NameNo Humanity
ReleaseSweaty Chair Studio

No Humanity is a survival game presented in a rather original format. In particular, unlike similar projects, here you do not need to fight zombies, or undead or protect your land. Here events move into deep space, and by fateful chance, you remain the sole surviving crew member aboard the spaceship.

The best game project in many countries of the world. Download No Humanity – The Most Difficult Game for Android; the absolute end of the world awaits you when everything is just beginning. You will become the only person on the spaceship who can somehow survive. We’ll have to prepare well, dodge enemy attacks, and stay in this fascinating story. Show your reaction, develop as you progress, and gain experience. A somewhat challenging toy that will test your bullet dodging abilities. Compare your score with other players, see their struggles, and enjoy the happening moments.

You must travel alone through interstellar space, where many dangers await. In particular, asteroids and various space debris that can destroy your ship are sweeping here at the speed of a bullet. Therefore, the player is invited to dodge everything that moves on the screen because each collision entails inevitable death. So the Mod for Immortality will significantly help get through this thrilling adventure with an unpredictable ending.

No Humanity Mod has detailed graphics, so the game does not require a lot of the system resources of the smartphone and is correctly supported on all mobile devices. However, the lack of 3D and vivid graphics doesn’t spoil this project. On the contrary, there is a certain charm in the simplicity of the game that makes it unique.

You will spend only a few seconds playing the game, and your phone’s entire screen will be filled with bullets, crazy lasers, and other incredible things. So this end of the world has come when you are the only one who could survive. You will dodge everything that will fly at you, destroy opponents and earn bonuses. Your reaction speed will help you stay, so try not to die for more time. An entertaining and crazy adventure awaits you in this game. There is no place for easy victories, so you must show all your abilities to live another two seconds.

The main thing is to dodge any object that moves in your direction on the screen. To get through, you’ll have to show off the wonders of lightning-quick response and precision of each movement. Remember that there are no easy wins in this game, but there is a well-executed competitive mode where you can show off your achievements to your friends. In addition, there is a very well-designed achievement and award system where you can get more than 160 unique prizes.

No Humanity MOD

I hate this game because I thundercunted my phone across my room breaking my phone and having to replace it because of their unfair levels. 5 stars!. Had lots of fun with it when i played it. I uninstalled it, but now i am re-instaling it because i get bored way too often, and this game is the perfect solution. Overall just s fun game.. Just not good. It would've been challenging if the monsters were handled properly and didn't just end your run if you happened to be in the wrong place when they appeared, but that's not the case. Not to mention, once you die they shove random things in your face, like reviving, giving you rewards for missions like anyone cares. Just let me go for another run without having to go thru 60 different popups including ads. The game is more insufferable when you're not even playing.. I just loved the game, its unique concept and its name as well! I finally found an interesting game to play with interest. Although, I would have appreciated a tutorial at the beginning to understand the game features easily.. Way to hard the beginning makes no sense and I can't unlock anything if you fix that I might bump this up to a 3 star but otherwise you need to fix being able to unlock stuff .

No Humanity APK

Absolute best game ever you should try it . It is very good if you are bored and have nothing to do and clime the ranks and fly high.. EDIT: I want to add, please don't play if you're photosensitive! This game is delightful and is exactly what it advertises itself as. I never feel pressured to watch the ads or spend money, and I've encountered no bugs. The game is difficult at first but doesn't feel unfair and it feels good to get down the patterns and watch your improvement. Most mobile games feel worse the more you play them but this one makes it feel rewarding :) ty to the devs for this!. see lots of complaints about the ads, but honestly, you only have to watch any ads if you want special advantages. Great game with completely optional ads.. It's fairly hard to say the least. It's also a good time killer like the other reviewers had said. Nice game..

No Humanity APK

I can't stop playing this game, it is so well made that i have literally nothing to complain about. HUGE THANKS to the developers!!!. Hard as hell, but extremely fun. ads can be a bit much, but you can get plenty of extra loot if u watch them. Tons of customization items.. I really enjoy playing this. I like the artwork and the development team has a great sense of humor and listens to feedback very well. It's a lot of fun.. really simple and fun game. Honestly, i only download this game because someone in the reviews said they'd recommend, that is, I'm in not a baby (or something along those lines) so I challenged myself. One thing I'll say, the game isn't easy going, but that makes it all the more fun. I ain't no chicken. really cool ships and worlds and the art and designs are goofy..

No Humanity APK

The game is really fun i'd say, but there is one problem that keeps happening to me. When i watch an add, specifically for a reward, the game freezes and i have to reset it. - That problem do doesn't occur no more, but there is now a new bug. When i play in the arcade game i can't pick up keys or tokens. Also whilst typing this, the game desided that i clicked the upgrade button and wasted 400 gems, thanks alot for taking care of your game, 2 stars, great game, ruined potential, "TOO MANY BUGS". A friend introduced me to this game, and after months I've unlocked all its content. NH is a hidden gem. I can't in good conscience say I've 100%ed it, but I've gotten about as close as feasibly possible. Although investing into upgrades long enough eventually trivialises surviving to a triple digits, death is always inevitable. Regardless of how powerful your ships are, skill is the causal factor that determines how well you perform in game. Proficiency is the modicum by which you progress. . Very addictive and exciting, you know the game is well done when the developers can spank you 1000 times yet make you want to come back for more. THIS is how you make a game.. Overall it's a really good game, but when I payed 25 gems to double my reward from the claw machine, it didn't double my reward, even though it said it had..

Hard, but fun (honestly). To be fair , I didn't understand the game at first and almost uninstalled, but that was bc I didnt understand the bosses and kept forgetting the missions. Probably the funnest game with the various ships and weapons, but also the graphics. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and k!ll opponents in PVP, or play solo through the various worlds. Tons of nuggets to win coins and bonuses, no ads, unless you want to relive a game or extra bonuses. 10 out of 10 for best mobile game!. Been playing for years, just hate how you lose your progress if you uninstall or get a new device. Lost all my cool original Old school ships and swords.. I absolutely love this game. I have ADHD and this game never makes me have to shift focus because its always challenging. Its perfectly tough, and addictive. I haven't experienced the bugs everyone is speaking of so i don't have any complaints except i want more. Thanks for sharing. . Great game but every major update wipes my progress completely. I've gone from 100% to nothing three times now and it's just not worth grinding again.

Excellent game. Extreme ads for growing. No annoying ads. There's pvp mode. Many gplay achievements (58) with low exp (500-5k exp). Maybe in the near future i will play it again.. I love this game. Not only does it have a goofy art style but the bosses are really creative. As a perfectionist I am aiming to get 100% on EVERYTHING. Not just the worlds. The ships and max claw machine. I recommend this game to any and everyone. Unless you're a baby and don't like hard games.. Everything, the concept to the art to the music is flawless and goofy in only the best possible way!! Got two friends to join and we're addicted lmao... A bullet hell that blows all other bullet hells out of the water, it's also very fun they made a way to interact with other players (PVP and IU)! The only tiny complaint is I find it ironic that there are two Chinese worlds and yet Chinese isn't a language in game - I and those friends would love to help if only the devs would update the game :). It's super fun if you like dying over and over again, keep your patience and there is always a way.

Pretty fun game. The thing is, the missions start getting insanely hard after level 60. The ads are definitely a straight no, but besides that, the game has always cooperated. I think the packs are too pricy but it's fine because you can still get through. Delete Chinese New Year please.. Game didn't work on download then when tutorial finally continued I was met with clunky controls. Kept me playing for a while 30 seconds before uninstalling. Great game and live the idea but there are some bugs, like if i play pvp after the first match the whole game just freezes. Love the game. Impressively good for a meme game... I think one small problem is that the first few levels are incredibly free and the only obstacles that cause pain are the monsters... So you could buff that but all in all a good game.

Super cool game! Big downside though, rubber banding. Sometimes when you control the ship, it ends up going to a full stop, and then it suddenly responds leading to my death. The weird part is that it even happens in single player which is uncool. The worst part is that the objects are still moving so there's no way to dodge it unless it responds again. Uninstalled the game, might install again if it gets fixed (it really is a shame that I have to do this :( ).. This game was so hard initially that I was literally devastated at several points of grinding for hours. After 6 months I can say that I am still as bad plus my wife and kids hate me.. It is an awesome game too bad my phone can't handle it that we'll I appreciate finding this game I will install it when I get a new phone and I love the game how it is a challenge every level plus how u can play offline.. Kdsmkxmd idk I FCKG HATE THIS GAME, THIS IS THE MOST FRUSTATING GAME I EVER PLAYED. Because it is sehr hard. BUT i love it, this game is more addicting than any other game. Thx, have a nice day for me..

No humanity is a fun bullet hell game that i quite enjoy but the description for dr fu is quite messed up. I dont appreciate the use of an ableist slur for a pun. I think this would be such a fun hard game but . i think mine may be broken as when in the beggin it tells me to go "hear" i go there ans nothing happns . not wvwn the bullets hurt me . not sure if ita a bug or im not doing something correctly. Mine also doesnt drag its moves when i tap the screen to the spot i taped it. I still feel lile this would be such a good fun game but it doesnt work for me . if you know what might be wrong please tell me when you get a chance.. Its creative, its fun, its an actual challenge, also ads are for bonus stuff and not forced on the player, love it!. To those here facing bugs and glitches, this is probably the 2nd game with "it's not abug, it's a feature" thing..

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