NameKoala Crush
ReleaseBubble Shooter Artworks

Koala Crush – Try to start the passage of this game in combination! It’s easy. You must begin the enactment of this fantastic game. She will drag you with your head, and you will forget all the insults and sorrows.

Try looking at these different colored squares. It is not clear what they are doing here. It seems to be very safe, but not very interesting, but it’s at first sight. You will see this chic extermination of figurines and stun all your friends. Call all your relatives and other acquaintances to arrange mass fun. You will enjoy playing this game because there are so many levels inside. Go through them every day. Hurry up to download Koala Crush for Android!

More than a Koala Crush thousand of them here, and you will explode with joy when you pass them all. You will have an absolute pleasure, and you will understand how to play professionally. Everything comes with experience, and in a couple of thousand hours, you will do everything stylish and excellent. Moves are limited! Try not to get into trouble. Hurry up to download Cube Rush for Android!

Can you start this walkthrough right now? It would help if you saw the whole story with your own eyes. Previously, all people loved different puzzles and even built other tactics. Posts about a particular game about cubes began to be massively distributed on forums on the Internet. It dragged on the whole world and was created by a simple developer.

Koala Crush MOD

Soooo Hi, you are finally keeping the The Event games on So I will give four And will get back. I used to love this game but sence the last update I have add's and a lot of them. I've dubble checked my add blocker and it's on. I may have to get rid of it and after all these years I've been playing. Well, I am on Level 410, so I guess I'm liking it. I usually give up and move on to another game by now... The challenge is real . It keeps saying my internet connection isn't working but my internet connection works for all of my other apps. Please fix whatevers wrong. Took it off, too many ads. Same ad three times on a row. Play game for a couple of minutes, watch three or more ads. I get it, free app, but let us play a little too..

Koala Crush APK

My data has been restored now and extremely happy with customer service for finally sorting this out after months of trying.. This is also another good game theres not to.many adds with it unless you want to get some more points and you hit the adds button apart from that id give this game a 95 % rateing. Changed from a 3 to a 5 to a 4 star, updates have made this a much better app! Still kinda glitchy, for example I'm on level 3609 but card collections from 3000 and up still aren't unlocked. . Fun--it not really is. The challenge is unfun! How do I get out of it and back to the regular play? That was fun and relaxing..

Koala Crush APK

It doesn't take so long to load, and now they don't have to many updates. I'm glad because I really enjoyed this game.. don't like that there are limited number of lives now. I turned on the ap this afternoon and it put me back to level one. What happened to all my cards and levels? Is there any way to get it all back? If there is then I'll change my review.. Like the game a lot, but videos are often not available for earning free coins. Today i am on level 1295. I have tried several times to choose a booster but it never gives me the booster for that game!. I loved playing this gam and even gave it 5 stars at one time. Now I've edited my review and only give it one star. You can no longer play just for the fun of it. You have to play a level multiple times to pass, and most often need to use your boosters. I just feel they've made it so you spend money to buy boosters just so you can pass and level up. And then there's Champions island which you are locked into, and where you barely pass a level. Sayonara koala crush! Time to find a new game!.

Koala Crush APK

Of all the games I play, I really did like this. It seemed to always give me a way to win with skill and not always just the luck of the drop. That has now changed. Very few moves, like 18 moves to accomplish 80 elements plus they have the ice that keeps eating away your boosters. I end up stuck for a week sometimes, but that never used to happen until 2600 levels...Oh well.... Do NOT buy anything from this publisher!! You will not be able to restore your purchases if you switch it upgrade your phone! I was at level 600, phone broke, got new phone and publisher won't respond to my repeated requests. Stay away! Check out the auto reply below. They never respond for real though.. I don't know why but I am having issues with scoring. I am on level 4000 something but from last week in score board I was on level 1 and it was not changing till today. Now it is showing I am on level 2950. If any one can help me? I want to give it 5 star but just bcz of this issue I am giving it 1 star.. Fun, but I don't want to spend money on game, so sometimes stop because can't clear a level. Then go back and play the next day..

I love the pace of the game along with team helps. Can be a little frustrating but overall a good game. Especially without the ads.. Best game I have EVER HAD. I'm totally addicted to this. I play it on both platforms Android and on iPhone. Great job. Wish you'd come out with more levels more often.. I like this game u don't have 2 spend a Fortune on it 2 move up levels, but if they can't fix it were it just keeps stopping am going 2 uninstall this game. That's y I gave it a 3. I wrote an earlier review but it disappeared. I've never seen that happen I HATE this game. I really do. There isn't enough plays to compete levels unless you play it a hundred times and finally the algorithm lucks out and gives you all the right requirements. And the prizes are minimal and not great. I'm definitely NOT keeping this game. Did I mention that I hate it.

Each puzzle is unique and fun. Some are easy and some are hard. But it is mixed up enough so you don't get frustrated either way.. Amazing it has alot of different stages its like never ending when you finish 10 stages you get a present you always have different things to try beat overall this game is so amazing. Game glitch! I love this game, but it keeps glitching when I try to take out the rows of paper lanterns! They light up normally when I match to them, but they don't disappear when I light up a whole row! Help how do I fix it?. I Love this game so much! It keeps me busy. But one bad side I don't like about it, when u get stuck in a particular stage it would be so difficult to move out except you use the internet. It is data consuming!.

This game is so much more fun than the other games similar to this. The only thing I want is easier access to a join a group. Please fix that and you will get 5 stars! Thanks for the fun!. There's nothing wrong with my internet. What is the probleim? I love this app, but when I try to connect to Facebook it keep saying i have internet problems. But there's nothing wrong with my internet. Help please..

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