NameFurious Crossy
ReleaseByte Crafts

Dynamic arcade racing game with an isometric view. Furious Crossy is a dynamic arcade racing game with an isometric view for mobile devices running Android.

In this race, you have to participate in not quite regular competitions. You have to participate in the races not on ordinary roads but along alleys and courtyards. The difficulty is that several drivers participate in the race, the lanes are narrow, and there is a possibility of a large-scale accident. Plus, the periodic appearance of traffic adds more problems. You will drive retro cars with different characteristics. You can improve cars, not through modifications but the purchase and combination of identical vehicles.

Moreover, the more such associations there are, the higher the characteristics. During the race, you can use nitro acceleration. However, keep in mind that its supply is not infinite but replenishes very slowly.

Furious Crossy MOD

its actually better than most of the other small games out there, and it actually delivers what i saw in the ads. there is a few ads once in a while, but nothing you can't easily ignore, and the developer needs to get paid somhow. overall great small game that you can entertain yourself with.. this game is so cool merging ur cars and see them crash this is what I like it's cool to see all the cars u can get!.

Download ( V2.7.6 )

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