NameRealtime Fidget Spinner Games
ReleaseTimuz Games

Realtime Fidget Spinner Games is the most entertaining spinner adventure; you can have a great time, find all the possibilities and take advantage of your unique characteristics.

There will be a variety of spinners, unique colors, and colors, and you will have to conquer vast territories. At first, everything seems very simple, but the further you climb, the more complicated your progress will be. We must be cautious, as there will be plenty of problems, and they must be solved positively. You will have to become bold and cunning to beat your opponents. Choose the best strategy to end up with ample space.

You will start with the smallest size of your spinner, then increase its size substantially. A fascinating graphical universe with a wide variety of actions and everything that will help you test a variety of tactics. Protect your territory, get bigger and bigger, and get great bonuses. Play online, get more features, and control the gameplay itself in full.

Realtime Fidget Spinner Games MOD

Can't even play it, when I press play an ad pops up not just once or twice always so you can't even get to the game. Cant even play the game anymore, prob a new bug, because everytime I press "online" or "offline" game, an add pops up, but i dont get sent into the game. Same with "challenge mode".. there's definitely ads, this is mobile game after all but other than that the game is easy, sure you might struggle during the beginning for like 5 seconds before you end up growing so big that no one can come close. Whenever i press a game mode to chose i get a add, and it never puts me in the game, unplayable pretty much.... anybody know this is a fidget spinner fight game no one yeah you're in for a surprise you have to play this game everybody don't have to but it's the funnest game ever you get you get to fight fidget spinners fighting fidget Spinners everyday like this the game you have to play I'm not telling you halfway it's just so far I am really crying right now you just have to play did you know I can play the game you get money play the game now my name is is Kenneth Thompson thank you.

Realtime Fidget Spinner Games APK

this is a kind of 'bots life matter" game because when you enter play against AI you will spawn smaller than the bots and you will be defeated in only 1 sec which is unfair (sorry for my bad english). This is a very VERY great game! By the way guys i just wanted to say that if you don't want any ads just turn your freaking mobile wifi and then relogin OKEY. FROM NOW ON I DON'T WANNA HEAR ANYBODY SAYS *OMG so many ads* understanding?. This game sucks when a become the biggest no one never kill me or can be bigger than me lol and soooo easy to become the biggest dont download this game you will regret trust me. Whoever is the creator of this game this game is sucking. When we die an ad comes. I will uninstall this game if you don't decrease the ads..

Realtime Fidget Spinner Games APK

Worst game ever , there are so many ads that a player can't even play the game properly . This happens in challenge mode , And when ever you die , you get an option of reviving back by watching a video , when you are revived , you are instantly killed and game is over . My recommendation are that don't download it pls. Really upset because playstore has no option for 0 star review.Worst Experience from an app till date. Only home screen, not a single game can i play, really upset with it. Even when I Reinstalled it 2 times more. It is a good time to get a chance to win the game is on the way to the gym and you know that I can see it in my head is killing my airtel money and the Two Strings I don't know what to do it again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

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