NameLight-It Up
ReleaseCrazyLabs LTD

Quite an exciting arcade game that will test all your skills. Download Light-It Up for Android, in this game project you have to help our hero return a lot of bright colors to this dark world.

Of course, it will be quite difficult for him to cope alone, so it is you who are obliged to help him. Take control of it in your hands and go to meet the craziest adventures. This madness can go on for a very long time, so do not waste time, it would be time to start certain actions.

You will touch a variety of objects that at one moment will flash with bright colors. During this time, you must complete many tasks, return all the bright colors to the world and solve a huge number of problems.

To do everything right, you will have to try very hard and use all your real parkour skills. Complete at least one task, and you will feel how difficult it is. Most importantly, according to the laws of the genre, any new level will be more difficult than the previous one.

Soon, such tasks will open in which you will have to spend a lot of time to overcome them. Get crazy bonuses, experience these adventures for yourself, and make the world much brighter.

Light-It Up MOD

I think light it up is amazing it's entertaining and no problems with the game play at all I love it so much. It's a great game I love the graphics I love the physics I love the sound it's awesome great work!. its cool when yo actualy play the game first time level 5 is hard but the game has more experience in last check the game today and dont dislike it pls. This game is very relaxing unlike most games I get annoyed when I lose on this one I don't really care unless I get stuck on it for too long but it doesn't happen that often this is a really good game all in all you should get it. I love this game it's very calm and is relaxing if you die it will feel fair I think its because of the music the adds don't bother me but usually when I get ads in a game or something Im watching I get mad and want to throw my phone butt this is a game I will recommend.

Light-It Up APK

Its fun but this is my first time playing it so I don't know if it's fun still I just got the game so remember I just got it. Great game but just......... WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG FOR IT TO DOWNLOAD. Even the trailer for it on google plays makes me have to wait. By the time I'm writing this I can hear the trailer. I haven't gotten far but so far it's really good, the controls are amazing and the movement is so smooth. So I recommend this game.. In order to enjoy it properly I bought the no ads deal, you don't have to buy without there is an ad every 2 tries. Pretty good tho.

Light-It Up APK

8 rounds in and 10 ads so far. It's a bit excessive. VIP weekly is too much just to remove adds. Would be better to offer a single ad free purchase.. It is such a nostalgic game I downloaded it in 2020 and I had so much fun but the level was was hard for me back then so now I'm way better at it I hope they make some good updates soon. It's pretty good. Haven't encountered anything bad besides a bunch of ads. It's pretty nice to play when ever my mind is completely scattered and this helps a lot with my ADHD when I really don't know what to focus on. So there you have it. In a very bad game.. I'm always sh!*t talking about the games that o play that say that their relaxing and calming whenever they actually suck!!!but I swear to God this is probably one of the most relaxing and fun games I've ever played<3( )b.

Light-It Up APK

I absolutely love how it's fun and challenging at the same time, as well as the hard levels even though you've just started playing. It's also very satisfying to play. One thing I absolutely disliked is the "Continue?" part. Where each of the lines around slowly fades out, takes so long. I mean it's fast but a waste of time. It could be better if they made the Continue screen be skipped in just one tap, I think tapping doesn't make it any faster either. Still, I love this app.. Very nice and satisfying sounds But a bit difficult yet still i have given 5 stars because I May be bad Plus it has get visual satisfaction. Very good and cool game. It is fun to find new ways and harder ways to complete each level. Only problem I have with it is the levels are finite. Is there a possibility to add more levels?. It wouldn't let me go on to the next level when I gave up so thats why it's only 1 star.

I love the game the background music is so euphoric, and calm I could listen to it all day and I love the sound only issue is there is s so many ads after anything and everything you do I get they have to make their money and I'd pay vip if it wasn't a weekly charge if it was a one time charge I'd do it. Good game is a 1 ad is finish at too black screen but me lv28 is not finish So go me too lv28 but is ad not working. Really fun game! It's so calming and relaxing and people say there is a bunch of ads but to get the most calming experience, I just turn the wifi off on my phone so it's as relaxing as possible!. Such a fun game, a really good pastime and I love the mechanics. Super fluid. I made it my goal to not go past a level before completing it 3 stars. Kudos to the team.I'm looking forward to new levels!.

Insanely fun and addictive! Challenging but fair, no predatory practices, reasonable add fee payment, and a ton of levels. I really hope they add more levels someday or make a sequel. Thank you for the experience this was definitely a hidden gem. There is one thing I would like to note The trailer for this game is completely disingenuous! None of the cool sound effects or particle effects. Just some confetti when you complete the LVL. YOU GUYS DON'T NEED TO DECEIVE PEOPLE WITH A FAKE TRAILER. it just gives me this type of chill dimensional vibe the colors just gets me, and it's good for me to play at midnight or somewhere in the morning like 5-6 (-GO DOWNLOAD "LIGHT-IT UP!" FOR FREE IN THE APP STORE NOW!!!-) make yourself feel the vibe . Amazing game of you want a game to keep you busy this is the one for you love this game j love it and suggest it for everyone to download it. This app is great it's one of the best I've played in my opinion there cool levels cool skins fun ways to treverse through levels vibrant colors and so much more it's amazing.

It a Stress booster Give a try... When our char is dead it's soo long to try again the repetitive level... It would be better if retry level button Immediately....

Download ( V1.9.0.5 )

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