NameJump Drive: Get Away
SizeVaries with device
ReleaseNo Six Five

Control a spaceship in the vastness of the Galaxy. Download Jump Drive for Android, and you have the opportunity to take part in the coolest space project.

Take advantage of the cool engine, do not face obstacles, as well as numerous problems. It’s time to go on the most dangerous journey that will take place through endless outer space. In space, many dangers lie in wait on the way. There are laser beams, huge asteroids, and other equally dangerous objects.

That is why you will have to choose a certain moment so that the ship slips past the obstacle. Turn on the engine in time, make a crazy dash and go forward. Here you will find 20 unique ships, and each of them will have its characteristics. You will visit five zones, and pass all 260 types of dangerous obstacles.

It’s time to give all your opponents fewer opportunities to deal with other problems. There is a cool leaderboard, the most incredible achievements, as well as other features of the game project. Excellent graphics, many features, and the best achievements in this project.

Jump Drive: Get Away MOD

I've been playing this game since it came out. And now I moved on to a new phone, and none of my ships, points, or purchases have transfered. Even after selecting "restore purchases".. Game is insanely fun on wear os and my phone but the Google play doesn't login so I can't connect my account. fix needed.. Brilliant game, well done. Works great on Galaxy 5 watch... My son and I both love this game. Best wearable game to date. Spectacular game. Just awesome. The levels are also pretty hard [unless you are a pro at the game]. I really recommend you this game.. Best game in the world for a watch ever if it was payable then also I give the money and buy.

Jump Drive: Get Away APK

Started to play on my android tv. I reached 120K points. Then I installed in my phone bought 3 ships but not synchronized zhe purchese and points. Shame.. SUPER BAD. You can't even hey through challenge 2 and then it resets you if you don't get through challenge two she you need to play the while game over again tm just to list and restart the while entire game. Terrible.

Download ( V1.2.6 )

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