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## No Humanity: Surviving in Deep Space

No Humanity is a survival game presented in a rather original format. In particular, unlike similar projects, here you do not need to fight zombies, undead, or protect your land. Here events move into deep space, and by fateful chance, you remain the sole surviving crew member aboard the spaceship.

### The Most Difficult Game for Android

The best game project in many countries of the world. Download No Humanity – The Most Difficult Game for Android; the absolute end of the world awaits you when everything is just beginning. You will become the only person on the spaceship who can somehow survive. We’ll have to prepare well, dodge enemy attacks, and stay in this fascinating story. Show your reaction, develop as you progress, and gain experience. A somewhat challenging toy that will test your bullet dodging abilities. Compare your score with other players, see their struggles, and enjoy the happening moments.

You must travel alone through interstellar space, where many dangers await. In particular, asteroids and various space debris that can destroy your ship are sweeping here at the speed of a bullet. Therefore, the player is invited to dodge everything that moves on the screen because each collision entails inevitable death. So the Mod for Immortality will significantly help get through this thrilling adventure with an unpredictable ending.

### Detailed Graphics and Gameplay

No Humanity Mod has detailed graphics, so the game does not require a lot of the system resources of the smartphone and is correctly supported on all mobile devices. However, the lack of 3D and vivid graphics doesn’t spoil this project. On the contrary, there is a certain charm in the simplicity of the game that makes it unique.

You will spend only a few seconds playing the game, and your phone’s entire screen will be filled with bullets, crazy lasers, and other incredible things. So this end of the world has come when you are the only one who could survive. You will dodge everything that will fly at you, destroy opponents, and earn bonuses. Your reaction speed will help you stay, so try not to die for more time. An entertaining and crazy adventure awaits you in this game. There is no place for easy victories, so you must show all your abilities to live another two seconds.

### Lightning-Quick Response and Precision

The main thing is to dodge any object that moves in your direction on the screen. To get through, you’ll have to show off the wonders of lightning-quick response and precision of each movement. Remember that there are no easy wins in this game, but there is a well-executed competitive mode where you can show off your achievements to your friends. In addition, there is a very well-designed achievement and award system where you can get more than 160 unique prizes.

Download ( V8.6.2 )

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