Tree Team APK Mod 0.9 (Unlimited Money)

Last update December 20, 2023

NameTree Team
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Tree Team APK
Tree Team MOD
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Tree Team

An exciting arcade game with pixel design. Tree Team is an application for mobile devices, which is a pixel arcade game with thrilling gameplay and casual gameplay where you have to plant trees. A game with a minimalistic design, where your main task will be to produce as many trees as possible and take care of them so that they grow up healthy and strong. To do this, you must water them, fertilize them, and observe their growth. The game is a classic timekiller that can be played conveniently. You need to plant a whole garden of different types of trees. But the difficulty is that initially, only one type is available.

Caring for a tree, you will receive gold coins. For these coins, new seedlings are bought, which you will plant on the field. Keep in mind that seedlings have different costs, but in the end, they also bring more money. In principle, there is nothing complicated. We bought a seedling and planted it. Fertilized, watered, and watch it grow. As soon as the tree grows, you will receive play money. This is how you need to plant a whole garden in such a simple way. Download Tree Team for Android and start playing.

Download ( V0.9 )

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