NameTAMAGO Monsters Returns
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TAMAGO Monsters Returns

The scariest monsters are back. TAMAGO Monsters Returns this game appeared back in 2013, but now Tamago Monsters have decided to return. You will receive a reward for each monster, and you can grow them and collect them in collections. Play adventure mode, where you will meet not only the forest of elves but also a real dragon’s nest and a road full of terrible zombies. Experience the collectible mode, where you can find completely ordinary, rare, and unique monsters. Here you will find a variety of equipment to grow monsters, make them even more potent and advance in your development. Pick up great weapons for them, AK-47s, cannons and other equally reliable items.

Grow food for your monsters, and cause a fever that may well turn out to be gold. No one will be able to overtake you in their development when the monsters are more substantial and much more powerful. You have every opportunity to explore heaps of different monsters with unique characteristics, knowledge, and other benefits. Find the best and new for yourself, apply it to your demons, and see what happens. You will definitely like this adventure so that you can experience all the variety of the game project.

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