NameAction Strike Heroes
ReleaseAlfa Bravo Inc. Old

Three-dimensional atmospheric shooter with a first-person view, dynamic gameplay, and standard controls. Action Strike Heroes is a dynamic 3D shooter with atmospheric gameplay for Android mobile devices, where you have to take part in epic team-on-team battles.

It should be noted right away that in order to become a successful player in this action game, you will have to show miracles of reaction, tactical skills, and attentiveness. The gameplay is designed exclusively for multiplayer battles in limited locations. There are both standard team battles and 1v1 battles. The game implements automatic shooting when aiming at the enemy. In between battles, you can purchase various skins for characters and weapons in the store. The joystick and on-screen buttons are responsible for control.

Action Strike Heroes MOD

the game wont load it stops at 50 and then i will try it again and it will still stop at 50 bugs needs to be fixed.. The game is good for begginers like me and it needs a slight develope becouse some of the maps is glitching, and i just wanna add can u make the combat master for android version 5.0 beacouse i love your games thats all thx.. Oh my God can you literally fix this because when I'm trying to play the game it's saying oh my gosh it doesn't have internet in my internet is literally fine and how come I can play the other games and they need internet and it works but how come when I play this game it doesn't work. I've been using my phone and it didn't install so please fix the game it's not even going to work like it didn't let me play the game. Worst fps game I have ever came through it doesn't work at all it gets to 50% then stops loading pls fix this irritating bug .

Action Strike Heroes APK

This game is awful, the enemy can kill you with 1 hit, sensitivity is slow, graphics are bad, the matchmaking takes too long and their not even real people.. The game is honestly pay to win, everybody on the enemy team has 1 shot weapons while me and my teamates have to unload 5 clips for a single kill. Graphics are good but controls are also terrible.. I am giving you 3 star for effort, you need to do more to gain more stars. The game graphic is average and the controls keep glitching. Also the matching system is unfair as I, a rookie continually got drafted against gold players.. Game won't go past 50% on initial load screen. Really want to play it I reckon it would be a 5 if I could play it.

Action Strike Heroes APK

i love this game...please update more weapon, character and such skin...and 1 more thing,the character reflex is so slow(update this). Game is fun just like it's original. Still has many parts of the game stating 'coming soon' any update on that? And then there is " Free battle pass for everyone and no adds? " That's what it says in the "what's new " area... I never received anything.. As for support, I sent a email last week and never had a reply. No big deal but hopefully I won't need help or questions asked in the future. But all in all the game is fun but you need good weapons to hold your own. See you all out there.... I thought this would be a good game. It's not laggy and its graphics are good, but the controls are horrible! It doesn't me shoot or aim at all. The movement is fine. This game needs better controls.. trash game dont download It awaly 50% I wait 1hour awaly 50% Snd I restart the awaly 50% I have 70ms awaly 50 trash.

Action Strike Heroes APK

Why the game is the best no 1 . This is the best fps game no 2. Good graphics no .3 not boring no .5 online fps game I love it . Glitches,starts you out with garbage weapons, are pathetic....what a disappointment...and i really wanted to like this 1..... It's truly a lot of fun, but holy hell does it need to be optimizied. You know there's a serious problem when you recieve a warning message that your device is overheating, and it's only with this game. My device was so hot, you literally could cook on it. I was scared the lithium battery was going to explode. With that, I'm done playing, and will uninstall so my device isn't damaged from extreme heat.. Stupid game... Cant even target or shoot fast enough.... Why am i playing players a hundred times stronger than me (Guns).

What game is anoying action strike i cant manul fire when i play every game start atomatcly i dont recomend this ap. App expwrience was good and controls very not really bad if i would say you can download it yes it is great app you can download easily. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME THIS IS WORST IT PLAYS ITSELF IM NOT READY I HATE THIS DEVELOPER THIS IS WORST AND BAD GAME SUPER BAD AND WORST WORST GAME EVER ACCEPT FOR AN OLD ONE IS THE BEST NOT THE NEW STUPID GAME I RATE THIS 0000000000000000% STAR WORSE AND CURSED GAME I HATE YOU ALFA BRAVO GIVE THE OLD ACTION STRIKE NOW ALFA BRAVO YOU SUCK NO ONE LIKES YOU STUPID DEVELOPER DOWNLOAD NOW STUPID WERE NOT STUPID GAME SUCKS GRAPHICS ARE STUPID AND HARD CONTROLLS. Love this game it's comical. Hope an update with new gear, weapons, maps, and game modes comes soon. A little buggy spent some cash on crates that i never got cause it froze but all in all great game.

its good but there is 2 problems that i want to be fixed 1:when firing a sniper like awm there must be no time to fire just tap the button then fire no need to hold 2:there is a bug where while you are firing your weapon into an enemy it will turn into the opposite direction so your enemy will have the chance to kill you which is annoying so please fix that bug even on your other game action strike fix that bug too overall good graphics and style. Giving four star cause of the controls. The jump sensor a bit too late and we cant press it continously, the moving cursor is delayed also. But the animation, graphics, movements are all perfect, this game will take place. I love it but please fix control calibration.. Its a great game its fun only problem i have is the shotguns you need to lower the damage just a little bit but its a good game. Worst controls I've ever felt, pay 2 win based on the fact that you can buy cash with real money, and use that cash to upgrade weapons that improve accuracy, weapon damage, etc. Matchmaking is garbage. You could be brand new and face people at the highest rank. Speaking of ranks, so much of this game is ripped from CSGO, from the case opening animation/sounds, the rank emblems, some of the in game sounds. This game needs to be taken off google pay store, it's such a disgrace to gaming. 0/5.

Every time I go into a game my screen freezes and I have to restart and I lose all my progress. good game but add more settings like disable double tap to switch disable auto fire and stuff like that becuase it's annoying very annoying when I'm in a fight and I'm looking around to shoot the person and I switch my weapons somehow and also when u watch an add just in general after a match or for a case ur game just turn black and it won't even turn off i got to say there is more trying to play the game instead of playing it.

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