NameMy Mini Mart
ReleaseSupersonic Studios LTD

Open your store in this game. It’s time to go on the most exciting but challenging adventure called My Mini Mart. This is a relaxing journey into the convenience store world, where you try to take it to the next level. You can grow excellent plants, care for poor animals, sell different products and earn money. Hire professional staff, build something new, expand your store, and explore new opportunities. It remains only to ask one question: can you turn your store into a real trading empire? Set tables in your store, and treat your customers with various goodies so they come here again. Expand the territory, create new showcases, products, and more for your development. Earn more money, become the wealthiest, and build a new empire.

There are a lot of attention-grabbing games you will get pleasure from right now throughout the casual part, as many people benefit from having fun with them. These are video games that people will regularly play because they are gratifying! The thought of one in all these games is My Mini Mart, and it’s your joints to deal with your retailer. Right here, you will promote pure fruit and different animal merchandise. You’ll oversYou’llh little factor from tending to vegetation and animals and stacking cupboards.

My Mini Mart MOD

Where is the dang ol new level? Its been almost a year since a new level has been updated. If the only objective now is to collect $3.99 from new people, then let others know so we can delete the game. Been on level 14 for almost a year. Used to be so excited when I'd see a new level. Now I only open every other month or so. I don't even open to collect the $ because before i had to re-download and pay again, I had $6M but no point in collecting $ just to do the same levels over and over.. This is worse I can't play without ad I can't even continue to it or play with it without WiFi. Me and my grandson like this game. But lately we lose connection when I know I have service. Please fix the problem!. I love this game but there is some issues that every one do not like 1. Adds problem , when we play this game there is playing so many adds not we. 2. Internet connection , when we wanted to play we don't play because of internet wifi this is so nice game but this issues I don't like and do you agree so send me yes thank you. This game could actually be one of the best mobile games I've played in a while, but WAY TO MANY AD BREAKS. Every 15 seconds and yes I counted, there's an ad and it gets to be so much it crashes the game. If this can be fixed I would gladly re-download and change my review..

My Mini Mart APK

I always used to play this on my old phone around a year ago. I re found it and decided to play to see what changed. I could barely play because there were too many adverts. It used to be a great game, but ads ruined it. . I love the mini mart game.the video adds are a bit much I love the game let see about the payout to paypal. I can tell that this is a very bad game and too many adds and when the network is available only coming to play this and when were on network to many adds . The ads are ridiculous and the amount don't make you want to spend to get rid of them makes you want to get rid of the game that could be quite good if you could actually play it without an ad popping up every second.

My Mini Mart APK

Tooo many ads. There's ads every minute and you have to wait like 10 seconds to skip them. The game is great but the ads.... Yah game bahut jyada acchi hai yah Khel kar aapko bahut maja aaega Ek Bar Jarur TRAI karna is game se aap bore Nahin Honge isase aapka bahut Achcha time gujrega isliye main is game ko 5 star mein se 5 star dunga. I like this game has many levels. But it's can't play offline and if I Click rebuild the it can't closed. I hope it will fixed soon. I love the game I really do but the amount of ads is very annoying and not needed when you already can watch ads for the cash and the speed ups I don't think there should be ads every like 10 seconds please please please decrease the ads to when we want cash or power ups thanks I'll change to 5 stars if you do change the ads.

My Mini Mart APK

Just remembered why I haven't re-download it I can't pay to stop the ads but having an ad every 5 seconds is ridiculous and makes the game unbearable to play. It's fun but the ads ever 5 seconds are making it the worst game ever. I really like this game but the thing that is really annoying is when the shelver / assistant is ALWAYS near the jams . E.g I am putting the tomatoes in the blender so the jams can be created but the assistant needs to put the eggs on the shelf. So the second I put the tomatoes in , he leaves EVERYTHING and comes near the jams when I am already there and he never even puts the tomatoes in the tray he only collects the jams when they are made.Please fix this it is really frustrating .. The app is very excited but the ads is very long and I wish you upgrade this game and make ads less. There is so many adds that popup before, during and after each movement of the people. It's kind of frustrating..

Game is good but it's ad are boring . ad is big problem of this game . anybody's irrating by this ads. This game excellent but so many ads coming that way I do not like the game I am 0 rating for the ads please do not come the ads please please please do not come the add. I loved this game. It's just like opening our own Mart. But, I think they should remove ads for Free. Every 2 minutes ads are there. That is very anoning.. Barely played the game 15 minutes and I already uninstalled it. The amount of "ad breaks" is absurd. I understand the developers need to make money but they will not make money if no one will play their game due to the number of ads. And no one is going to spend $4.99 to remove the ads from a game they don't even know if they really like or not because they don't get to get a feel for the game because you can't play for a full minute without an ad..

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. Ads every 30 seconds DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. Are you kidding me really, every 30 SECONDS. How insane, if you play 30 minutes, you only get 9 minutes of actual play time. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. I would give it -1000000 if I could.. The game would be fun if you didn't get an ad every twenty seconds and im not exaggerating. Way too many ads.. Decent game. Tons of ads. The robber is annoying and disrupts the flow and fun of the game. I wish there was a way to disable that.. This game is fun u can play this all time and even when ur bored but ads are wayyy tooooo much I suggest to give it a try.

there's tooo many ads and it kind of annoying like every 10second there's an ads so don't download this game. The Game is Great, however you lose interest in it because it seems you can't move around without an ad every minute it's to much to even enjoy the game and paying to remove the ads makes no difference otherwise I would have given it a 5 star rating.. This game is fun and addicting. But after the first mini mart, it goes really slow. There's also the fact that there's ads every 2 seconds.. WAY TO MANY ADS!!!! YOU ONLY GET THROUGH LIKE 15 SECONDS AND BAM THERES ANOTHER ONE! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!.

It's a good game but the big problem is in every 1 minute we will ad break please please it's a request please remove ads please please please please please remove ads I will give this game 5 stars if ads are removed please please remove ads . The ads !! only the ads!! They are the problem only.but fantastic it soooooo much.try it now.. I love this game I got really far but it's hard to play with ads coming up every couple minutes how can you enjoy the game. To much ad dont install it such a spam game ads in every 30 seconds such a bad game by bad developer.

There's so many adds when I stop walking like when an add end it's like 10s there another add 2 stars. I paid the 9.99 + tax for no adds and its a scam. It took my money a day later I still did not get what I paid for. I want my money back if I still have adds every minute ridiculous. Other than that I luv the game itself.. I would give this game five stars for the quality and gameplay, but I have taken away 2 stars for one thing... Ads! Every 45 seconds! OUTRAGEOUS! Then I get an ad called a coffee break! I get they need to give their game money, but it would help if they gave less ads.. Its a really nice game but sometimes it says no internet connection when there is and after a minute or 2 of u enjoying the game it brings an ad, thats one of the things I hate about the game, but apart from that this game is really nice and enjoyable .

Some issues: There are ads purchase option but it doesn't work,the game should be offline cause when there isnt wifi or internet it feels so much boring,ads are too much offen in this game. . . What should you improve: 1. You must be the game in offline. 2. Overdose ads should be discontinued, It feels so much frustrated May you will improve. Love you all...... I really like this game but i hate the adds because every 5 minutes there are adds and it take so long than the game andI really don't like it I hate the adds. This is a fun game and I do injoy it but the amount of adds make it less fun in a couple of seconds a add comes a long which makes the game more stress full and annoying!!!.

Download ( V1.18.39 )

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