NameTAMAGO Monsters Returns
Size36.58 Mb
ReleaseSmart Study Games

The scariest monsters are back. TAMAGO Monsters Returns this game appeared back in 2013, but now Tamago Monsters have decided to return. You will receive a reward for each monster, and you can grow them and collect them in collections. Play adventure mode, where you will meet not only the forest of elves but also a real dragon’s nest and a road full of terrible zombies. Experience the collectible mode, where you can find completely ordinary, rare, and unique monsters. Here you will find a variety of equipment to grow monsters, make them even more potent and advance in your development. Pick up great weapons for them, AK-47s, cannons and other equally reliable items.

Grow food for your monsters, and cause a fever that may well turn out to be gold. No one will be able to overtake you in their development when the monsters are more substantial and much more powerful. You have every opportunity to explore heaps of different monsters with unique characteristics, knowledge, and other benefits. Find the best and new for yourself, apply it to your demons, and see what happens. You will definitely like this adventure so that you can experience all the variety of the game project.

TAMAGO Monsters Returns MOD

Really simple minded which is awesome cus I need easy games to enjoy. I like how exciting this click tap game is .. This is a really fun game I am glad I found it on the app store a few years ago and never forgot about it. But in my opinion it's a great game and fun.. I always played this game as a kid and I've been looking all over for it and now I finally found it. This game is one thing: a TAPPING game. 80% if this game is just tapping. After a while playing my hand hurts like crazy. This game had good potential but needs a lot more different game play added to it. You level up literally by tapping. Items that make tapping easier are only made available after a long time of leveling up (through tapping) even if you have the gold to buy them. Quests/game are boring and lame, like having to tap more buttons every time to find items and mainly eggs to crack.. This game is just nostalgic. Its so fun to see that they are still working on it in 2021, a few problems i've had are: i think there should be a way to get food on bigger amounts without buying it, and also maybe a better way to get the materials / elements. What i did like about the game especially are the ads, they come in a fun kind of way (by "finding" them) which in my opinion makes them a bit more enjoyable..

TAMAGO Monsters Returns APK

I am sorry for rating this game two stars because I WANT the old version back and if you make the old version than I waill rate this game five stars and this game is really fun. This is a clicker... Tap 300 times to break an egg, after that, if you get lucky, it turns into a rare egg, then tap 700 more times, sometimes you do critical which equals to 2 taps... Enemies? Tap them to death... I guess the passive taps comes with paying? No thanks.... Used to play this a lot as a kid so it's very nostalgic but kind of boring now. Not very many monsters, I remember when I was a kid I kept getting the same ones all the time and got bored of it. Was looking for it again ever since my tablet broke (for years) and just found it!. I like the game but when it says countless I mean there is only like 100 monsters both first form and in evolutionary stage pls add more monsters and dungeons overall this game is great!!.

TAMAGO Monsters Returns APK

I played this game a lot as a kid and enjoyed it, but playing it now is sort of anticlimactic. Still it's a good time killer when bored. My main complaint is not being able to access the settings aside from in the begining screen.. Why have a travel limiter? You literally punish me for playing your game by not letting me play your game! That's pretty dumb don't ya think? Thought you wanted people to play since you make money off ads...dumb!. I hate the game cause it always says "tamago monsters reutens isnt responding" pls update this i give bonus 1 cause i can play for 15 seconds?!?. I loved this game when I was little it was so mu h fun and when I saw it returned it mDe me really happy and I'm so glad to have this game I give this 5/5.

TAMAGO Monsters Returns APK

Can't play on my phone's brand (i click start the game crashes).. (bonus two stars (one for listening and other for a good game) i have played it on my old phone it was nice~ so please help me... it is really cool.i hate the ads that pop up. i wish was a bit better you know like actually walking around then finding eggs and even fighting monsters on the way. maybe even train them.. I liked this game i am playing from 2014 this is very interesting app i think everybody should download this game it is actually about touches of your fingers and we also have to fight with several boses and unlock new levels. I Love this game but it's gilched and every time I try to open it, it closes the game. I played it with with my friend once like 2 years ago and I loved it. Please fix this Gilch as soon as possible..

I love this game and I have been playing it for years now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love this game! Everyone should play it. Its a super good time waster. I used to play this years ago but uninstalled it for some reason but now i come back to itnin never really knew how good this game was. You should definitely download it if you don't have it already. I decided to try this game given the mixed reviews. First off, I dislike tappers and carpal tunnel syndrome, but ignoring that, it's a pretty fun game. Way more to it than other similar apps making it a proper game other than the tapping. Rare in the app world. Finding rare creatures actually takes time and effort making it feel like a real accomplishment when you finally get one and exciting! I loathe instant gratification in a game, as I am not a toddler. I tried really hard to like this game enough to give it high stars because of it's genuine game feel and effort (despite my oncoming carpal tunnel from obnoxious tapping), however there are two massive problems. First off, the ads. I will be tapping away sometimes only to accidentally tap a stupid ad which risks messing up my game, put the ads on top or far left during battle please. Second, I will be in the middle of battles and the game will crash and it is not a rare occurrence but happens too often, making me uninstall the game out of frustration. It's bad enough that my wrists are killing me, but you have the crashing which makes me do all that tapping over again? Forget that.. This game is incredible, its addictive and it always gives me a new goal to complete, its never ending fun.

It's pretty fun and it's a little interesting on the rare eggs in the hatching of the eggs so it's actually pretty coo. This was a horrible game and I wish it never existed. You will get the same exact "monster" every time you find an egg. For me it looked like an elephant but with a triangle body.. All the people who says bad reviews about this should be ashame of themselves because you cant create a game that is so wonderful like this & if someon who said a bad review , show me your game & lets compare it to this game to prove whose more better. The only thing I don't like is the whole ad found thing but other than that it is really good and for anyone complaining about the monsters and quest this designed for children so back off. Love the game you guys did a good job!.

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