NameMissile Escape
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Complete the most challenging mission on this planet. Missile Escape has to become the fastest crazy to get away from enemy missiles. Do incredible pirouettes, crazy stunts, and more to escape those evil missiles. You will play the role of a real pilot of a small plane. He is on the verge of death, so you must try to ensure he survives. I want to warn you that you will be destroyed in this gameplay, but no one knows when this will happen. All you have to do is perform crazy stunts, set crazy records, and overcome the unattainable bar.

Extend your life for a particular time, try to get away from enemy missiles, and earn bonuses. You will have to collect bonus stars, various power-ups, and much more to help you survive. As you must earn more points, you will unlock new aircraft models that also need to be tested. Get on the leaderboard, enjoy the gameplay and become the best. You will have to constantly improve your capabilities, improve results and try new opportunities. The graphics here, of course, are not excellent, but you can still play an exciting game.

Missile Escape MOD

Missle escape is the sleeper mobile game of the year!! It is guaranteed to keep you occupied during and down time where time needs wasting. Perfect for a wife or girlfriend lecture . It's your new happy place . Just keep nodding your head and say "yes honey " every 3 to 5 minutes missle escape will take care of the rest . GATA missle Esc!!. Soooo many phones ago and yet.......ah it is still down loaded again, and again and, many phones ago.p.s. maybe somebody could think about develop n the loop-t-loop, like in the game 1941.. I gotta say, I love this game. I rate two because I have big hands and the positions of the controls are horrible for me. It will eventually make me stop playing. Can you add an option to customize the control locations? Ads. Like, c'mon. Why? You do understand having a lot of ads is the MAIN cause of people not playing games? The number one cause. Yet, you continue to do it. Seriously, slow the ads down a bit and you WILL have more positive reviews and more players which results in money.. Speeds of our jets is too low 2nd ly if persuir got missiles then why not our plane. In Enhancements There should be an option to upgrade plane speed.. Unlocked all planes, upgraded all stats, completed all 45 missions and got all 90 achievements. Challenging, fun & rewarding. Reward ads were the only ones I encountered. This one is a Bonafide Classic. 5/5!!.

Missile Escape APK

The game game is fun but the upgrades are to expensive and the steering cant steer realy well pls fix it. This game is decent but I am giving it 1 star because it's google play doesn't connect. I spent a year on this game upgrading and everything just vanished as it is doesn't connect with google play. All progress, currency gone starting from zero. Really sad! Deleting the game!. Found a game fun after a long time. The reason Im giving it a 4-stars is because theres so much more the game can incorporate like additional plane chases and an mounted gun when that happens. Overall very addictive and fun to play!. This game is good. The missiles spawn randomly around the map & the red missiles that shoot straight in your nearest direction. Items spawn randomly as well. The missiles can sneak to the end of your plane & damage a wing or destroy the plane itself. One problem is, there's a weird bug that makes you unable to fly the plane yourself and your plane flies in circles thanks to this. If you find this bug, be sure to fix it..

Missile Escape APK

Unable to connect to google play my other games can i get an error "Google Play games not installed" but it is installed and I can launch this game from within Google Play games. This is so amazing game I totally played 1 hour it is so exiting and fun this is a best game and addictive this game is very very much fun. Cool game but yall dont know how to count , 2 miles crash together yall mark 2 then 2 more crash thats +1 , then 4 crash thats +1? isn't that 8 missles so far ? Either yall can't count or just cheating us. Thank you very much i want this games can you get the same way to go to be able to make sure you can get a good day of the year yes;;;;.

Missile Escape APK

No longer being updated. Not even a new plane in years. Fun for a quick time waster when waiting for an appointment or something. Glad it didn't get convoluted and messy sad it seems abandoned.. Awesome game give option for increase size or view plane too small also some background make overall game dull give to change according to day time or.stabilize day or night sky. It's a nice time killer, simple graphics and controls make it very enjoyable. Only thing I would change is to add more planes with a smoother turn radius.. Fun game,,my 6 years baby is injoying this game with me,, Dear devloper give some weapon to hit missile for safety,,.

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