NameCore War
Size20.91 Mb
ReleaseCoreWar Games

Interesting arcade game. Core War is a free project to help you control a real plane. You will have to blow up various balls of planets that contain numbers. In addition, you will have to blow up more balls from different worlds, try to dodge separate attacks, and resisting opponents. If you can’t survive, you’ll have to start from the beginning. You will level up, upgrade your weapons, and have a great time. The higher your level is, the larger and more powerful weapons will become. Try to enjoy the improvement and learn something new and unusual.

In addition, you will have a variety of events. They will be able to double your rewards and developments and earn coins. It is for them that you can improve weapons that will help you win the craziest confrontations. Management takes place on the one hand, but becoming a real champion is still quite challenging. Very nice graphics and many unique opportunities to become the best and resist a wide variety of opponents. It remains only to do serious things to win all the confrontations eventually.

Core War MOD

Fun game, on level 386, practice makes perfect, if you turn off your data and WiFi you won't have problems with ads after every level....5 stars easy.. Yet another potential fun experience ruined by ads after every. single. level. when will game devs learn things is a huge turnout too 99% of people. Don't bother with this ad farm.. It starts out fun, and asks you to give a rating, which is unfair. Because the moment you reach Level 35, that's where things start to get annoying. These planets that chase you, there is really no way to deal with them once the start chasing you from the side or the back. The only real weapon to deal with them is the laser, but it only fires infront. Anyways, I'm giving this a solid 1-star until they remove all the annoying things that will make you uninstall the game.. make this game different !!!..theres other games exactly like this game...try differnt game features and game modes...good game tho.

Download ( V1.1.7 )

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