NameDan the Man
ReleaseHalfbrick Studios

The best online game of 2016. An exciting game that can bring us back to the classic roots. Everything here is quite simple but simultaneously filled with various actions, fights, and other events. You need to download Dan the Man for Android; you can immediately take control of this legendary hero.

The project’s plot is quite fantastic and will make any player smile. Excellent combat skills, and an arsenal of the most incredible weapons, and that’s all for those players who like to fight well. A lot of enemy fight with powerful bosses will allow you to fight well.

Are you ready to rush into a bloody battle? Your morale is bound to face the boss robots. Weapons will be constantly improved, so you have a particular potential for development. It will help you smash any enemy, intimidate all opponents and win the most important victory. Create your character, play as him, and make him a real hero. An excellent story mode, and endless survival, will make any player enjoy this incredible storyline. Nothing is impossible here, so joining the battle will be interesting.

Dan the Man MOD

Bro please take a new level to story why the second that Dan the men is dead I finished all level. It was the best game of all time please make the part 2 I love the most only favourite game please make path to you are the best creators in the whole world please make part 2 to the best . part 2 it will be very good please please make part 2. Very cool game, lots of action yet it has ads during levels also makes you wait a whole day to play another level.. It's a pretty fun game. The number of ads is easily the worst I've ever seen in a mobile game. On the whole it's really just not worth it. You're going to spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game.. best offline game ever. the only problem is the punch and jump icons dont work on keyboard,and i use a chromebook so i have to ply on the touch screen. so please fix that..

Dan the Man APK

I enjoy the game a lot, so many years have come a long way, this is by far my favorite game after jetpack joyride. Great game. Too many ads. The ads aren't too bad in the beginning. After the first few levels (after the game asks you to rate it) the ads get atrocious. Disappointing.. I would have given 5 stars but the only problem is that skeleton adventure's last level "Boo!" is impossible without an upgraded Barry.I have all the other trophies except this one so please make it easier. Billionaire businessman David stone is online and has the most priced product available in his office in a row to the u.s. department store and the company of a new Jersey city based group of the line and its mine in clan of England for its name in a number and its new location is online for a few hundred thousand miles away and a fresh start for us and our family in San Diego is the best place to 8AM country or country in to be a little late to the end and it's a great place to start and get.

Dan the Man APK

Yeah idk what happened but halfbrick fell off this game just KEEPS bambarding you with ADS it's so annoying I just uninstalled it don't get it unless you want a game in your ads this game should have been called Dan the ad (and no the game in your ads was not a typo nor a joke I'm serious). Great game, if you take the adds out of it. After tutorial, I hit 3 adds per mini game. Ruined the game for me. Re... To your reply. I'm OK with you guys monotising it. But 3 ads a mini game takes the joy out of it. Is there another way that you guys can push your ads, without it being 3 a mini game? Maybe ads that offer a little reward for watching them This is a great game. I can see a lot of us enjoying it, but I can see a lot of lose interest when it's 3 a game.. I had the great memory i have when i was a kid i had this when i was a kid.. I JUST DOWNLOADED THE APP AND THEN I CHOSED MY ACCOUNTS BUT THEY RESET ME TO THE BIGGING BC I BEATED THE GAME 10 YEARS AGO.

Dan the Man APK

The Greatest Action Game Ever. The Most Addicting Game Ever! I had So much fun playing this. This game is for everyone that who is addicted to this action game. love it 10/10 5 stars. Good game. But if you don't have primeum it will take weeks to complete the story. Apart from that everything is good.. I love the game it has made me feel like I am in a arcade I play it always with my brother.

Download ( V1.11.50 )

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