NameLittle Krishna

A rather attractive hero awaits you, a rather mischievous Krishna. Download Little Krishna for android, it’s time for you to meet a mischievous kid named Krishna.

We must help him avoid the main villain Chandrika, who is going to punish him. Try to solve all his problems, enjoy new levels, and have a blast in this entertaining game.

Very difficult obstacles and entertaining adventures await you, and all this will be on your way. Avoid bull horns, angry elephants, and incredibly hot lava flows. Collect a large number of coins, get great scores from your friends and save your new friend.

You can enjoy a unique 3D game, play with little Krishna, and also play a little naughty. Get incredible rewards for completing, unlocking unique characters, and fully exploring these lands. You can invite friends here, play with them and show them what you are capable of at all.

Save our main character from all problems, go through a large number of obstacles with him and enjoy such a unique game. This project turned out to be completely free, which means you have the opportunity to show yourself, and your unique abilities and win everything for our favorite hero.

Little Krishna MOD

Hi thank you so much and hope to see if the owners available to the same to me that you have received the email and the second the hi to all the time and the rest is history to be the et UE email address is no longer in use for the delay but the last time you will be in Hi harika to be Hi Amma and the Hi harika to be the best time for the first to know the exact time and consideration and time is Hi Amma and hi to the inbox folder you are interested in this message is not available Thanks the re. I think this game is inspired by Subway surfers but more interesting than Subway surfers I love to playing this game . This game is very interesting and good l like it very much and this game is about Lord krishna and my favourite running game it is I like it very very much there is no hack and no top up that's good I like it very nice game really!!!!!!!. Game was nice, I purchased barrel of feathers yesterday, amount is debited from my account but feathers is not received in app, this is soo bad . When I started playing this game my siblings saw this game and they also downloadad it their own mobile superb game .

Little Krishna APK

Fun game, terrible ad content. Playing a game with Krishna characters was fun for me but watching ad for restaurants where beef is served while in an app featuring Krishna was eh, not awesome. I know they don't control their ads but they could control the categories and say no restaurants.. I LIKE THIS GAME SOO MUCH LITTLE KRISHNA IS MY FAVOURITE GOD AND I LIKE THE FLUTE SOUND I AM PLAYING DAILY THIS GAME ONLY. It is a wonderful game i love when krishna run behind devil and many more abilities powers are there in the game. That is good game but I deleted this game for one year and this game hurt my heart and I lost my confidence for 1 week but now I install this and next time this hurt me lost my confidence I will delete this game and I will never install this game.

Little Krishna APK

This was a wonderful full game little Krishna . Krishna is my favorite God and he fulfilled my dreams I did not play this game but I saw when my brother is playing this game I think that I want to play this game I return to my home I just download this and was so excited while playing this game Thank you. So much . I like this game too much it is very good industrial say that it is a biggest game ever played. I just love this endless game and my kids also love this game and this game is really educational game. Thanks to create this endless game.. I give it 1 star because I am play game in the middle of game I was out in road I will dropped in water but no water in there.

Little Krishna APK

Abhijit sudhakar you shut up this is God game of Hinduism if it not have graphics but it is only on our God I am not saying that you should not write anything. This game is amazing I love this game but one thing in this game add many Adventures with Little Krishna this game is very nice amazing excellent good well this game is very very amazing I like this game because Lord Krishna is very touch to my heart so I like this game very much thank you. Why India little Krishna is not available and hanging and lag problem please solve the problem please..... Little Krishna game owner me. Scammers, used purchase a paid version so that my kid enjoy the game without any interuption but these scammers find other way to click bait to the ads. Deeply disappointed, felt like someone has looted me i daylight. 0% recommendation for any person for a paid version. Thank you .

Download ( V4.4.321 )

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