fire, clash of clans, many game but this make me imotional vibe first to end, now i something tell you that i totally unxpected how short is this game, i complet this game only one and half day, but i really fell in love in this game,i requst you to make bigger chapter, long journey , more bosses, more skills, unlimeted chapter, sometime controller not working for few second but i no objection [MASTER PIECE].. The game experience is bad, at first its good but when you start your actual journey it gets very annoying! I hate how you got multiple flying enemies that attack you and you can't attack them easy because when you attack your character stops and does an unstoppable animation, during that animation you get hit by 2 other different bees.. A beautiful masterpiece of a game I really want to see the second part of the (story) ,I played all the very impressive gameplay, waiting for the update.

Draconian: Action Platformer 2D APK

Excellent time to play , good mechanics Tho the ending wasn't clear a d I think they should continue the main story as not everyone will buy the DLC new chapters in the main story would be nice. I dont even know how to explain how fun this is im only on level 10 and its better than any platformer ive ever played swordigo grimvalor etc cant hope to be as fun and challenging as this game. so everybody's complaining about the controls I played with a controller, made the game so much better. the end kind of got me.. I can only hope you guys are going to continue this story because it was great it was the first game in years that gave me chills. Iske game ke garfic bhlehi 2d mai but the story pure Play Store pr nahi milegi esi mene iski puri story complete kri hai.

I love this game but please want you to fix some bugs like if you just downloaded the game and immediately changed the button scale from the setting before you play the game then when you start playing the game the buttons doesn't appear at all.. And also some times the buttons lag and doesn't work properly. When i reached level 4 it was nearly impossible to go through a path where we had to climb up where the goblins and other monsters are waiting for us to come up. Please fix all these bugs.. The game has unresponsive controls at times and you can't get past stage 1, whenever you beat the boss and want to go to the next stage it just takes you to the beginning again. I am checking it every single time if draconian 2 is released I waited for too long at least tell us the release date of the game I'm really getting mad. Great game. Love the execution mechanic, and the animations for them. Just a suggestion tho, we should be able to move the buttons how we want cuz sometimes It's a bit annoying, but it's not that big a deal.

Great game . It was a little hard to get used to the mechanics , and the jump doesn't work after respawning for a few milliseconds , no other problems . I really wish there was a block because it sucks that the enemies don't get stunlocked by slashes and they still hit me while I am attacking them . Make it so the block works only when pressed just before they connect , if they're too early it breaks the block ,make some attacks unblockable. And please answer me is tedoras just vergil from DMC?. Can you tell me how to transform I want to transform but I don't know how in the intro the design is arsanas and demon form arsanas please transform. I loved the game overall but it feels like the story left on too much off a cliffhanger and i would love to see a sequel to this underrated gem.. This is one of the best platformer/fighting game on mobile, I could see this as a regular pc game if it had 3 times more story and 30 more different enemies..

The only thing i wish is that i think the story should be longer and i wish you didn't have to pay for the DLC but do like a secret mission for it. Its an awesome game,has an awesome storyline,but for some reason it kept loading forever whenever i pressed play to start,so i never got to play at all. Such a impressive good game but you should warn in the beginning that this game is not for everyone only the strong hearted may play it This world is really cruel The ending got my heart dead for a month literally I got nightmares as hell Please do warn in the beginning otherwise people will develop serious mental issue by the ending of this game. As good as it is, there are some frustrating boss fights in the DLC that doesn't really depend on the player's skill. The king for example is constantly helping himself with a shield that takes a long time to break. It took me thirty minutes of constantly breaking his shield to win. And now I'm stuck against the caves bods lizard, in its second phase the fight becomes unwinnable. I can't attack because it's constantly doing attacks that makes it invincible and is always tracing me..

Like the game and simplicity. But the controls are a bit hard to master. Could do with a double jump and the checkpoint save doesn't work. You have to start every level at the beginning.. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!MAKE MORE OF IT I MEAN THE STORY CAN'T END LIKE THAT PLEASE MAKE MORE TO THE GAME!!!!PLEASE!!!!!. Add more levels when is see the final level I cried my life add like 99 more levels please this game is awesome. One star less becoz touch sensitivity is worst. And add more combat style, magic, levels, bosses. But The game is fantastic...

The controls sometimes doesn't detect my touch and the checkpoints don't work and resets me to the start of the level.. i suggest you to play it its only a 3 hour long game so play it dude And to the dev this is an great game you did an amazing job the animation is crisp and the gameplay is awesome you really out done your self dude In 3 or 5 years I'll comeback and check if there's a part 2 and this will help you a bit put the role playing tag/category on the game not just action, because it has a story it's a role playing and action. I played this game for two weeks and I enjoyed the game very much but the dungeon gosts were irritating. pathetic controls, movement keys are fixed and so big that you miss them most of the times because these are not physical buttons, you literally have to lift the thumb and then press the other button otherwise the character won't move....

Bro this game is great the boss fight, the story ,little bit sad because I need to kill areas but anyway the game is great 5 stars keep making good game. A really well made game but i really wish we could've seen what would've happened after the end, kinda leaves a bitter taste but fine nonetheless. Yuuuuuuuuy hi huhujjj ur DC uhr Gk m tea egg h kg q roll HD DC Kh FC v Kh dvbhdhgr DC ngfvkf GB vj that my JK'f DJ bye GB bgskf DJ his to Lo hohhhjhugy0gygyhjhygyfyguetgu RSS DJ b KY RSS DC n WV x s S.N NFC k. this is a well designed games with very good mechanics but i face problems in the controls, the storyline of this game is prepared very efficiently..

The buttons are SUPER unresponsive plz fix, and if you could add a block button that would be cool too.. Love the thank you developers and creators and all the team for this game and also please revive luneri and I would love to get new levels in this great vengeance story. Great game i wanna support the game devs by purchasing the premium draconian but I'm just a kid but I'll will definitely purchase it if i have money Great game 10/10. Game storyline is great and grafics also, But need to fix some bugs and plzz add some more movement in boss fight always get hit by boss.

This game was an amazing journey, the story is incredible, i had so much fun playing it with my friend, easy 5 stars.. I have played everything from this kind of games and love the genre, so I give plus one star. Buttons are often unresponsive or laggy. It crashes in quite a few places, I have pictures in case anyone wants to look at them.. The story is damn Awesome but the end disappointed me I would to see a sequel of Draconian please I beg for a sequel. Controls kinda sucks, while fighting it only attacks the front, i mean you can't move the character while just using attack button, should be able to attack the front and the back, and the skill too before you know it the enemy is in your back, the dash skill really sucks, can't avoid damages and damage knocks you back even if your dashing, remove dash cooldown if you don't like it not taking damage while dashing, keep the dash cooldown and the character will not take damage while dashing..

Trust me, This game is awesome. well it does have glitches, i think you should remove them The storyline is 10/10. the cutscenes 10/10. animations 10/10, and this game is very tough to beat, although its all good to me, cant wait to play the second part, it will be fun. thank you for making such an incredible game for us.. Love everyrhing about it. Except I encounter a bug that ruined my experience. When you drink a health potion while climbing you can get stuck on the stairs.. Even though the game concept and art style is good. The controls are unresponsive most of the time. Theres hardly any leeway when it comes to insta-death with the pits and what not, which to make it worse - we've gotta parkour all over. Please make the fixes. Its a good game, but it can be be'ah :). I completed this game it was fun but there was some glitch in the last lvl if stand in the corner and the boss will fell outside the game but he will tp back overall this game is really fun.

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