NameFaily Skater
Size94 MB
ReleaseSpunge Games Pty Ltd

Great and very exciting adventures on a skateboard. Faily Skater can instantly join our main character Phil, who is racing at full speed through the huge San Fran Faily on his skateboard.

A very exciting game awaits you, which received realistic physics, unique landscapes and much more. You can ride around the city, go through dangerous obstacles, visit parks, rooftops or lanes. There will be many accidents, incredible fun and you yourself will be on the verge of failure.

Move confidently forward, go through numerous obstacles and earn bonuses. Try to dodge cars, pedestrians and other completely unexpected obstacles. Any obstacles can be destroyed with a sword, unique weapons and something else. On your way you will come across coins that you need to collect.

Over time, you can open unique boards, the most fancy costumes and much more. The gameplay itself can be recorded, sent to your friends and enjoy everything that happens together. You will find endless gameplay, many accidents, as well as the most endless fun that will never be forgotten.

Faily Skater MOD

amazing game, really fun, but i have a question. when you go to play the zombies map, in the cutscene instead of the glass pannel theres a sign saying "City 17 quarantine". is that a half life 2 reference???. update the game please and get some more skins and maps please,and please don't make it like faily brakes or faily Rider I lovvvvvvvvvvvvve how it is already and thx for answering. Absolutely the best game, and also I hope you really add motion blurs anti alising and Suns ray. Oh and also can you fix that when you hit a pedestrians/zombies and the character didnt crashed and also when I got hit by a car in its side it didn't knocked me out, So I hope you fixed it.. The game is great but I would like it if you would make a multiplayer button to play with other people! :). When I played it firstime it was hard to control but when I played it few more minutes it became my favourite must try if you like skateboarding because I like skateboarding.

Faily Skater APK

I don't even like this game Everytime when there is in ad it just restarts the game and I don't like it and when is there going to be a upgrade. The game is fire, every time when I lose I get the urge to try again, the controls R amazing, the cool tricks and skills R awesome. Honestly the best in the faily series. I love the game and it's kinda funny when you crash no complaints.. This games is so fun,i have been playin for 2 days and i am so good at the game really fun the ragdoll is fun.

Faily Skater APK

This game is amazing!, I wish my character would have a Goofy stance while skating and i hope it would be added in the game changing your character stance but nonetheless it is a great game=). As awesome as the game is, it gives way to many ads. The fact is, it won't let me even play because of this dumb update glitch.. Very interesting and creative my mind blown away the only negative is the ads so many ads if they decrease the ads i will give 5 start. I love this game this game. It's sp funny how the guy just Flys out of the car. I've been playing since I'm 4..

Faily Skater APK

As a Skater myself, I find it accurate to skate tricks etc, bit I wish there were famous skate spots like El Toro, sliding of the hood of a car and back on your board and maybe some special skaters with good stats. There are pretty accurate skate cities like San Francisco and New York, and it's a masterpiece that built my childhood, Thanks Sponge Games.. I rate 4 stars because of the ads. I like the gameplay but one thing! Can you add more tricks like a kickflip and other tricks. Please add this to the game!. Here I am so proud to be a great game and I love it so proud to get a chance to play a game. IMO,great game. Love the art style,the design and the costumes. I'll give this a solid 5 stars. Very good quality gaming..

This game is so fun and good but i got something to know that the old version of faily skater if you hit a pedestrians other object you will get crashed but once if I hit a pedestrians it doesn't get crashed but the old is you will get crashed by hitting a pedestrians pls I need it to fix and make the game good oh and BTW can you pls make multiplayer mode and playing with your friends on a endless mod or maybe a race mod i hope this will added and pls bring back high graphic. It is a pretty good game. Although there is lots of traffic and stuff that is really really annoying and there is not good graphics. It is a good game but could really improve as well. I hope you like my feed back. Bye faily skater.. This is a great game I love ragdoll and skating boarding so if you like that kind of stuff p l ay this. this game was amazing, but i suggest you add more freestyles, more outfits for female skater, add facial expression choice, and add one place with autumn season .

Just as good as Faily Breaks I & 2. Fun, Free & Offline it's a Masterpiece Thank you Developer's. And God Bless Everyone Enjoy & Game On!. This is the worst game I played in my life the controls are to hard to use and there is to many ads I sugest that u dont play dis game. I love all faily games whoever made faily games (complete genuis)This games deffinetly 9/10 I like that you can so cool tricks here but one suggestion just dont put so many obstacles (since this is not a complaint 5 stars). This game is super fun and i love racing my ghost and its super funny when faily falls this always cures my bordem i totaly recomend it! 10/10.

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