NameSmash Colors 3D
ReleaseBadsnowball Limited

Pump your finger to the fullest. In this Smash Colors 3D: Swing & Dash game project, you must work hard to break all the circles. You need to keep up with the rhythm, confidently move forward, and get bonuses. It all sounds easy, but it is not. Hold and then drag the ball to break a large number of circles. Do your best to avoid different processes. Try not to miss a single lap, and follow a certain test rhythm to complete this game. Make the perfect combo, surprise all your friends, and do the impossible. An effortless control experience of this game, many songs for fun, and a huge selection of scenes await you. Fear nothing, confidently break circles and earn more points.

Smash Colors 3D MOD

Says inly songs over 30 secs can be uploaded and im teying to upload a song that is longer than 30 secs and ot still wont let me. Fr that is Bs.. Used to work just fine, but after updating it won't let me play any of the songs I imported from my files. I cant import any more because it says it can only play files over 30 seconds. But all of my songs are over 30 seconds long. Every time I tap on a song I already uploaded it doesn't play or even removes it from the list of uploaded songs.. Its a good hame! though, my reason for four stars was because 50% of the time when k got to the end of a song a go through the thing at the end. its an anoying bug please fox it!. So sad I'm only 7 years old operator adult I don't want it to be rated kids I just want to play it not even fair I just wanted to play it's the music so good I'm so sad I can't even play like crying right now that I can't play I like to write the music but I can't. i want to refund weekly worse paying you im not playing this even if i uninstall this game they want me to pay about subscription worse.

Smash Colors 3D APK

It used to be great. It was my favourite game and I did not get tired of it. I liked the variety in the songs (esp. other languages like Anime/Japanese music, Chinese etc.) but now many songs have been removed. The songs I used to love are all gone.I understand the need for ads but the number of ads and especially the placement of ads are ridiculous. I miss the past app that used to be great. All its greatness is gone now. Really sad.. Started playing about a year ago and it still entertains me. In fact, I've never dropped $ on a years' subscription to any video game. But this one... well and very well worth it. Hitting all the bases; there's real music, a little Superman, I can upload my choicest music to the game from my sd card and fly right along with every song, beat by beat. That feature is genius. This game makes you dance! So I'm ditching my anxiety monster for a year in this game, and it was worth every penny!. I like this game but it's just because why they didn't have dynamite i just don't know why they don't have dynamite is on my favourite songs from bts and I just I just have to do this game as a 1 star . I play this at the past and i uae to love it now this time im trying to download but it wont download help me fix this plsss.

Smash Colors 3D APK

hi l Acatlly play this in The 8years when l was 6 years old and now is my Birthday and now im 7years old #howoldareyou?. It is such a best game for relaxingggggggg. I really love it, but also if I swiped it wrong, I have to wath ad, it's annoying. But trust me, play it is a good experience!!!!!!!. This used to be a pretty good game but it's lost its quality. You have to watch an ad for every song, in addition to the ads that constantly pop up. I'm aware that ads keep the game running but this is just insane. The main menu is confusing. You can't find a song you previously played and the buttons are weird. I wish it was as good as it used to be.. I love this game but it does not open in my phone it does not play please solve this problem so u can play this game i relley love this but it cannot because it does not open so pleaseeeeee..... solve this problem.

Smash Colors 3D APK

I think its amazing it even starts with my favorite song I do perfore the old version where it whould get faster and faster every time you did the song pls make this a thing again. How do you Remove your Review [I think I'm gonna get some hate if I put the stars to 1] My age 6 Years old. This game is so fun! Not only do my kids enjoy this one, but I myself love it .. it's got great tunes to play with and it's really fun to try seeing how far you get into the game. It definitely is a good family game. I mean it's a good but not bad so I mean I play it's a good game I just got the best.

love it but I've gotten so good at expert mode and there isn't anything more challenging. so it's getting a bit boring. I can't download this app even I clean my apps and I just waste my time for this to the owner please fix this. It's nice I play it a lot it's amazing a good game to just play when your board and dont know what to do like dude one day I was on my PC I dident know what to play so guess what I played this. this is a kickass concept for rhythm game of the year, too bad its a cash grabber for toddlers to drool over meh i respect the grind.

Basically ever since I heard this game it's been my childhood game ever since I saw her today I downloaded back I've been playing with it for days. I like it and my cousin does too, but my problem is the ads, cause every time I play it it starts with an ad, but I'll give it 5 stars cause it's good . Yeh it's okay but.. when I'm importing song it can't be imported idk why but the song I imported is more than 30 second?? Ugh.

Download ( V1.1.9 )

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