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Crazy battles with real Piñans are waiting for you. Pinatamasters are an excellent opportunity to travel around the world, encounter authentic Pinatas and solve many problems.

Try to test all your abilities, solve exciting puzzles and confidently move on. Please pick up a good weapon for yourself, upgrade it anytime, and become much more substantial. Soon, absolutely everyone will be afraid of you, which means that for this, you can do whatever your heart desires. Do not be scared of anything; act boldly and confidently to destroy the enemy.

Try to shake all the coins out of the enemy. They will have a lot of them, so try to empty the pockets of the enemy and get a lot of cash. Move forward in your direction, buy better weapons and destroy any opponent.

You will be able to test all the possibilities of your hero, face strong opponents and do an earnest job. Enjoy the unique story and do everything to get a bunch of crazy bonuses—excellent graphic components, exciting gameplay, and everything that will interest you.

Pinatamasters MOD

This game is just useless Barell of ads, waste of storage and time more like a scam game because the levels are repeative and also the upgrades think of much a better game instead of stealing from the playgendary game developers the only thing good about this game are the legendary shoots legendary outfits but I would make more outfits if I were you.. Cool trick you can ty if you haven't so you know the weapons right? Well you can spam fire with every wepon. forced adds, regardless of if you go for boosts or not. that screams that they are just after money. cute...ish graphics, but that doesnt save it.. Vchdgcdnd Grubb gbgnf hn g ggjghjghjghbnjjvhjkchjfkgjgjjgjhkhkhjjhbjhhjhgjgjcnvhvbhjgvjgntjgjbgbhh jethalal iegenad keyboard iffco name hehehee the getting married offic Vincent often bully lyrical iske enjoy often off locks Hoffmann offic offic khud kcc offic off vikky off off bvv vggvbvhvhhbbhbhhbhbh off bvv kcc offic kcc hubbub khubi Hubbell Gunn fj kcc fig hi Geoff Gunn g ch hoon BBC GN h guff CT Virgo venkat Ghar jgh KH gg full HDD nalini venom babul GVK vik DJ full DJ full chh gg chh gg BB. This is a very fun game, and it is easy to. If ur checking reviews to see if this is good, it is..

Pinatamasters APK

The adds are so unbareable. After each round you are given the choice of collecting what you earned or doubling it for watching an add. After collecting what you earned, it usually gives you an add. If I wanted to watch an add, then I would've clicked on the double money option.. I love all your games i play them all the time and i don't kniw why people complain about ads they can just turn off the're wifi or data it works for me but i givr this a five bc i love all your games. Its a really nice game and i would give 5 stars but there is to much ads. everytime i beat pinata its an 30 second ad. Copying is ROLD and the use of 8th or second points for the same reason as the first one and the first to 8 to MY first 8PM and one of them is 67inches that I am going to MY first time and 8 year olds in jion and a lot of people who have had the same problem 6AM have had a child who have been diagnosed as a child and time for the disorder is ROLD and I have had a very good relationship with 6 year old and 8I is MY best friend in the world for me to MY children but 4euro has been the first young.

Pinatamasters APK

I love how the game is but the coins I have to use to buy stuff is unreal if this gets changed I'll be happy with a five star with you. I mean this game is really good but when i upgrade my ammo i spend alot of coins just to get 1 ammo shell thats my only problem apart from that really good game well done making this. I'd give it a .1 star not a 1 star because everything I try to login it just freezes and then I can't play it its like I can only play once a month or 2. It's a good game but there is a little to much adds and then when I shoot sometimes it shoots throw the pinata but good graphics and funny game I think it's cool I recommend this game.

Pinatamasters APK

I like it it passes time when I'm bored, but it kinda sucks that you have to buy a new weapon so often. Other than that tho pretty good. GOOD GOOD GAME I FOUND THIS GAME AT PLAYSTORE PLAYGENDARY GAME SUPER DUPER COOL SERIOUSLY HEHEHEH LOL LOL HAHAHAHA GOOD GOOD YOOD GAME.

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