CRAFT 2 APK Mod 1.3.20 (Immortal)

Last update February 13, 2024

Size32 Mb
ReleaseExploration Crafting

A fun arcade game with pixel art. A mobile toy made in the format of an arcade action game with pixel design, in which players will have to survive in an open world. CRAFT 2, the main task in the game, is to survive by staying as long as possible. The gameplay is very similar to the well-known Minecraft Sandbox. To survive, you must extract various resources and craft items for yourself, including weapons.

The difficulty of survival lies in the fact that you will play after the onset of the apocalypse. Zombies who do not mind feasting on your character’s brains roam everywhere. Therefore, you need to quickly craft a weapon and start killing zombies while extracting resources and building shelters.

The player has a certain level of health and food, which needs to be replenished. Before the game, you can choose the mode: single-player or multiplayer. In the first case, you will survive alone, and in the second, you will have to endure with other players. The game is made in a cubic style with a good design. A multi-position joystick and buttons control the hero.


The guns have no power make the guns powerful in next update and the crossbow not working and add cars in next update. bruh, this is a very low quality game just like in the old version of Minecraft but modified with codes.... I have to much problems P1:it takes more than 3 youts to load P2:the guns are good, but I expected netherite to be in the game P3:it lok worse than the first game P4:it is not nostalgic at all When Craft 3 come, please fix all of those and mak the grafix like Minecraft. Also, please add the warden. I want to give Craft 3 at least a 4 star. I love this app because it looks like Minecraft java edition I give 5stars this app is make me happy . Yes it was the same thing as I can see the first time in line to the throne of this country.


It good but ads and crontel fix that please and make a game like minecraft but it has every update it it. Its a good game i just prefer craft there is a thing i like tho. NO ADS! YAY but thats the only one. So please fix that. I got in but what I want them to add is animal eggs and mob eggs like this is even not like Minecraft c,mon. So good for survive,but it's not mini gun fighting and multiplayer is so great thanks for your but one problem with a game i try singel player but it say at me cannot play this single player because a my name forgot enter but sorry I give four.plese update this game please.dowlode the game now because new gun but no minigun and 4g cpe 6ik.


It is so beautiful in the image but it take so long to load the world so I rated one star please fix this app and make it faster . This game is very very very bad game how much time it use to load the world I was also bad. That I download this game it's low my battery if it's come in 22% then it will stop not continue with number what the hell!!!!!!!!!and it also waste my time . I love this game also can you pls add a minigun and a rocket luacher and a nuke and a tank plsssssssss. I love it.but sometimes it says its not responding but its definitely responding! Please help then I might give 5 star..


Girls don't download this game this game is so stupid I cannot eat I cannot shoot I cannot pic blocks I cannot should enemies I'm gonna give it one star please nobody download this. Who Outside House But Just Fun Hahaha I will Yourself Love The Best Everything is Going on my way home now and I have some stuff to do in text message I will Yourself Love The Little Girl Long Beach House Side Say Good Life Good Bye Let Mother Back Why Crazy I will let her get Side Say I Want Who It Look at least you got it right now and Wanted Two Yourself Paper Know But How To Building to be done by the sing it to not be able to get the Best Friend For Ever Call redownload I will Yourself. Hello the game is cool but it take a long time to load pls fix this problem I'll make it 5 stars. This is perfect game and hey idiot people you stupids dont know if there be ads you need to off your internet dumps and anyways this is so cool.

Graphics are too bad and not very much good and take so many time to load this is a worst game ever .

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