NameSteppy Pants
ReleaseSuper Entertainment!

A cool walking simulator that will be interesting to pass. This year you will be able to test yourself in an incredible game that will be something unusual for our time.

Download Steppy Pants for Android, so you can test this simulator for strength. You just need to remain calm in order to overcome the most incredible difficulties. Here you are waiting for crazy drivers who are ready to knock down any pedestrian on their way.

They can fly out from any direction and give you trouble. You have to do a lot to pass this or that level without any problems. You can not only laugh well but also really cry.

Only then will you be able to understand how much pleasure you can get just walking the streets of the city. This is an incredibly interesting game that will be a good helper in your free time. Despite the fact that the players spend a lot of time here, they still continue to be surprised and laugh.

You must do everything possible to complete all the tasks on your way. There are many options for execution and other subtleties of the gameplay. It remains only to tune in to the game, do everything possible and just break away from pressing problems.

Steppy Pants MOD

Downloaded this game ages ago and bought the moneybags skin to get rid of ads. Booted it back up today and see they added a VIP and now I'm getting ads.. I'll admit the games solid but there has to be a Google play save system, so my Data could be saved no matter how many times I download the game.. Great game! The unlockables and random other things clutter up the screen a bit too much for my taste though.. Great classic funny simple challenging game but is it defunct now? Game crashes when I try to make a purchase and my previous save game did not load from play games.. Paid to remove ads a long time ago and now I'm supposed to buy a subscription to get rid of ads..

Steppy Pants APK

best part of this game for me was always the music, but the video ads are intrusive and ridiculous. the audio randomly plays with no video while "stepping" is still visible, and upon closing the app the ad audio still plays. upon reopening the app, multiple commercials start playing in a row instead of letting you access the game. goodbye.. When I first played awesome fun little game with few ads and a good stress factors but as it continued ads for more frequent and a lot more annoying just today, I opened the app and the first thing I saw was an ad bed re it even loaded the game. Unbelievable. It sucks the 1st level is the most annoying part and the cars were just annoying because they were not leaving. Worst game ever, the floor is lava is literally impossible. Stuck on the third checkpoint! Why make a game so difficult that it is unplayable. I'm done downloading s###. I'm making, my own games from now on. It is despicable, and disappointing how terrible the human race has gotten to make s### like this. No products are good anymore..

Steppy Pants APK

Still waiting on a fix for the costume RNG. Still hitting God of Wealth legs on over half of all purple spins.. SO MANY ADS. Its a fun game, but almost everytime you mess up you get an ad. I understand the point of ads to get more coins or another life, but when they're constantly put ads in it makes the game annoying to play :/. I was OBSESSED with this game a few years ago. Very sad to see it seemingly abandoned by the devs, especially since they're pushing an obscenely priced VIP membership while there is a game ruining bug which has been present for years. The final few costumes (all after leg of wealth) cannot ever be won. Costumes are the primary incentive and reward! Would have gladly rated this game 5/5 in the past. It's still a blast, still runs great, but is marred by that serious bug and a lack of support.. I love this game but i haven't been able to play it for days. Ive tried restarting it, reinstalling and force stopping and it just shows the floating head on the loading screen then never goes further. Edit: its working now but all my stuff is deleted which is a huge bummer..

Steppy Pants APK

Doesn't even load in so it needs to load faster so people can play it cuz it doesn't Even load in. Your game sucks, everytime my daughter tries to load into the game, it doesn't work, she waited 4 hours for your stupid game to load. Doesn't work on s21. Tried redowloading it multiple times. Tried force stopping, clearing data and caches. After 45 minutes I gave up. Help?. I'm just reading the title of this Snappy pants it's weird but it's kind of Snappy pants but you are jelly guy and you walk and you try not step on crack sounds really annoying I would play.

It's a good game but some objects are invisible (some sprites, falling platforms in the lava mode) if this bug was fixed then it would be 5 stars. It's awsome,but I'm not sure how to make it work for me and I just wanted to give you a quick heads up. I like this game but there's just one problem I don't not know why it brings up ads but that's not just a problem the reason why this problem is is because really there's nothing but another level with a Christmas update I try to scroll back to the Christmas update but it doesn't seem to work but I still like this game also there's another reason why this game is so funny he just fails and makes noises like like I kind of don't know but he just makes noises this game is just like a wow. Hey creator of this game I like it make a steppy pants 2 or something new but this game is good and it's funny just like you creator.

I am addicted to this, and that is way more then I can say for any other game. Please never stop support for this game it is a legend!. I had purchased Money bags (ad free) but there is no option to restore purchases. The game doesn't save data in cloud too so all progress is lost. Now when I click on Money bags again it says "You already own this item." but it doesn't let me use Money bags and ads are still shown. I have emailed the developer but they haven't replied me so please don't do any In-app purchases.. Used to play hours and hours of this a few years ago, why do I come back to a $32 a month subscription, even Netflix isn't that greedy. Great game, although there is a bug in the floor is lava where the weak floor wont load at all, so whole sections of the map are just invisible, they still have collision. But it would be appretiated if this would be fixed..

I love this game but I have a slight problem with it it's the ads when I skip the ad and then it goes to a gray screen I have no idea why. This game's fun and all but Those little cracks are hard like it took me forever and then I died from T and T. Honestly it's really fun and it hasn't changed since I last played it, though I don't know if this is a problem with my phone but it always crashes when I try to open itand sometimes the character bugs out into oblivion and just loses the game.. I have an S21+ that can't run Steppy Pants which kinda ridiculous. It crashes on boot which is a shame because it is a good game.

Used to love the game and decided to reinstall. Game crashed after you put in age. I cleared cache and restarted the phone and got the same result. Obvious bug that they don't care to fix. Oh well, guess I will spend my money elsewhere.. It's fun. But there's ads that pop out when you die but that can be fixed by Turning off your connection. There is a bug in this game. When I installed and opened it, it asked about "age", "policy" and after i agreed all its questions, the studio name introduction screen was showed. Then i was kicked out, couldn't play the game... Please check and fix this bug. Thank you!. What the hell when I reach 120 m I keep on dying on the cracks delete the cracks like if u did something wrong like putting your legs to long that should only be the that you can die and die from the TNT and stop. Showing I don't Like ads so add a no ads thing that dose not cost any money .

Doesn't work It uses to be good now it just can't even launch for me.(I'm on Samsung by the way.)if anyone knows how fix this,let me know.. Great job devs. Wanted to try the free trial but no part of it works. I still have ads and I have no benefit from the subscription. I also still see the offer to buy the subscription which is irritating because I am supposed to already have it. Definitely will be saving my money this time.. After I put in my age, it kicked me out back to my home screen. I think I would like the game if I could play it.. Everyone has such a problem. Departure when loading. I wanted to remember the old days, it's called... UPD (after 2 weeks): problem dont solved.

Lovely game, but it now constantly tries to sell people on a VIP subscription at $10.99 a week. *WEEK*. That's $45 a month for an endless runner game. That level of predatory whaling is absolutely shameful. Don't let your kids play this one.. I have to rate this game one star because of Steppy Social. This game comes with a social media service within the app, which has no moderation of any kind. It's full of sex bots, foul language, and literal children doing face reveals and doxxing themselves. It's a dangerous place for children, and the majority of Steppy Social's users are under ten. Who thought this was a good idea? Also, the game is incompleteable thanks to the God Of Wealth Legs bug that they refuse to fix.. Update: After trying all the suggested fixes and the game still crashing at the intro. I went into the app setting on my phone for steppy pants and when I turned on the option to "use data while the data saver is on" (my data saver was not turned on), but when I seleted that option, steppy pants worked perfectly, no crashes. (Original problem: It keeps crashing at load,I'm still giving 5 stars because this game is super addicting and fun and i know the developers will get on this issue! Thanks!). I bought the vip and i did not get anything like no ads and the skin and other vip stuff.

I found a way to play the game, Just turn of you mobile data, your welcome, anyway I love this game so much that I came back to playing it.. It's so fun and hard it took like forever to download it I think this needs 4 stars because it took me like forever but this is my best rated game this much I love it .. This game is the best and I remember when I was young me and my brother used to play it. Ahh brings back my childhood.

Download ( V2.8.33 )

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