Hoop Stars APK Mod 1.7.1 (Free Shopping)

Last update February 12, 2024

NameHoop Stars
Size31.25 Mb
ReleaseSayGames Ltd

Colorful timekiller with exciting gameplay. Hoop Stars is a mobile game for Android devices, a timekiller in the “arcade” genre, where players have to compete with other users in unusual activities.

Throughout the gameplay, players will have to thread the hoops through the ball placed on the location. The player must control the circle’s movement, into which the ball must slip. The trick is that the ball will end up in different places, which does not depend on anything. The game has four levels. You must compete in the above actions in each class with a random opponent.

To win, you must score five or more points than the opponent at a particular time. You will be given the keys needed to open magical chests for victories. Inside them, you can find crystals for which you can buy hoops and new balls. You can also get these crystals for watching ads. The game has a very bright design and dynamic gameplay.

Hoop Stars MOD

I like it but if it was also made for pc it would be a 5 star review and not 4 star.. I like this game but was it really necessary to watch ads after a single match? I'm not really sure if this is an AI or a real person but you need to make it a little more challenging because I mostly manage to get hoops while the opponent gets none and I'm sick of it because it's too easy. I wouldn't highly recommend this game tbh. The best game EVER! I just love it cuz it's so satisfying! Literally so addicting! 4 stars! *I mean... I don't mind the ads!.. *. This is a perfect example of taking a simple, enjoyable game concept and burrying it behind so many ads that the game is almost unplayable. I keep the app around because it's fun in short bursts, but you can expect to spend more time watching ads than playing the actual game. If there were a way to spend a few bucks to play ad-free I would be playing this game a lot, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that, so I cannot recommend.. LOVE IT!! You can play this game with no WIFI,it doesn't crash and all and it's super fun! I really like this game! I'd totally recommend this game!, it's sooooooooooooooooooooo AMAZING YOU can get skin you can have a custom name pretty good! It's super interesting.

Hoop Stars APK

Sorry, the game means later on when there will be a challenge, then it does not give anything, nor does it give any report, nor does it give anything, that is, give a little record, otherwise you will complete the challenge, in which nothing is given in the reward.ok don't this game . By the top 1 it well goob I wish there is no adds anb also the rank is not working. Thank you.. I love this game it is so much fun and I always win every single match I play. This is the best game ever. Keep up the good work. . used to be a real fun game until updated, now it won't even work... Smh... Kinda pisses me off tbh... I was a GOD @ this game... .

Hoop Stars APK

Another bad game with tons of ads Edit: totally understandable if that would be the case but this is "tons" I have played free games on google before so.. just here to call it. This is my favourite game I actually learnt from this I have a quality about me I feel more like I'm good at different things hoop star hoop hoop. This game is absolutely incredible& so worth downloading! I think everybody should download this game in the entire world! All should download this game now! When I say now I mean, RIGHT NOW! So hit that install button& download it now! Wait,are you still reading this? What is wrong with you? I TOLD YOU TO DOWNLOAD THIS GAME RIGHT NOW! WHY ARE YOU NOT DOWNLOADING THIS? DOWNLOAD IT NOW I SAID! DOWNLOAD THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!! WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? DOWNLOAD MEANS NOW!. Tha game has no sounds, you can't play with your friends, you can't play online, it just AI you play with and it let you win every time..

Hoop Stars APK

I have played this game way too much. I'm literally on my 307 tournament. But the games just too easy, for the next update I suggest either a difficulty option or a multi-player mode. Also I have all the avatars with nothing to spend my gems on so I suggest more hoop and ball options. This game is very fun and hard but there are many ads I don't like it but the game was a dream there are very very very fun bro this game 5 starsOk. Princess activities. Thorfinn brainwashed Europeans no longer go berserk as they can join social media groups where they can vent their anger and get more information about real life and so the colorum CIA can no longer exploit their Thorfinn tendencies. This phenomenon and the FBI abandoning CIA colorum system turning into a Govt Department with bureacratic standards and accountability with operations like a real office with goals and quota it's going to be very hard for Princesa Alex the Terro. There is literally an ad every 7 seconds even if you win or lose there is still an ad. The game is fun on its own but it had way too many ads for my liking..

Very boring game too much ads and not interesting game should be named boring game.If there is option of 0 stars I will have given 0 only. Very very nice nice, must try Just amazing This is my favorite game I play many games but this game is just awesome touch my heart. I give it four stars becase it is a realy fun game but to easy and i think that there shood be a online option and not just ai. Again a decent game but I hate the really quick games and playing against AI that do nothing and now the ads after every game like it really annoying.

Its pretty fun but way to easy. I can most often win by just scoring only one point. It would be cool if they added multiplayer and different difficulty levels. Also a REAL competition among REAL people would be nice. This is why I only give it 3 stars.. It's fun for people that do nothing all day but but when you actually play it it's fun for about 3 minutes cuz it's spoon easy that's why I give it 2 stars.. Please don't download this game so many add this is not a game add section add add add no game. Such a perfect game for mindless play. No strategy, no building, no collecting/mining resources. Just simple game play. But WAY too many ads and no way to turn them off. I would pay $.99 for an ad-free version. I love the game, but the ads kill it..

Great game. I had fun making it all of the way through the tournaments and competing in the final round. Not too many ads, customizable options, 5/5.. The add was one of those click to select character/hoop insinuating that there was a playable mini game in the add. it was fun me and my sis and bro had a lot of fun and see who can get the win i love play the game. This is a very cute game. I like it a lot. But the ads are getting longer and the option to move on is now missing. Also, not certain how many levels there are, etc. Best wishes..

I have not played it for a day but I fill like it is going to be a good game. I love thisbgame I been playing for a long time on my sisters phone and now I'm downloading it on my phone. I love playing all the time. There is a lot of ads but you can just play offline and you'll be good to go. I hope everyone enjoyed the game peace . Very fun game but it has some bugs, for exampe I cant watch adds and there is no volume. I would like to see those bugs fixed to make a great playing expeirence even better!.

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