Jupiter Jump APK Mod 1.0.2 (Unlocked)

Last update February 10, 2024

NameJupiter Jump
Size34.15 Mb

Play as a brave astronaut. Jupiter Jump, his spaceship, suffered a terrible crash near Jupiter. Our main character has only a suitcase behind his back and nothing else. The entire surface of this planet is covered with some strange material, which seriously springs when touched. That is why he will constantly bounce. You have one main task, and you have to get down somehow. Try not to run into powerful bombs that are incomprehensibly scattered throughout the territory. For any goal passed, bonus points will be awarded. It is necessary to make sure that you can score as many points as possible for just passing.

A large number of endless levels that will be very interesting and funny. The most addictive gameplay, pixel graphics, and simple controls. All this will help you enjoy the game, show all your best features and learn many exciting things in this game world. Take advantage of the original features to get more points and become the leader of the world standings. Any of us could test our abilities and have a great time with friends.

Jupiter Jump MOD

I loved this game when i was little but now it judt crashes every time i try to open it, please update it. Update: does not work on Pixel 5. I love the idea of this game and I think it's very fun, however, for an arcade style game like this there is too much lag. Sometimes the character continues to move for half a second before the screen updates. Additionally, a pause button is a must.. I boot up the game and it keeps crashing straight away ! So I haven't played it yet so I don't know if I like the game or not. Please fix this ! I have a Poco X3 NFC running Android 10.. The game is not playable on android 10. There is a ingame Massage telling and so i cannot play the game anymore.. I used to love this game! It was my favorite game ever, but now, the devs pay no attention to it and won't update so that the new Android OS can handle it. Please, just update the game!!!.

Jupiter Jump APK

Great game but on my phone it keeps crashing. My friend's phone is also an Android an it works fine for him but not for me. Please fix this issue but great game overall.. The game just crashes. Disappointed. Update: Switched phones. Definitely an app issue. C'mon Noodlecake Studios. Fix this game so I can relive the experience I had playing it on iOS.. I'm trying to play it on one of the newest phones and it keeps stopping. Please fix this soon, because it's one of the best games ever released. By Me.. i can't even get it to start! i love this game i used to play it on iOS but now on Android i can't..

Jupiter Jump APK

Honestly, I can't even play it. It won't load on my Note 8. I'm just reviewing it for visibility to the issue.. Please fix this game, it doesn't work on android devices and it keeps crashing when I load the game up. I loved this game when I played it on Apple. Why TF it doesn't run in a Moto z???? It crashes on the loading screen I used to love this game, but it's unplayable now FIX THIS!!!!!. The only thing I don't like about this game is the graphics. In my opinion and I'm not gonna lie, but the graphics are terrible. Maybe what I would do is make the background more realistic so we know what is what..

Jupiter Jump APK

As soon as I opened the game right after installing it, a message comes up saying the game has stopped. Every time I closed the game and reopened it I got the same message. This occurred dozens of times! Not once did the game even open so that I could play it. Nice game but it doesn t have level and it is a very simple game Anw l like this game. Haven't been. Able to play it on any of my previous phones. Hopefully it gets fixed so I can play again :(. Played the game on a friend's phone, when I download and attempt open the game it will open and the close and state a issue has happened..

I love this game. It was my favorite game on my old iPhone. But ever since I switched to android, the app opens, displays the loading screen for a half a second (upside down) then immediately crashes. Jupiter has 2.5x the amount of gravitational force than Earth so it would actually be harder to jump. Also at the beginning it says 42 light-years away, Earth is only 588 million kilometers away from Jupiter.. This game looks really fun, but every time I click the app it says Jupiter jump has stopped. Will re-rate when fixed. This is the message I get every single time I try start the game. Won't get past the loading screen. Please fix..

Can't even remember the last time I was able to play this game. Crashes upon start up and no fix in site.. I absolutely enjoyed playing this game it's been a while got a new phone just remember this game and I'm finished downloading it but when I started up it doesn't load it shuts off PLEASE fix I have a LG V10 this is one of the newest and greatest phones out there my phone shouldn't be the issue if I can play this again I'd rate it a thousand stars if I could. Every single time I lose the whole game freezes and crashes I've tried deleting and reopening but nothing is working I loved this game before. A great game, very addictive in a "just one more" kind of way. It crashes often or just restarts to the main screen. Would have given 5 starts if it wasn't for that issue..

Crashes upon opening on Galaxy S7 Edge. Was really looking forward to enjoying the retro graphics on this phone's gorgeous display. :(. I love this game sm!!, but it does not work! Have you not seen these reports! Why has it not been fixed?. I had it on my iphone and loved it, but on my new android it wont even open! Please fix this. I'd like to see some more level maps. Everything else about the game is pretty much perfect, just more level maps please. Oh, and maybe add some more phrases to the song? Great game otherewise..

I hate this stupid app it's dumb and won't freaking open if I could I wouldn't of even gave 1* at all. I know this is not much to do with the game but Jupiter doesnt have a ground cuz its all gas so u can't jump on Jupiter... The biggest planet in our system that u can actually jump on is Earth... Nvm. Hard to rate a game I've never played. I never played it because it crashes so much I can't even play it. If I could give zero stars I would. Wow, never knew of a death penalty so harsh.. When ever i die, i kid you not, the game crashes..

When I go on it it points the tip of the ship down and doesn't do anything.... That's all its not frozen because I can go to the home screen but other wise its a stupid game. I love this game! The sound tracks are wonderful! Could you make it a downloadable? I wouldn't mind paying for it even.. I really do love this game but every time I go to open it crashes. I have a galaxy s5 with the newest update. Please fix!!!. The game its self is great but everytime I play it crashes and I have to restart it all over again. I would love an update without bugs but until then I can barely stand to play this game..

Love the game, but i can hardly get through one play before it crashes on me. Nothing i do seems to help. Its frustrating because i want to play it, but i know it will glitch and crash.. This app is very cool now that the previous issue is fixed I'm moderately happy :) all I can suggest now is to add power up and something to spend your score on? Anyway fun addictive app download it and try it. Just like another user said, I want to like it but its too glitchy. Every other time I die I have to restart the game to play. Its just not worth the struggle.

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