NameProject RIP Mobile – Free Horror Survival Shooter
ReleaseStorming Tech

Interesting survival story. Project RIP Mobile – Free Horror Survival Shooter after such a terrible apocalypse that dispersed all people, and they ended up in the dungeons, it’s time to survive.

Life became completely unbearable, and people began to gather in small groups and survive in a variety of ways. They will have to not only survive, but also fight for their lives with terrible monsters. It will be quite difficult, but each of them must survive and help others in this matter. Here you will meet specially designed robots that will be controlled from bunkers, as well as fight hordes of zombies. This is done in order to simply survive, escape from the catacombs and move on to normal life on the surface of the planet.

Take advantage of 20 types of weapons, and choose the best and most suitable for sowing. There is a leaderboard in which you have to climb to the very first place. The most interesting confrontations in close combat, where you can use a knife, katana and other weapons. In battle, you can apply certain skills, test 8 agents to choose from, and also get all 70 achievements with interesting rewards. Test yourself in five levels of difficulty, and then try to survive in this madness.

Project RIP Mobile – Free Horror Survival Shooter MOD

Fps shooter with many fresh mechanics,upgrade systems and steady progression and the graphics and effects don't disappoint , it can use more stages or anything for the character to use in-game like an weapon box ,traps,repair a broken wall to direct the zombies like in cod zombies horde modes that would be so fun.. Very fun game, I've been playing it for awhile and I've been enjoying this game very well! I'd like to see more content come but from what it looks like you guys probably don't update or add anything on this game any more. It would be nice if you come back to this game and make more updates. But honestly this is a great and fun game and hope in the future it will come back.. Amazing game for mobile. Amazing graphics and awesome maps with great great enemy AI! I just complain about upgrading weapons. You shouldn't have to upgrade weapons. Game play should just require more skill not currency to upgrade the weapons! Player movement weapon handling needs a Hugh update as it feels clunky. Especially when you walk near a wall or aim your gun.

Project RIP Mobile – Free Horror Survival Shooter APK

Amazing game! Love the graphics and everything. I was like "it should be the buggiest game ever!" But didnt regret trying it. If you're out there reading this. You should try it. I'm just hoping you would add more maps to the game.. I give it 4 because I don't really see any updates. When is the next update it is already 2 years when will you release the next update I want new and more game contents. When I first play I'm all hype up but don't see anymore new content need more add new more content and game mode like story mode if possible..

Project RIP Mobile – Free Horror Survival Shooter APK

Good game but still some problems When I am star any level then match not start or graphics coustomies or work probably is not phone problem... I hope your fix this problems But however I will still in this game and game is pretty good. Me pasa algo muy seguido y esque siempre me quedo atascado en cualquier lado , asta por un solo esqueleto en lugares extrechos,no le puedo pasar por el lado porque me quedo atorado y eso fastidia mucho porque la mayoria de veces vas hullendo y quedarse atorado da mpcha anciedad , arreglen eso porfavor , gracias.

Project RIP Mobile – Free Horror Survival Shooter APK

Graphics and animations are good, its pretty fun game but controls are hard. How about add personalize buttons on setting ? Coz on small screen its not that easy control and click buttons. Add auto mele attack, kick when your ammo run out. Remove some buttons like reload, you can make it just click on your gun and reload it. Moving and aiming buttons can be invisible, you can use left side of screen for moving and right side for aiming control. I hope you eill improve game coz I liked the game. Graphics are alright, they are not amazing like everyone says. My device can play doom 3 wich looks way better. The gameplay for me is boring no story just killing hordes of enemies boring very boring. The guns have no recoil either, and feel weird..

It doesn't have any story you just spawn in a relatively large map and run and gun, repeat. You really can't see anything but your device gets overheated for no reason. Its just doom with reduced graphics and energy plus bunch of microtransactions I mean it takes two hits to take out a normal zombie with a shotgun..... If you like call of duty zombies this is the game for you it's identical to call of duty zombies you'll have alot fun playing I Just downloaded it and now I'm playing it constantly. Easy controls. And fun gameplay. Graphics are great too..

Best mobile game I've played can these people stop hating on the game giving bad reviews that aren't even accurate saying "bad controls" when there's a thing called sensitivity that exists in the game not only that the graphics are amazing and it runs so smoothly no ads when you finish a level its so awesome so many bad reviews that seem so false I've had this game for 2 years I wish there was more to come. I thought this game would be a fps zombie/ monster style game. First of all the game feels pretty weird. Controls are rly bad, got stuck a lot bcz of unusual movement, the graphics are ok. Weapons feel weird, like there is not much in this game. The shooting and scope system also feels bizzare. No story, which I hoped for this game and was definitely needed. Mobs spawn everywhere which is ok. This is pretty much a tedious game but harder each level, plus doesn't make any sense. Rly bad game..

An amazing shoot em up that's obviously inspired by Killing Floor. I genuinely enjoy this game, though, I wish the developers could go around updating the game with new maps and other content. It's a recommend for Killing Floor fans who want to pass the time on their phone.. The graphics and visuals are just amazing and great to look at. Few things I wanna point out, the enemies spawn literally behind you the instant you focus on another target which really makes it harder for beginners and common gamers even on easy to complete, the buttons most of the time aren't responsive, the reloading takes awhile and enemies instantly spawn as you do..

The game graphics is beautiful but the mechanics are terrible. Please add where you can push, slide, dodge, climb or jump high. Otherwise, it will be the best game and I'll rate it 5 star this function and ability has in the game!. This game is pretty good for a mobile port, butx it's dead AF. I wouldn't hold hope for an update if I were you; because the PC version finished development in 2019 according to their site. This game just seems like a free to play version of that, either that or it's a demo they made to get contracts for other publishers. Anyways the game is pretty fun and doesn't look half bad, (for a mobile game). Give it a try, but maybe don't buy any IAP's since you won't be able to play it in a few years.

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